In front of an unexpected audience, the Brit Awards honor female artists

In front of an unexpected audience, the Brit Awards honor female artists From Dua Lipa to Arlo Parks via Celeste, the British awards ceremony celebrates female artists on Tuesday, during the first major musical event with an audience in the United Kingdom since the start of the pandemic. As usual, the ceremony will take place … Read more

Capello again: ‘Juve without a penalized audience. Ronaldo? Very serious that Chiellini … ‘

Fabio Capello again. From the studies of Sky, the former coach explains: “The first point to change is the midfield. Ronaldo has never been served, Chiellini gave him the only two filtering balls, he is very serious. There is confusion in Juve, in the game and in how they play. The players feel that the … Read more

Gullruten, Celebrity | It became expensive for “Fenriken” when he won the Audience Award: – It is very big for me

Geir Aker is the audience’s favorite on TV this year. Listen to the interview with the winner in the window below: This year’s “Gullruten” on TV 2 went off the rails on Saturday night, and the celebrities had dressed up in glitter and glam to celebrate TV Norway. Several major prizes are awarded throughout the … Read more

“Kompani Lauritzen” profile Geir Aker won the audience award

“Kompani Lauritzen” has become Norwegians’ favorite reality, and last year won the award for this year’s innovation under “Gullruten”. The TV success has broken viewer records, but now season two is coming to an end. One person who has received a lot of attention through the series is Geir Aker (45), or as most people … Read more

Mona Zaki in the video, for this reason, the audience did not hate me, madam

The star spoke Mona Zaki On the reason why viewers accept her character “here” in the series “Newton’s Game”, which is currently shown in the Egyptian series Ramadan 2021, confirming that the actions of the heroine are provocative and may be subjected to hatred of the viewer, but she was sympathetic to her because of … Read more

Watch: Ahlam Al Shamsi surprised the audience with her voice by reading the Holy Quran

The pioneers of social networking sites shared a new video clip of the Emirati artist Ahlam, which attracted the interest of a large number of followers. In the clip, she heard her reading the Qur’an with her voice, and this won the admiration of many activists, and the video on one of those accounts achieved … Read more

Habib al-Habib imitates Muhammad Ramadan … and the moment of his slipping, the audience is drawn

The Saudi artist Habib Al-Habib caused a stir among the pioneers of social media platforms, after imitating the Egyptian artist Mohamed Ramadan, and many praised his performance. The Saudi star imitated the movements and dances of the controversial artist, Muhammad Ramadan, on Tuesday’s episode of “Studio 21”, which is shown on MBC. He also not … Read more

Witness: The audience attacks Yasmine Sabry and compares her current form with the past

The pioneers of social networking sites have transmitted several pictures of the Egyptian artist Yasmine Sabry through the Instagram sharing application, and one of them appeared to be back in 2015 and another showed its current form. Observers compared the two appearances, and some saw that for years she had been smoother and more beautiful, … Read more

Which Pixar animation is the strongest? “1 Tears of God” was released in the audience: every time you see it, you must cry | Life | Sanli News Network SETN.COM

Villager Center/Comprehensive Report Pixar Animation Studio has produced many well-known animations, which are not only widely welcomed by fans around the world, but also repeatedly recognized by major awards in the film industry. Some netizens are curious about which Pixar’s strongest animation is in everyone’s mind, and the topic has also aroused heated discussion. ▲Pixar … Read more