severe thunderstorms, the affected regions

Bad weather has returned to Italy. It is alert. In some regions widespread rainfall, which locally may also be very intense and accompanied by hail, lightning and strong gusts of wind. It will be a complicated day, even considering it public transports strike. Bad weather alert today 17 September The effects of the humid and … Read more

Heavy rains in Greendland, Earthlings are asked to be careful

GREENLAND – Weather and Natural phenomena The condition of the earth is considered by many scientists to be in a precarious state. The phenomenon of rain on the highest peak of the ice sheet in Greenland because it triggers signs of melting the ice sheet at high speed, As reported by ABC News the world’s … Read more

“George Clooney will launch his fundraiser to help the towns of Como”: the mayor of Laglio announces it. North-west Lombardy: it is red alert

After visiting the places most affected by the storms of recent days and having personally expressed their gratitude to the Civil Protection volunteers working in the Como area, George Clooney will make a concrete commitment to support the inhabitants of the municipalities brought to their knees by bad weather: he announced it Roberto Pozzi, the … Read more

A huge hail fell in the north of Italy. Hundreds of cars were damaged, traffic jams formed on the highways. Photo

On social media, people compare the size of the hail with fruit and tennis balls. Hundreds of vehicles were hit by hail on the A1 highway, which connects north and south Italy, between Parma and Piacenza. They received significant damage, there were numerous accidents, traffic was stopped for several hours. Also, a number of roads … Read more

hundreds of cars destroyed between Fidenza and Fiorenzuola

A violent hailstorm in Emilia Romagna between Fidenza and Fiorenzuola hit the cars in transit on the A1. They have been cin fact, the cars forced to stop, and to be destroyed by hail, were entranced. Bad weather created serious traffic problems and the motorway was temporarily closed. There were also some rear-end collisions. Many … Read more

Bad weather also lashes Austria, Danube alert – Last Hour

(ANSA) – ROME, JUL 18 – Bad weather emergency in various parts of Austria which since yesterday has been lashed by heavy rains. According to local media, the flood risk alert has been triggered in several locations along the Danube. Particularly affected Salzburg and Tyrol, but also Vienna and its region where about 3,000 firefighters … Read more

Bad weather: 130 evacuated in Upper Bavaria, tension in Saxony – Last Hour

(ANSA) – BERLIN, JULY 18 – In Germany 130 people were evacuated due to bad weather in the town of Bad Reichenhall, in Upper Bavaria. On the spot, due to the flooding of the Ache river, it was feared the collapse of dozens of houses. In the constituency, 890 rescuers were mobilized between firefighters and … Read more

Bad weather, yellow alert for severe thunderstorms in Valle d’Aosta – Valle d’Aosta

Also due to hydrogeological criticality, falling temperatures The Regional Functional Center has issued a ‘yellow’ alert bulletin for ordinary hydrogeological criticalities and for strong and widespread thunderstorms throughout the Valle d’Aosta, valid from 2 pm on Saturday 19 June. “Showers or local thunderstorms possible” are expected on Saturday afternoon, “thunderstorms at times intense” Sunday “especially … Read more

Bad weather: Sunday with strong thunderstorms, yellow alert – Piedmont

The field of high African pressure is weakening (ANSA) – TURIN, 19 JUN – Yellow alert for thunderstorms, even strong ones, expected on Sunday over Piedmont, particularly in the northern part but also in the plains and hills. A change of scenery after the domination of high pressure, in further consolidation today and extended – … Read more