He does not give his arm to twist: after the scandals, Meghan Markle and an unprecedented strategy

In recent times, Meghan Markle I lived through a lot of conflicts that put her at the top of all portals. A few hours ago, different specialized media gave details of the new judicial strategy of american actress against ANL. Meghan Markle lives a legal conflict. Some information indicates that Markle he would have gotten … Read more

Music: Shakira’s latest viral choreography: An arm dance that everyone is trying to imitate

Music Her last one also went viral Shakira has posted her latest dance choreography on Instagram, a dance involving her arms, whilst at the hair salon. Shakira has recently taken TikTok by storm with her dance for the video “Girl Like Me” by the Black Eyed Peas. The 1980s-style dance generated more than 4.4 million … Read more

Al Sisi wants to arm Egypt to the teeth | International

Since Abdelfatá Al Sisi was sworn in as Egypt’s president in mid-2014, the privileges of the country’s powerful Armed Forces have been expanded in an unprecedented way. The army, one of the largest and most heavily armed in the entire Middle East and North Africa, has made great efforts to rearm itself and has launched … Read more

Why the first vaccine against COVID-19 was placed on the right arm: López-Gatell clarified the controversy

Shortly after these events, the Undersecretary of Health, Hugo López-Gatell Ramírez, affirmed that these criticisms contribute very little to the discussion about the application of the vaccine and the policies to contain the new Coronavirus. EFE / PRESIDENCY / EDITORIAL USE ONLY This December 24 at eight in the morning, the nurse from the Rubén … Read more

In which arm should the COVID vaccine be given?

The Government of Mexico began its vaccination plan against COVID-19 on Thursday and, during the morning presidential conference, broadcast live the application of the first three doses to health personnel in Mexico City, Querétaro and the State of Mexico. Two of these vaccines were administered in the patient’s left arm, but that of María Irene … Read more

Microsoft also points to the computing revolution of ARM processors

Microsoft could take a step that would change everything in the not too distant future decides to bet on the design of its own processors on ARM architecture. When Apple recently introduced its Silicon M1 processors, nothing made us suspect that we could be facing a new computing era. And a decisive step could be … Read more

Parallels Desktop 16 will be able to run Windows 10 ARM on the Apple M1

Parallels has announced that the latest version of its virtual machine Parallels Desktop 16 now allows to virtualize the operating system Windows 10 ARM. A new support for Apple’s great commitment to ARM architecture. This implies that unable to install or boot an Intel x86-based operating system in a virtual machine. Parallels already supports Windows … Read more

Microsoft is reported to be working on its own ARM chip

ARM seems to be the future and the rumors about large companies adopting this paradigm (and trying to insert themselves in that market) are increasing. A recent report indicates that Microsoft is developing a chip in-house for your servers and devices Surface. The report comes from the Bloomberg News portal. From there, they point out … Read more

Microsoft breaks with Intel and designs its own ARM chips

Currently, Qualcomm, AMD and Intel are the big names in the supply of chips and computer hardware. However, some companies seem determined to dispense with their control, such as Microsoft, which is embarking on designing its own ARM processors for servers and the future Surface device. D ‘according to the Bloomberg News report, the processors … Read more