Russia continues to acquire Western electronics needed for advanced weapons, writes BBC — ČT24 — Czech Television

After studying the wreckage of Russian weapons and technology, experts concluded that more than 450 imported components are used in the latest Russian weapons, mainly from the USA, but also from Japan, Taiwan, South Korea and European countries. These parts are used in Iskander and Tornado-S missiles and in other types of ammunition, in unmanned … Read more

The BBC will compensate the former nanny of Princes William and Harry for the case of “the interview of the century” with Princess Diana

wording BBC News World 21 julio 2022 image source, PA Medium Caption, Alexandra Pettifer was nanny to Princes William and Harry. The BBC has announced it will pay damages to Princes William and Harry’s former nanny for false claims made about her to obtain an interview with Princess Diana in 1995. Alexandra Pettiferknown as Tiggy, … Read more

BBC apologizes to Tiggy Legge-Bourke for Diana interview

“Following the publication of the Dyson Report last year, we have been working with those who suffered as a result of the deceptive tactics used by the BBC in pursuit of its interview with Diana, Princess of Wales for the Panorama program in 1995, including the matters that were mentioned in court today regarding Miss … Read more

The BBC apologizes to Prince Charles and his children for the “impact” that the 1995 Diana of Wales interview had on them | People

If a phrase of Diana of Wales has remained for posterity, it is that of “There were three of us in that marriage. It was a bit overcrowded.” The princess pronounced it in November 1995, before 23 million viewers and on the BBC, the British public broadcaster. That interview, considered in a survey of more … Read more

Raheem Sterling .. The British BBC apologizes to a famous player who was wrongly accused of rape (video) | Sports news

Video duration 01 minutes 10 seconds 01:10 17/7/2022–|Last update: 7/17/202204:39 PM (Mecca) The BBC has apologized to England footballer Raheem Sterling, after he was mistakenly accused of rape. Rahim’s photo appeared by mistake in the sports news bulletin on (BBC News) presented by Mike Bushell, Thursday, while he was talking about the news of the … Read more

Video| The BBC ‘mistakenly’ insulted Raheem Sterling and apologized

The BBC has apologized on air after it came under fire for mistakenly showing Raheem Sterling’s picture while a broadcaster read a story about a player arrested for rape. BBC News has issued an on-air apology after the mistake in its sportscast. In another bulletin, a broadcaster appeared, apologizing to the audience and the player … Read more

BBC revelation claims soldiers competed to kill most Afghans – VG

AFGHANISTAN: A British soldier participates in a military operation against the Taliban in December 2007. Photo: SHAH MARAI / AFP British special forces have killed 54 Afghans under suspicious circumstances, the BBC claims. – No one is above the law, says Boris Johnson. Tuesday this the week published BBC a documentary about possible war crimes … Read more

British elite unit killed Afghan prisoners and civilians, BBC reports

AFP NOS News•Tuesday, 11:39 British SAS commandos have repeatedly killed detainees and unarmed men in Afghanistan under suspicious circumstances. Internal military reports indicate that one unit may have wrongfully killed 54 people over a six-month period. That reports the BBC after own investigation. Hundreds of pages of operational reports were used for the study. The … Read more

How did dinosaurs mate?Scientists search for answers – BBC News

Zalia Govitt (Zaria Gorvett) July 13, 2022 image source,EPA image caption, Gorgonsaurus skeleton (Credit: EPA) I’m sitting in Jakob Vinther’s office trying to find the right word to express the question I want to ask: Did T. rex have — the word is embarrassing to say — a penis? “So it has to be…” I … Read more