Lee Soo-jin, a dentist who apologized after confessing to her mother’s wounds in ‘Preference for Boys’… “I understand now”

Instagram ‘sjeuro’ [뉴스1] Reporter Hyo-jeong Yoon = Lee Soo-jin, a YouTuber and dentist who became a hot topic after appearing on ‘Golden Counseling Center’, said that he sent an apology text to his mother. On the 16th, Lee Soo-jin posted a message to her mother on Instagram saying, “After the live broadcast, I apologized to … Read more

Tomasz Bajer, or “Chick” from the movie “Boys Don’t Cry”. How did his life go after he left show business?

Then Tomasz Bajer decided to go to the United States, where he started working as a banker in a casino in the famous Atlantic City. Then, under the influence of an ending 10-year relationship and the collapse of several businesses in which he invested, he went to a friend who lived in Sydney. He was … Read more

Boys aged 11 and 12 receive prestigious medal from Queen, steal spotlight from Tony Blair and Camilla Just a teenager, already honored by the Queen

Two boys receive prestigious British Empire Medal Max Woosey, amper 12, alias de ‘boy in the tent’. — ©   Rachael Woosey As tradition has it, Britain’s Queen Elisabeth honored deserving compatriots on the last day of the year at the annual New Years Honours. And although Prince Charles’ wife Camilla and former Prime Minister … Read more

The mother of two boys realized her dream: to create Christmas decorations whose reality is just breathtaking.

According to the author of the idea, as a child she was fascinated by the stories of grandparents and parents about waiting for Christmas, farmsteads and wintering. “Imaginative homesteads, a fence cracking from the cold, Lithuanian traditions, and a cozy wait for a miracle fascinated me. And now all this has been reborn in the … Read more

When do you deposit the next Welfare scholarship for girls and boys?

According to Fidegar (Guaranteed Education Trust) the deliveries of financial support of the scholarship “Wellbeing for boys and girls. My Scholarship to Start” they are awarded during the school year. According to the school calendar of the Ministry of Public Education (SEP), the winter holidays end on January 3, 2022, so financial support for students … Read more

Patrick Puydebat has he really been in a relationship with Hélène Rollès from the series “Hélène and the boys”?

(c)Helene.Rolles on instagram For 25 years, they have been a legendary on-screen couple who have known their ups and downs. First in 1992 in the French series “Hélène et les Garçons”, and then in the continuation of their adventures mentioned in the series “The mysteries of love”. It is the magazine Gala which evokes it … Read more

At least thirty South African boys died after circumcision ritual

penis transplant Some boys even lose their entire genitals due to complications from traditional circumcision. In 2015, South African doctors said that for the first time in history, they a successful penis transplant performed on a boy who had suffered such complications three years earlier. Also in 2017 In South Africa, a penis transplant was … Read more

Three boys arrested for setting off illegal fireworks | 1Limburg

Three boys aged 13 and 14 were caught setting off illegal fireworks in Venray. They had damaged an information board of the municipality. The three were arrested by officers on Wednesday evening and taken to the police station. NuisanceSeveral reports have already been received about nuisance caused by fireworks. In the Venray district of Landweert, … Read more