This is the reason why several players of mixed descent have not been called into the Indonesian U-20 national team squad

PSSI Ivar Jenner in the struggle for the ball during a trial match for the Indonesian U-20 national team against Malaga U-19 at the Marbella Football Center Malaga, Spain, Wednesday (23/11). SUPERBALL.ID – PSSI it is reported that at this time it has pocketed 180 names of offspring players who are projected for Indonesian U-20 … Read more

Recognize a sexually transmitted disease called chlamydia that attacks both men and women, can make you infertile!

JAKARTA, – The name of this disease may be foreign to our ears. Well, Chlamydia seldom heard. However, this type of disease is very dangerous. This disease affects both men and women who have sexual contact. If not treated immediately, Chlamydia can make it barrenespecially for women. In men, this disease attacks the urinary … Read more

Online with Denise Bombardier: My dad never called me by my first name

Denise Bombardier is a personality who is often criticized and controversial, and who has never stopped defending our French language. During our interview, I discovered a woman who, contrary to what people think, was not brought up in a bourgeois family. Moreover, one day she said to the author Michel Tremblay in order to illustrate … Read more

The Fate of Issuers Threatened with Delisting Is Called Worrying, This Is the Cause

TEMPO.CO, Jakarta – Center of Economic and Law Studies (Celios) researcher Muhammad Andri Perdana named four potential issuers delisting from the Indonesia Stock Exchange (IDX)—POSA, JKSW, LCGP, SRIL—are worrying. Not only because of the Asabri and Jiwasraya cases that dragged POSA, JKSW, and LCGP, but also because of the fundamental conditions of each company. “POSA … Read more

Before one ends, another begins, this time the nightmare is called measles.

Pointing out that there has been a great decrease in measles vaccination due to the Kovid-19 epidemic that has shaken the world for the last three years, WHO emphasized that the required measles vaccinations could not be given to approximately 40 million children last year, and this is a record. The World Health Organization warned … Read more

Buakaw’s ex-wife posted a heated post to make an appointment with her child but she didn’t come. She called and didn’t accept her feelings. The child was not a toy.

Buakaw’s ex-wife posted a heated post to make an appointment with her child but she didn’t come. She called and didn’t accept her feelings. The child was not a toy. After the middle of the year 2021 Chic – Anwee Pornchaiwiboon The unmarried wife of Buakaw Banchamek, a world-famous boxer who is loved by Thai … Read more

The fire in Urumqi ignited a wave of anti-blockade protests in China, and the Internet called for a “white paper movement”. Shanghai citizens: Those who resisted finally came together-The Reporter

On the streets of Shanghai in the early hours of the 26th, the commemoration of the fire in Urumqi turned into a protest rally. The police asked, “Who organized this incident?” Many people shouted: “I organized it, I organized it! The Chinese organized it!” Another On the one hand, college students in the area where … Read more

Russia called the meta-terrorist organization again Meta | Russia | Facebook

Moscow – Facebook’s parent company Meta has been listed as a terrorist organization by the Russian Ministry of Justice, according to news agency Reuters. The Reuters report quoted a Russian media outlet. This is the latest in a series of moves by Russia against Meta. Last month, META was listed as a terrorist group by … Read more

“Zafan” is called Ghantoot for Al Bwanish Sailing

Mustafa Al Deeb (Abu Dhabi)“Zafan” by Muhammad Ali Yousef Al-Bishr won the Ghantoot Sailing Race, which was organized by the Abu Dhabi Marine Sports Club on the capital’s Corniche on Friday, and the champion won 30,000 dirhams as a financial prize.And he came second in the race, in which 50 Banooshes “Hashim” participated, by Sheikh … Read more

Muhammad Ferarri Called Up by the Indonesian National Team Again Ahead of the 2022 AFF Cup, Thomas Doll Protests Shin Tae-yong: OK Football

MUHAMMAD Ferarri Called up by the Indonesian national team again ahead of the 2022 AFF Cup, Thomas Doll protested against Shin Tae-yong. Thomas Doll wanted the player to return to Persija Jakarta after participating in the training camp (TC) with the U-20 Indonesian National Team. Garuda Nusantara – nicknamed the U-20 Indonesian National Team – … Read more