French government must ban fishing now hundreds of dead dolphins wash ashore | Abroad

20 mrt 2023 om 21:20Update: 2 dagen geleden Now that hundreds of dolphins have washed up dead on the French Atlantic coast in a short time, the French government must impose fishing bans. They must protect the animals. The Council of State has ordered the French government to fishing bans set in French parts of … Read more

News from ice hockey – end of season for Zurich’s Hollenstein – ban against Biels Künzle – Sport

News from ice hockey – end of season for Zurich’s Hollenstein – ban against Biels Künzle – Sport – SRF Skip to content Sport National League Current article Contents Legend: Injured in an unfortunate action Dennis Hollenstein. KEYSTONE / Christian Merz ZSC has to do without Hollenstein The ZSC Lions will have to do without … Read more

After a two-year ban… Trump is back on social media

In a return to the social media platforms he used to boost his political rise, former US President Donald Trump appeared again on both YouTube and Facebook Friday. His accounts were suspended on a large number of communication platforms (Facebook, Twitter, YouTube) after his supporters attacked the US Congress on January 6, 2021. Trump broadcasted … Read more

Ban the top Hong Kong people? Hong Kong users report not being able to use the new Bing – PCM

“PCM” recently reported that users can quickly obtain new Bing approval through VPN, and immediately use the new Bing with GPT-4 blessing.However, on Saturday, March 18th, a user was at Reddit The account that has been approved before the report can no longer use the new Bing chat function. It is either sent back to … Read more

Deaths, blindness and loss of eyeballs lead US to ban eye drops

Article information Author, Max Matza Role, To BBC News March 17, 2023 US health officials say the eye drops may have killed one person and left several others seriously injured due to drug-resistant bacterial contamination. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (the US public health agency CDC) has identified 68 patients in 16 US … Read more

Ban Muang – Shining Space Cooperation Missions in the Thai Education Sector

Thursday, March 16, 2023, 2:25 p.m. Shedding light on space cooperation missions in the Thai education sectorTo the only space food laboratory prototype mission in Asia Going Beyond NASA Standards Mr. Suphakit Chearavanont Chairman of the Board Charoen Pokphand Group Leading the management team of companies in the group Join to listen to presentations from … Read more

Swedish authority imposes sales ban on Easee wallboxes

Elsälerhetverket, the Swedish authority for electrical safety, has now imposed a sales ban on the wallbox models “Home” and “Charge” from the Norwegian manufacturer Easee after the safety deficiencies found. Easee, in turn, wants to appeal the decision. A quick look back: The Elsälerhetverket, a Swedish authority for electrical safety, tested six different wall boxes … Read more

Overeem’s Glory victory over B. Hari overturned: one-year ban for doping

42-year-old Dutchman Alistairas Overeemas was suspended for one year and his victory over Badr Hari in the Glory organization was voided. Also, A. Overeem was removed from the ranks of Glory and was asked to give part of the money for the victory. It was previously reported that A. Overeem tested positive for banned substances, … Read more

Former football player Gunther Schepens gets a fine, a 6-month driving ban and an alcohol lock after he hit four cars in Wetteren while drunk

“My client made full confessions, which indicates a certain insight,” said lawyer Nina Van Eeckhaut. “He lost his father on November 21, 2021 and has not been able to say goodbye. That was in full corona time, as an only child, he suffered from that. Another video call was going to take place with his … Read more

Mission: Impossible. Svalbard banned Cruise from flying a helicopter on set

The governor of Svalbard, a Norwegian territory located 960 kilometers from the North Pole, refused to allow Cruise to make 30 helicopter landings as part of the filming of the second part of the upcoming Mission: Impossible Retribution movie. The authorities are trying to “preserve the virtually untouched environment on Svalbard”, said Kristin Heggelund, head … Read more