Cortana: In the fall, the language assistant will have to give way to the new co-pilot

Microsoft has announced that it will end support for the Cortana app in Windows 10 and Windows 11 later this year. The company announced the move just a week after Windows Copilot was presented. Windows Copilot is an intelligent AI assistance system that is based on ChatGPT technology and is able to process more complex … Read more

Thierry Henry, respected assistant coach in Belgium, is closing in on PSG with Nagelsmann

Thierry Henry had two distinct experiences alongside Roberto Martinez, Belgium coach (September 2016-December 2022). Eagerly awaited by the media upon his arrival on August 26, 2016 at Neerpede, Anderlecht’s training center, he accompanied the Catalan coach for the first two years as second assistant for 8,000 euros net monthly, according to the press. Belgian, amount … Read more

Microsoft will end support for its Cortana assistant in Windows at the end of 2023

MADRID, 5 Jun. (Portaltic/EP) – Microsoft has announced that will withdraw support for its Cortana virtual assistant app in Windows a end of this year 2023, and recalled that users can access the new productivity features implemented in Windows and Edge, thanks to the greater capabilities offered by Artificial Intelligence (AI). the american company Cortana … Read more

Seven working application examples of ChatGPT Shared Links: How to share the trained AI assistant with others? – page 1

what we want you to know is ChatGPT’s new feature, Shared Links, allows us to generate a unique URL that corresponds to a specific ChatGPT conversation, allowing us to easily share those conversations with others. Through Shared Links, it not only saves us the time of sharing conversations, but also makes the shared conversations more … Read more

Bang in Slovakia! The assistant coach from the World Cup signed in the KHL |

Andrej Podkonický | Photo: Twitter HC Slovan Bratislava This year, he was an assistant to coach Craig Ramsay at the World Championship and also worked as a head coach at Slovan Bratislava. Next year, Slovak Andrej Podkonický will play in the KHL… Where specifically? He agreed on a one-year contract with Omsk, where, by the … Read more

Adobe Photoshop released a new generative coloring function, importing AI Firefly as a creative assistant

Figure/Adobe Photoshop released a new generative coloring function, importing AI Firefly as a creative assistant. Adobe announced the introduction of Adobe Firefly generative artificial intelligence directly into the design process and released a new generative coloring feature for Adobe Photoshop. “Generative Coloring” is a creative assistant for the creative and design process. On the premise … Read more

This is the new AI assistant in Windows 11

Screenshot: Microsoft Microsoft has been adding little by little something called Copilot to your apps, from the Microsoft Edge browser to Office. The Clippy jokes were inevitable, but Copilot is quite a different beast. The AI ​​assistant is here to stay, and proof of this is that Microsoft has now integrated it into Windows 11 … Read more

A nephrologist from Reunion invents an automated computer assistant specializing in the diagnosis of transplant rejection

Our main challenge was to establish a consortium bringing together experts in transplantation, nephrology, anatomopathology but also in data sciences, epidemiology, biostatistics, computer programming and artificial intelligence, capable of developing this computer system and recruiting patients worldwide. in order to test whether it was able to correctly diagnose rejections, he adds. The results are final, … Read more

AI in the labor market: chatbot as a doctor’s assistant

ANPGP works with chatbot The emergence of generative Artificial intelligence (AI) is going to shake up the labor market. For sectors with major shortages, such as healthcare or ICT, artificial intelligence can offer a solution, experts think. Although there are also predictions that AI can lead to more jobs and therefore no end to the … Read more

A nephrologist from Réunion invents an automated assistant specializing in the diagnosis of transplant rejection

In a recent study published on May 4, 2023 in the journal Nature Medicine, the team of Professor Alexandre Loupy, a nephrologist from Réunion, announces that it has created an automated computer assistant which corrects the diagnosis of transplant rejection and makes it possible to better orient the management. patients. We publish below the press … Read more