Belarus will ban imports of various goods from Western countries from January 1: what will Lithuania do?

“The government’s decision to impose an embargo on a wide range of products produced in countries with discriminatory policies and unfriendly practices against our country will be imposed on January 1, 2022,” the government’s press service said in a statement earlier in Belarus’s decision to impose retaliatory measures. The list of goods prohibited for importation, … Read more

Mouthmasks from 6, early Christmas holidays and ban on major events inside: this is what Consultation Committee has decided

There will also be stricter rules from Monday. To start with, all children from 6 years old will have to wear a mouth mask. A class will must be quarantined from 2 infections instead of 3. That rule was recently tightened from 4 to 3. There will also be a prohibition of extracurricular activities. Parents … Read more

Alcohol ban lifted – Migros cooperative members will vote on alcohol sales – News

contents Author: Daniel Loosli and Harry Stitzel The Migros cooperative councils have decided: The more than 2.2 million Migros cooperative members should be able to vote on whether alcohol should be on the shelves of Migros. All ten regional cooperatives are in favor. In some circles, alcohol sales at Migros are met with incomprehension. The … Read more

Alarm clock, it’s about lives. The ban on alcohol should also change the disgraceful behavior of England fans

According to an independent study, the violence during the Euro Euro finals revealed the negative side of British society, which could lead to loss of life. The 129-page documentary, led by Baroness Louis Casey, points out that the July events at Wembley must be a “wake-up call” for British society and that efforts must be … Read more

Germany, a new squeeze arrives for no vax: ban on entry to retail stores (apart from pharmacies, food and tobacco)

In the coming months the new variante Omicron of the coronavirus will represent at least half of all infections in Europe. To say it is the European Center for Disease Prevention and Control (Ecdc), according to which, based on preliminary data collected by South Africa and presented in its new report, the new mutation “could … Read more

Because the abortion ban in Poland is a war against all women

Polish activist Marta Lempart protests against proposed abortion ban in Poland (Photo by Omar Marques / Getty Images) The streets of Warsaw are tinged with red. This is how the women of the Strajk Kobiet movement decided to protest: pouring buckets of paint on themselves and on the sidewalks of the city, symbolizing the blood … Read more

Startled European Commissioner by the dust around Christmas greeting ban | Abroad

The dozen-page document, proudly presented by Dalli at the end of October with a photo on Twitter, has all kinds of guidelines so as not to offend anyone. For example, in order to make the already boring language of EU bureaucrats gender neutral, people are warning to stop using ‘ladies and gentlemen’. But also English … Read more

The Germans allegedly will ban football spectators on Wednesday because of the covid

According to Saxon Prime Minister Michael Kretschmer, the German government will ban spectators at all Bundesliga matches on Wednesday. The reason is the deteriorating pandemic situation in the country. Representatives of the 16 federal states discussed the measures today with the outgoing Chancellor Angela Merkel and her successor Olaf Scholz. The next meeting is scheduled … Read more

Bavaria is studying the ban – Al-Ittihad newspaper

Munich (dpa) The Prime Minister of the German state of Bavaria, Markus Söder, has expressed a desire to force the holding of football matches without fans, even if the federal and state governments do not reach an agreement on a unified approach, in light of the increase in cases of Corona virus infection in Germany.“It … Read more

Great Britain and Israel ban travel

A surge in infections in South Africa – South African scientists attributed the surge in infections due to the new variant. “Unfortunately we have detected a new variant which is a cause for concern in South Africa – said virologist Tulio de Oliveira in an urgently called press conference -. The variant, scientifically named B.1.1.529, … Read more