Swissport Losch employees called for strike in Germany

In Germany, the Verdi union called the workers to strike after Swissport Losch company employees demanded an increase in their wages. European countries, to airports While having difficulty in finding personnel, he still could not find a solution to this issue. There are serious problems at the airports of many countries, especially England, Germany and … Read more

“Creepy and manipulative” is how an artificial intelligence has called Mark Zuckerberg

08/09/2022 at 12:03 CEST Meta has developed a ‘chatbot’ that attacks its own director It has generated a reaction of widespread laughter on social networks Meta recently boasted of have created a conversational artificial intelligence that he wasn’t racist or hated women. Something that is very difficult, since they usually become like this because they … Read more

Rita Ora married director Taika Waititi, 15 years her senior: the artist will be called differently

British pop star Rita Ora (31) exchanged wedding rings with her 15-year-old lover, Zealand director Taika Waititi (46). The couple reportedly got married in a private ceremony in London. “It was a really intimate ceremony and special for everyone. Their nearest and dearest can see that they are madly in love,” quoted a source … Read more

The door of Yang Xiuhui’s store was stolen!Huo Da opened live broadcast and called “he”: dare to come to me to break ground – FTV News

Entertainment Center / Reported by Zhou Menghan Many people will plant potted plants in their homes. In order to allow the plants to shine in the sun all the time, they sometimes choose to put them outdoors, but this also allows thieves to take advantage of it! Recently, artist Yang Xiuhui said that she had … Read more

Covid Pandemic Called Trigger Coronasomnia, Can It Be Dangerous?

Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia – About four in ten people have trouble sleeping during the Covid-19 pandemic. PExperts refer to this sleep problem as “Coronasomnia,” which is a combination of coronavirus and insomnia. Citing the Sleep Foundation, Coronasomnia occurs because it is triggered by stress, sadness, and anxiety caused by the Covid-19 pandemic and its impact … Read more

Revealed, Middle School Students Killed by 6 Classmates for Complaining to a BP Teacher Called “Sissy”

LAMPUNG, – Six junior high school students in West Lampung, Lampung, with the initials RA (13), DP (14), DM (15), RC (13), R (13), and TJ (13) alias ST, killed a classmate with the initials AP (13). AP was found dead in the Way Kabul River, Way Tenong District, Lampung, on Wednesday (26/1/2022) morning. … Read more

Prabowo-Muhaimin Called To Announce Gerindra-PKB Cooperation Monday Afternoon All

JAKARTA, – Chairman of the National Awakening Party (PKB) Muhaimin Iskandar and Chairman of the Greater Indonesia Movement Party (Gerindra) Prabowo will deliver a statement on political cooperation between the two parties this afternoon. This will be done after PKB and Gerindra Party register to participate in the 2024 General Election (Election) at the … Read more

They called her ugly, so she grieved and left acting and received the highest honor from our Lord.. She went for Hajj and got lost there, and when they found her, it was a thunderbolt shock.!!

The artist Rajwat Mansour was born in 1914, in Aswan Governorate, and was the daughter of a rich family, but it seems that from a young age she suffered from bullying because she did not have the standards of beauty, Those superficial standards that were set by sick people, Rajwat sisters, all married, and she … Read more

After a fight, he chases his wife in the car and shoots her in the street when he realizes that he has called the carabinieri

His violence finally exploded in the street, when he realized that the woman – in her escape after the dispute – had asked the carabinieri for help. The shot in front of the eyes of the military, the wife who collapses hit in the shoulder: for her – a 52 year old from Soragna – … Read more

“C Siwat” received, used to flirt with “Cheer”, made her cry, Amy called to clear it immediately.

It turned out to be a story in the past of the young heroine. Cheer Thikamporn gradually revealed to the fans to be the most surprised Since her secret with the young singer Golf Pitchaya who had been in a relationship before. And the new story is equally peak. and believe that many people may … Read more