Even Musk went to Mozambique to buy graphite!Tesla co-founder warns: Electric car batteries will reproduce the “chip shortage” problem | TechOrange Technology Report Orange

Tesla co-founder warned that although electric car sales will take off, battery production capacity may not keep pace, and the same drama as the chip shortage may be staged because the key materials for electric car batteries now come from China and South Korea and other Asia nation. Is the semiconductor shortage likely to repeat … Read more

Batteries, alarm for the price of lithium: “Skyrocketing within a year”

Bottlenecks and more. In fact, according to analysts, mining companies would be unwilling to place significant volumes of raw material on the “spot market” due to the “bottlenecks” caused by supply limits and logistical problems linked to the coronavirus pandemic. limited by slowdowns in lithium carbonate production in Qinghai province, while South Americans active between … Read more

High speed in Tesla factory in China, CATL supplies new batteries> teslamag.de

Analysts believe Tesla will deliver up to two million electric car deliveries this year after the surprisingly high record in the fourth quarter of 2021, and a significant proportion of the production for this is expected to come from the factory in China. It started operations in early 2020 with the Model 3 and also … Read more

A study by two researchers at the University of Oxford predicts the end of life of lithium-ion batteries – VivAfrik

While a report on the Lithium-Ion Battery Recycling Market from Stratview Research, an in-depth study of market dynamics across the globe that will cover standby and market information over a period of 10 years, from 2017 to 2027 with 2021 as the base year of the study, two researchers from the University of Oxford published … Read more

Recycling & Co .: Used e-car batteries as a challenge

Disposers currently have around 200 tons of old e-car batteries to deal with, depending on the sale of new e-cars and the possible re-use of used drive batteries, for example as energy storage, experts estimate 10,000 to 20,000 tonnes in 2030 and over ten years later 100,000 tons annually. The expansion and further development of … Read more

TV remote control device will no longer need batteries »Chronicle Viva

The event of CES technology held in Las Vegas has always been a place where companies from around the world show their most innovative developments and ideas, precisely in 2021, Samsung had presented a remote control for their televisions that was powered by solar energy; however, they have decided to improve that idea and have … Read more

Renault abruptly stopped renting batteries. He was ‘upset’ by a German court – Magazine – Auto

Renault tried to reduce the price of electric cars by renting batteries. But now such a program has stopped. It is the result of a losing court in Germany. Paradoxically, he lost it to the defaulters! Photo: Renault Renault Zoe German customers have lost the opportunity to rent batteries for the electric Renault Zoe. But … Read more

Electric cars: will millions of batteries end up in landfills?

Asking questions about the recycling of electric car batteries is legitimate and right. Here are the challenges, the opportunities and how the industry is moving Giuseppe Croce @Peppe_Croce January 3 – Milano What will become of the drums from the electric cars what all the automakers are selling today? Will EV batteries end up in … Read more

Tesla Blown Up Using Dynamite, Why Are Electric Car Batteries Expensive?

Jakarta – Some time ago it was reported that a man from Finland was disappointed because the price of Tesla’s battery components was expensive to hundreds of millions. Why is this important component so expensive? The man named Toumas Katainen has a Tesla Model S produced in 2013. However, after touching a distance of 1,500 … Read more

Changing the batteries costs 20 thousand euros, he blows up his Tesla with 30 kg of dynamite – VIDEO

Changing the batteries costs 20 thousand euros, he blows up his Tesla with 30 kg of dynamite. The cost of a new one Tesla Model S is beyond 80 thousand euros, but the experience of blowing one up… is priceless. Finnish Tuomas Katainen bought his Tesla in 2013 and drove the car, fulfilling his dream, … Read more