Electric cars to the rescue of the network: “The reduction in the cost of batteries will allow electric mobility to develop”

Elia boss Chris Peeters adds that the rapid reduction in the cost of batteries will allow electric mobility to develop. The digitization of electricity networks should then allow this multitude of batteries to be recharged at a time when there is a strong renewable production. In addition, the boss of Elia believes that home heat … Read more

for Xbox Series X | S without batteries, additional buttons and LED lights for 899 pesos

Just a few days ago the red control went on sale Xbox official at 1,699 pesos but right now it is on sale, at 1,499 pesos. But for those looking for a cheaper option, here we have another.

Brand control PowerA called Spectra it has several features that make it not envious of traditional controls. Its official price in Mexico is 1,149 pesos, but it can be obtained at the moment in Amazon Mexico for 899 pesos.

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Honda signs letter of intent with KTM, Piaggio and Yamaha Motor to set up a “Swappable Batteries Consortium” for motorcycles and light electric vehicles

© Sportreport Honda announces the signing of a Letter of Intent with KTM AG, Piaggio & C SpA and Yamaha Motor Co., Ltd. to set up of a “Swappable Batteries Consortium” for motorcycles and light electric vehicles. In the context of the Paris Climate Agreement and the shift to electromobility, the founding members of the … Read more

Hyundai will replace the batteries in its electric cars. They say they can catch fire

Hyundai will replace the batteries of 82,000 of its electric cars worldwide due to the risk of them igniting, she said. agentura Reuters. The exchange will cost $ 900 million. The replacement of the batteries mainly concerns the Kona model, the company’s best-selling electric car, which has also been manufactured in Nošovice, Czech Republic, since … Read more

Anker creates the MagSafe battery that Apple should have released

Related news The return of MagSafe was one of the most controversial decisions that Apple made with the presentation of the iPhone 12; especially since Apple itself has been unable to demonstrate its true potential. The MagSafe devices that have arrived in Spain are wireless chargers, as well as covers and a card holder; some … Read more

Sodena grants BeePlanet a participative loan of 150,000 euros

The public entity Sodena has granted a participative loan of 150,000 euros to the Navarrese technology-based company BeePlanet Factory, which will allow you to continue with the development of new products and solutions, and boost your business strategy. As Sodena explained in a note, BeePlanet Factory SL, founded in 2018 and located in the Business … Read more

Varta exceeds expectations – good business with batteries

The German battery company Varta owned by Austrian investor Michael Tojner benefited in the past year primarily from the business with batteries for wireless headphones. Thanks to the purchase of the household battery division, sales climbed by around 140 percent to 870 million euros, as the MDax company announced on Thursday in Ellwangen based on … Read more

Samsung uses quantum computers to research better batteries

Cherlynn Low / Engadget Entering the 5G era, battery performance has once again become one of the important considerations for everyone to buy mobile phones. In order to develop better batteries, Samsung thought of using quantum computers to help.This tech giant chose to partner with Imperial College LondonCooperation, Usage Honeywell The System Model H1 quantum … Read more

The rivalry between Renault and Peugeot overshadows Macron’s plan for batteries :: Investor.bg

Photo: Thierry Monasse / Getty Images / Bloomberg The vision of French President Emmanuel Macron to unite the efforts of local concerns to build batteries for electric vehicles is not exactly as planned. Over 120 years of rivalry between carmakers Peugeot and Renault SA has proved too fierce to be overcome even for a similar … Read more

Batteries in old electric cars are becoming a problem

Disposal companies sound the alarm – handling is not only difficult but also dangerous. While many environmental associations due to the sharply increasing sales of Electric cars are in a jubilant mood, the situation in waste disposal companies is different. There is currently only a temporary solution for the disposal of old electric cars: At … Read more