Samah Anwar raises controversy because of a picture from the series “Baten of the Whale” and the audience

12:21 PM Tuesday, January 31, 2023 I wrote – Bahira Fouda: The artist, Samah Anwar, sparked widespread controversy, during the past few hours, after publishing a picture of her behind the scenes of the series “Batn Al Hout”, on her official Facebook page. Samah appeared in the photo, in Sa’idi clothes, with a pale, skinny … Read more

It broke again, Mother Corla’s second concert in Surabaya was successful in hypnotizing the audience, Ivan Gunawan was proud: It’s crazy

Hops.ID – After successfully holding his first concert in Jakarta, Corla in this back to the crowd Surabaya with stage action. In every appearance Corla in this who successfully entertain their fans there is always a figure Ivan Gunawan who also make a real contribution. As a friend, Ivan Gunawan always give full support to … Read more

Nazila Maroufian, author of an interview with Mahsa Amini’s father, sentenced without a hearing

Nazila Maroufian, a Tehran-based journalist from Amini’s hometown of Saghez in northwestern Kurdistan province, was arrested in late October and detained in Evin prison in Tehran, according to NGOs. “According to a decision of the 26th chamber of the revolutionary court, I was sentenced to two years in prison, a fine (…) and a ban … Read more

N. Bunke’s hot show with Spanish dancers captivated the MAMA audience: the passion was overflowing | Names

The performance of singer Natalia Bunke was one of the highlights of the MAMA 2022 show. At the twelfth annual awards, she performed with the Tina Dance girls and guest dancers from Spain. A total of 14 people appeared on the MAMA stage with N.Bunke. The international company captivated the audience – the entire “Žalgiris” … Read more

Mona Zaki angered the Damietta audience after she filmed a scene in the famous neighborhoods, “This is not the dress of the Damietta woman.”

The star, Mona Zaki, was present in the Sherbasi area of ​​​​Damietta Governorate, “which is one of the most famous areas in the governorate,” in order to film one of the scenes related to the series “Under Guardianship.” Menna Zaki appeared carrying a little girl on her shoulder, and she wore simple clothes, which caused … Read more

She appeared without a bra.. A Lebanese artist surprised the audience with her bold images, and some likened her to Haifa. Watch how she looked

The artist, Merva Qamar, surprised the followers with bold photos, which she published on her Instagram account. Merva appeared without a bra, wearing only a fur coat. Followers commented, some of whom praised her appearance, while others criticized her for her excessive boldness, and some likened her to the artist Haifa Wehbe.

Two years after Wu Mengda’s death, “Surprise Appearance” The big-screen audience burst into tears when they saw this typesetting! | Entertainment | CTWANT

Hong Kong star “Uncle Da” Wu Mengda died of liver cancer in 2021 at the age of 69, which made countless viewers regretful and can only remember it through classic movies of the past. Unexpectedly, Uncle Da, who has passed away for 2 years, appeared in the movie “Wandering Planet 2” released on the first … Read more

Lucas Pellas before the audience party: “Will be the biggest in my life”

He comes from Farsta in southern Stockholm and is the only one of the players with his roots in Stockholm. While Andreas Palicka and several others see Scandinavium as their Swedish home ground, Pellas now finally gets the chance to play with the national team in his hometown. – I have previously only played here … Read more

The appearance of such a Jean-Claude Van Damme on the screen the audience would not survive (photo)

January 24, 2023 21:00 The actor was not ready for experiments. Jean-Claude Van Damme could not avoid the fate of the vast majority of his colleagues. The popular actor has firmly entrenched one image that fans have long been accustomed to. According to fans, the screen star is especially good in scenes of fights and … Read more

A new cooking show with domestic celebrities will reach the audience

Before getting down to cooking, the chefs will visit the celebrities’ homes and explore what’s in their fridges for the upcoming dinner, before going to the store to buy the missing items. The audience will be able to get inspiration and learn a lot of new things, because during the cooking, the chefs will share … Read more