Tilsa Lozano | Samuel Suárez explodes against the model for complaining to a fan who took photos of him: “Let him buy his beach” farándula | SHOWS

DOESN’T HOLD ANYTHING. Tilsa Lozano revealed on her Instagram account that she rebuked a young woman for taking pictures of her while she was spending a day at the beach. According to the model, they made her feel uncomfortable by invading her privacy and Samuel Suárez did not hesitate to lash out at her. ALSO … Read more

Maru Botana and her family combine beach looks in Punta del Este

Fanatic of the outdoors and especially of the beach, Maru Botana She is enjoying the first days of the year in Punta del Este with her husband, Bernardo Solá, and his sons. And like many other families, they joined a trend that is all the rage on the networks: that of dressing in matching colors. … Read more

People with Disabilities Ask for Special Paths at Pangandaran Beach

Pangandaran News, (harapanrakyat.com), – A person with disabilities in Pangandaran, West Java, Agung hopes that there will be a special lane for people with disabilities on the Pangandaran coastal route. “Pangandaran Beach must have a special lane for people with disabilities, so they can enjoy the scenery like normal people in general,” said Agung Friday … Read more

4 Boyolali Residents Drift in Glagah Beach Area Again on Family Vacation

SOLOPOS.COM – Ismadi’s house, a resident of Musuk Boyolali, who was a victim of being washed away in the Serang River in the Glagah Beach area, Wednesday (5/1/2022). (Solopos-Ni`matul Faizah) Solopos.com, BOYOLALI — Four tourists from Pusporenggo, Musuk, Boyolali, who drifted at the mouth of the Serang River, Glagah Beach, Kapanewon Temon, Kulonprogo, DIY, on … Read more

Scientists Unveil Mysterious 200-Year-Old Footprints on Wales Coast

Merdeka.com – Paleontologists at the Natural History Museum in London, England, say the giant footprints found on the coast of Wales are believed to be the footprints of early dinosaurs more than 200 years ago. Experts say, the footprints come from the Triassic period, which are thought to belong to a sauropod animal or its … Read more

Graudiņa and Samoilovs / Šmēdiņš triumph in Jurmala Annual Award – Beach Volleyball – Sportacentrs.com

The award and the title “Athlete of the Year in Jurmala” was given to a beach volleyball player Tīna Graudiņa, who together with Anastasia Kravchenok won the 4th place in the 202 Olympic Games in Tokyo. Jūrmalniece was the best server and scorer in the Olympic Games. Beach volleyball players have also won 4th place … Read more

Nacho Viale in Punta del Este: Beach, loves and candles

His sisters were in his family celebration, Juana and Manuela, his brother Rocco, his nephews, among them Amber of Benedectis who lives in France where study at the Sorbonne in Paris, and your partner, Lucia Pedraza. nacho avenue 2.jpg Manuela Viale, sister of Nacho Viale. Nacho Avenue expect a 2022 surrounded by work being that … Read more

7 Tourists Dragged by the Waves of Suwuk Kebumen Beach, 2 Missing

Kebumen – A group of tourists consisting of seven people was dragged by the waves at Suwuk Beach, Kebumen, Central Java. Five people were rescued, two others are missing and are still being searched by officers. The missing victims are Akhmad Ramadani (9) a resident of Gintung Rejo Village, Gandrungmangu District, Cilacap Regency and Riyandi … Read more

The Taliban do not rule here. The women’s-only beach lasted a few hours in Bangladesh

The first beach exclusively for women will not open on Bangladesh’s southeast coast, the local authorities decided on the basis of “negative comments”. The 150-meter-long beach, open only to women and children, opened on Thursday. A few hours later everything was different. Authorities have opened a women’s beach on the world’s longest natural beach (Cox´s … Read more

Similar to Rahaf al-Qunun, Saudi Arabia (Amal al-Shahrani) shows off her missile body in a mini bikini on the beach with a blunt look.

Saudi Snapchat star Amal Al-Shahrani caused a huge controversy on the communication sites because of her bikini looks on the sea, and some of her followers expressed their shock, describing Al-Shahrani’s portrayal of herself in this way, crossing the borders. Amal appeared in a photo that she posted on her Instagram account while resting on … Read more