A Belgian farmer accidentally moved the country’s border with France. She stood in the way of his tractor

A Belgian farmer caused a stir when he inadvertently changed his country’s border with France. A farmer near the Belgian village of Erquelinnes moved the boundary stone 2.29 meters further into French territory. Apparently he was standing in the way of his tractor. The newly drawn borders were noticed by a local amateur historian as … Read more

What is known about the new coronavirus mutation from India

Until recently, India appeared to be able to control the spread of coronavirus. But now the second most populous country has become a deterrent. Many are talking about a new variant of the virus that is causing concern around the world. There are reports from India of oxygen shortages and overcrowded hospitals. The sharpness and … Read more

The Swedish billionaire has been targeted at Arsenal. Henry or Bergkamp is behind him

<!—-> Ek, the Swedish founder of the global streaming service Spotify, posted seemingly innocent words on twitter on Friday: “As a kid, I’ve always been a fan of Arsenal. If it’s for sale, I’d be interested. “ As a kid growing up, I’ve cheered for @Arsenal as long as I can remember. If KSE would … Read more

Video: A passerby knocked out a drugged driver by kicking like an MMA

Sunday’s peaceful wait for the covid-19 vaccine has turned into a dramatic experience in the capital of Albania. The driver, under the influence of drugs, circled uncontrollably around the square in Tirana, threatening his surroundings. Several men tried unsuccessfully to stop the car. In the next activity, the driver was prevented by a brave passer-by … Read more

The story of a sailor who finally returned home after 4 years of being stranded on a ship

Kairo – Mohammaed Aisha was finally able to come home. (Mohammed Aisha) Mohammed Aisha joins the “cursed” ship MV Aman, on May 5, 2017. Today, after spending nearly four years on a ship and being stranded off the coast of Egypt, he was released and flown home to Syria. So how does he feel? The … Read more

Arctic in global warming is occupied by “Pizili Bear”, a polar bear-grizzly bear hybrid – BBC News Thailand

April 25, 2021 Image source, Getty Images Photo caption, This pizzly bear was brought up in the zoo. When global warming separates the ice that used to separate the two Arctic bears. To dissolve into a wide area The result is a love encounter with different species and mestizo bear populations. Which is increasing in … Read more

Death of Prince Philip: BBC receives record number of complaints, here’s why

By Le360 (AFP) on 04/15/2021 at 7:45 p.m. The famous British TV channel, BBC, and the whole of the public broadcasting group, received nearly 110,000 unprecedented complaints, accusing them of their excessive coverage of the death of Prince Philip. aA The British public broadcasting group the BBC interrupted all its programs on Friday April 9, … Read more

Sherihan: a song to celebrate life – BBC News

Sanaa El-Khoury BBC News Arabic April 15, 2021 Photo released, KAREEM NOUR / sherihanofficial Sherihan returned to sing and dance after a hiatus of nearly two decades, causing an emotional reaction among viewers on social media. This is smiled on her lightness, and this is compared to the moon. The Egyptian performing artist did not … Read more

The BBC has received 110,000 complaints about Prince Philip’s broadcasts – Entertainment

The British broadcaster, the BBC, has received 110,000 complaints about broadcasts to the late Prince Philip, the highest number of complaints ever received in the UK about television work. The broadcaster said on Thursday that people had filed complaints in the last six days since the prince’s death on April 9. The complaints allege excessive … Read more

Death of Prince Philip: BBC receives record number of complaints

The British public broadcasting group BBC said Thursday it had received nearly 110,000 unprecedented complaints, criticizing it for its too extensive coverage of the death of Prince Philip. • Read also: Elizabeth II feels a “great void” after the death of Prince Philip The group interrupted all its programs Friday to announce the death at … Read more