Trial of the Brussels attacks: how was Mohamed Abrini involved in the attacks of March 22?

In the hearings of Mohamed Abrini, an implacable logic appears that it will be necessary to restore to understand why he will have to go to Zaventem airport on March 22. A short excerpt from his statement of August 25, 2016 illustrates the spiral into which he is inevitably drawn. Let us recall that he … Read more

After attacks: New anti-terrorist measures in Israel

For example, Israeli citizens should get licenses for firearms more easily and quickly, as Netanyahu’s office announced on Sunday night. There were no details on how exactly the facilitation for the purchase of weapons should look like. The security cabinet met on Saturday evening to deal with the situation after the terrorist attacks. The meeting … Read more

Piqué attacks paparazzi who revealed the details of his relationship with Clara Chía

In recent months, since Shakira and Gerard Piqué announced the end of their love relationship, the details that have been received have been by the Spanish media, which closely follow the footsteps of the ex-partner. One of the paparazzi who has been aware of the ex-soccer player’s movements is Jordi Martin, who revealed the first … Read more

Turkey has retaliated by warning citizens of possible attacks in Europe and the United States

Turkey’s foreign ministry issued two separate announcements over the weekend saying that citizens living in or traveling to these regions should be careful not to approach areas where large demonstrations are taking place. Recent Islamophobic and racist acts against Turkey by groups linked to terrorist organizations have exposed “a dangerous level of religious intolerance and … Read more

Cospito and anarchist attacks, for Palazzo Chigi “The state does not come to terms with those who threaten”: but the 41bis is a matter of “law and not muscles”

The climate of political and ‘social’ tension on the case of Alfredo Cospitothe anarchist on hunger strike for over 100 days to protest against the regime 41bis to which he is subjected in the prison of Sassari, becomes increasingly evident. A clear signal came from Palazzo Chigi’s response to the attacks, presumably coming from anarchist … Read more

We repulse attacks in Donetsk and Luhansk, Kyiv reports. A Russian rocket hit an apartment building in Kharkiv — ČT24 — Czech Television

The Ukrainian army claims to have repelled sixteen Russian attacks in the Donetsk and Luhansk regions. According to the General Staff, there is still fighting for the village of Blahodatne, the capture of which was announced on Saturday by the Russian mercenary Wagner Group, Reuters reported. According to the report, clashes between the defenders and … Read more

Ukrainian war, Defense denies Italy-France agreement for 700 missiles in Kiev. Medvedev attacks Crosetto: “Rare fool”

2023-01-28 20:17:34 Kiev: “We aspire to modern jets, preferably F16” A Ukrainian air force spokesman said in an interview with El Pais quoted by the Kyiv Independent that his country aspires to obtain 24 modern fighter jets from Western allies. The ideal delivery would be US F-16s, but alternatively Kiev would also gladly accept the … Read more

Piqué attacks paparazzo Jordi Martin and they criticize him in networks | Famous

The Spanish photographer showed that Shakira’s ex sees the content that he publishes on networks, a situation that Piqué would not have liked and responded to him on Twitter. But before you continue, we invite you to ver ViX: Unlimited entertainment with more than 100 channels, totally free and in Spanish. Enjoy movies, series, soap … Read more