The children talk like snobs, American parents complain. The Peppa Piglet series is to blame

American children began to use the British accent more often during the pandemic. This is due to the animated series Piglet Peppa, which became one of the most popular shows among young Americans last year. His heroes communicate exclusively in British English and small audiences quickly adopt their language. 0:32 American children began to use … Read more

“Monster Hunter” new 3D animation “Monster Hunter Guild Legend” Netflix exclusive release in August | 4Gamers

Netflix publicly adapted the 3D animation film “The Legend of the Monster Hunter Guild” from the well-known game “Monster Hunter” today (16). It is expected to be on August 12th.Exclusively available on Netflix。 In the world described in the movie, humans and monsters maintain a bare balance. The protagonist is the young “Ayden”. He learns … Read more