The Xiaomi Himo C20 is a folding electric bike, with 80 km of autonomy and available for just 687 euros

For the many who are looking for a personal transportation option, and an electric and folding bike is their choice, the Xiaomi Himo C20 It can be an excellent alternative mainly thanks to the offer that some platforms are launching and that allow this model to be obtained at a very competitive price. It is … Read more

the keys that will determine if you defeat the virus

At 81, Teresa Cuenca is active, walking for an hour each day and exercising on a stationary bike. No one would say that this woman from Malaga was hospitalized for 21 days for coronavirus at the beginning of the pandemic. Like many other patients, he started with a very high fever and his doctor detected … Read more

No more dead cyclists, ask for bike users in a caravan

On their way, the cyclists protesters carried posters and banners behind their back demanding respect for the lives of bi-users, showed a report from Noticias Caracol. The bi-users also demanded justice by the vigilante José Antonio Duarte, who died falling from a bridge in Chía, Cundinamarca, after a van rammed him. Although the driver of … Read more

Accidents on the bike and at work. Moravian-Silesian rescuers were busy in sunny weather

“These were accidents of cyclists, people on scooters, injuries during ball games, but also falls or injuries while working with a saw. Fortunately, all these events, until Saturday evening, resulted in only minor or moderate injuries, “said Lukáš Humpl, a spokesman for the Moravian-Silesian rescuers. He added that, for example, during one hour, between 1 … Read more

Luna Maya falls from bicycle, torn temples and 5 stitches in hand

JAKARTA, Role artist Luna Maya had a fall from bike, after previously he also experienced a fall from the bed. From the incident, Luna Maya suffered a wound on the temple and her hand must have received five stitches. Through her YouTube channel, Luna said that the incident started when she was doing a … Read more

The cyclist got stuck in the bike at the crossing near Prague, fell and lost consciousness

The cyclist rode on a road bike along Všenorská Street in Dobřichovice towards Tyršová Street. According to witnesses, he ran the front wheel between the panels at the level crossing and fell off the wheel. After the fall, he lay unconsciously unconscious at the crossing. Police officers, policemen and rescuers immediately set out for the … Read more

Strong opposition to the bike express network in Saint-Denis

A new survey obtained by TVA Nouvelles on the Réseau express Vélo (REV) and its impact on businesses on Saint-Denis Street in Montreal shows that a majority of respondents are fiercely opposed. • Read also: “I was not elected to please everyone” • Read also: A restaurateur wants to test cyclists in favor of the … Read more

U.S. police shot dead another black man. He rode his bike illegally in Los Angeles

Two police officers tried to stop African-American Dijon Kizzee (29). According to preliminary information, Kizzee tried to escape them. When they caught up with him, he hit one of them in the face. During the escape, several things fell to the ground. “The police noticed that a black semi-automatic revolver had fallen to the ground. … Read more

truck overturns mother and her 8 year old daughter who were on a bicycle, mum did not survive (photo)

Posted on Monday, August 31, 2020 at 7:09 p.m. A truck hit two cyclists on Monday in Lanaken. A terrible accident occurred on Monday afternoon around 3 p.m. in Lanaken. A mother, who was riding a bicycle with her daughter, was hit by a truck. The 40-year-old mother was rushed to hospital where she died … Read more