Safety pin! Luisito Comunica, are you trying alternative medicine?

MEXICO CITY – The youtubeur and influencer Luisito communicates shared through your channel Youtube a new video where he explored and learned about alternative medicine up close. In this way, he was able to learn a little more about peyote, visionary mushrooms, and some other methods used to cure disease and find ways to heal … Read more

Safety pin! Luisito Comunica, do you try alternative medicine?

MEXICO CITY.- The youtuber and influencer Luisito Communicates shared through his channel YouTube a new video where he explored and got to know alternative medicine up close. In this way he was able to learn a little more about peyote, visionary mushrooms and some other methods that are used to cure diseases and find ways … Read more

La Stampa: “Conte and Inter. Divorce is inevitable. Allegri is the ready-made alternative”

“Conte and Inter. Divorce is inevitable. Allegri is the ready-made alternative”. This is the high-cut front page title of today’s edition of The print. The Nerazzurri have to solve the coaching problem with the match between Zhang and Conte scheduled for Tuesday. In the meantime, for a possible succession, the idea linked to Massimiliano Allegri … Read more

The Isle of Five: Political simulation lets determine the fate of an alternative Switzerland

The Swiss developer Blindflug Studios has Democratia – The Isle of Five published a free strategy game (or a political simulation) in which players should stir up Swiss politics in an ironic and humorous way and learn something about it. The title, developed for the 20th anniversary of the Avenir Suisse think tank, is now … Read more

Adobe Lightroom Alternative: The Best Photo Tools For Free

One of the best alternatives is Darktable – If you have already worked with Lightroom Classic CC, the operation should look familiar. As with the competitor from Adobe, images can be imported, sorted and rated in a tab called “Light Table”. If you have made a selection from the imported RAWs, you can edit them … Read more

The US considers creating an alternative health organization to the WHO

Alex Azar lands at the Taipei airport, Taiwan, on an official visit (EFE) Taipei, Aug 10 (EFE) .- The United States will include Taiwan among those invited to be part of a possible new global health organization if it decides to create it when its departure from the World Health Organization (WHO) becomes official, the … Read more

An alternative strategy brings Verstapen’s first victory this season

Thanks to a different tire strategy already in qualifying, Max Verstapen defeated Mercedes riders and won an unexpected victory today at the 70th anniversary Grand Prix in Silverstone. At the start, pole position winner Walter Botass protected the lead and left Luis Hamilton behind. Max Verstapen managed to climb to third place ahead of Niko … Read more

The Sapa market has a digi alternative that also targets retail chains

“Through our platform, half a thousand companies buy and sell about 150 of them. They are mainly manufacturers and wholesale distributors, “explains Lukáš Pham on the Nulisec online marketplace. The company was founded with two partners, Sonny Nguyen and Lee Do. Last year, their online marketplace processed orders worth forty to fifty million crowns with … Read more