Why are whales so big? A study gives the first answer

Whales weren’t always the colossal size they are now. The great dimension reached by various species of whales is the result of at least five million years of evolution. But why did they grow so much? According to a study from the State University of Campinas in Brazil, published in the journal Nature, it could … Read more

In Senegal and Niger, “trees of life”

Published on : 29/01/2023 – 00:00 Close-up on two plants present in the Sahel, very resistant to drought and very useful to human populations: moringa and hanza. It is called moringa (Moringa oleifera), but the Senegalese preferred a much more telling name in Wolof: nebeday, derived from the English “never die” – he never dies! … Read more

Emirates News Agency – Environment Agency affirms Abu Dhabi’s success in harmonizing economic development and preserving biodiversity

Thursday, January 19, 2023 – 3:36 PM ABU DHABI, 19th January / WAM / The Environment Agency – Abu Dhabi, during its participation in Abu Dhabi Sustainability Week, highlighted the efforts made by Abu Dhabi to achieve a balance between economic development and the preservation of biodiversity, and the important role that the authority plays … Read more

Guyana: First steering committee for AmazonActivity Valley, a high-tech city project on biodiversity

Production workshops, laboratories, nurseries, agricultural plots, housing for scientists: a construction programmed in Montsinéry-Tonnegrande and led by Mariana Royer of Bio Stratège, aims to make French Guiana a true global showcase in terms of biotechnology, with scopes ranging from beauty products, pharmaceuticals, or even the replacement of petrochemical molecules. His project, AmazonActivity Valley, is already … Read more

Animal welfare and SDGs, a road with a long way to go

The contribution of animals to the realization of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) of the United Nations Organization (UN) is neither recognized nor explicit. However, there are notable areas where animals play an essential role in the context of sustainable development. This was stated by Gabriela Olmos, from the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences, during … Read more

Madagascar, threatened 23 million years of evolution – Earth & Poles

Madagascar launches an SOS: from the famous fossa lemurs, their predator and similar to a small puma, passing through the strange sucker-footed bat, there are 120 species of mammals at risk of extinction, more than 50% of the 219 present on the island symbol of biodiversity. They took 23 million years of evolution to flourish … Read more

Understanding Hidden Heat Waves Threatening Coral Reefs

Peter J. Edmunds Extensive coral bleaching occurred in the depths of Moorea’s north coast during the 2019 marine heatwave. Nationalgeographic.co.id—In April to May 2019, Coral reefs near the French Polynesian island of Moorea in the middle of the South Pacific Ocean experienced severe and prolonged thermal bleaching. This catastrophe occurred even though there were no … Read more

Landmark biodiversity deal approved at COP15 – rts.ch

Countries around the world reached a historic agreement in Montreal on Monday. It must make it possible to halt the destruction of biodiversity and its resources which are essential to humanity. After four years of difficult negotiations, ten days and a night of diplomatic marathon, more than 190 States have reached an agreement under the … Read more

in 2030, 30 percent of the earth must be protected area

AFP NOS News•yesterday, 09:45•Amended yesterday, 5:00 PM The nearly 200 countries participating in the UN Summit on Biodiversity in Montreal have agreed on measures to protect ecosystems and animal and plant species. After almost two weeks of negotiations, an agreement has been reached. It has been agreed, among other things, that by 2030 at least … Read more

Director of Xinjiang Institute of Biodiversity, Chinese Academy of Sciences: International cooperation will be carried out on biodiversity conservation in arid areas

Director of Xinjiang Institute of Biodiversity, Chinese Academy of Sciences: International cooperation will be carried out on biodiversity conservation in arid areas The second phase of the fifteenth Conference of the Parties to the United Nations Convention on Biological Diversity (COP15) is underway. A reporter from the Beijing News learned that the Xinjiang Institute of … Read more