His contract with Barcelona has expired and he is not linked to any team… Messi is conducting a training session with his children! (Video)

The Argentine Lionel Messi, who is not associated with any team at the moment after the expiration of his contract with Barcelona on June 30, published a video of him playing football with his two children, Tiago and Matthew, along with another child. Through the video, it seemed that Messi’s two children were more skilled … Read more

The fluctuations of the dollar .. a banking official reveals what is going on behind the scenes

Ali Zain Al-Din wrote in “Asharq Al-Awsat”: “The heads of cut-off rooms in a number of banks contacted by Asharq Al-Awsat agree that the contradictory movements of monetary exchanges between recording a strong improvement in the price of the lira and then losing it quickly within hours, actually reflect the capabilities of coordinated speculators. Most … Read more

Dollar flight.. this is what is happening in hotels and restaurants

Eva Abi Haidar wrote: “The head of the Syndicate of Owners of Hotels and Tourist Establishments, Pierre Al-Ashkar, assures Al-Jumhuriya that the owner of the tourism establishment alone bears the repercussions of all these crises, and this appears especially when making advance reservations. For example, a customer made a reservation about two weeks ago for … Read more

Champions League quarterfinals Leipzig – Atlético Madrid 2: 1

The Leipzig footballers defeated Atlética Madrid 2: 1 in the second quarterfinal of the Champions League. The match was decided in the 88th minute by Tyler Adams. The Czech national team member Patrik Schick came to the field five minutes earlier and was at the winning goal of the German team. Dani Olmo was the … Read more

The mystery of the super long necked creature is finally revealed, this is the explanation page all

KOMPAS.com– It took a long time to reveal the truth being this one. Since its discovery more than 100 years ago, researchers have been quite content to be dizzy. The reason is, fossil which was found had a strange and unusual shape. The most striking feature is neck super long. With a total body length … Read more

What Retegui and Red will continue being teammates?

Retegui returns-to-Mouth, who wants to Red / Demian Alday Started a week for other important for clubs since the 30 June is approaching and with it, the limit to define contractual conditions. In Students will not follow Gaston Fernandez (retired), Facundo Sánchez, Mauricio Rosales, Gaston Gil Romero (not be renewed), and to them is added … Read more