Stühlingen: 4500 euro donation for a children’s aid project in Cameroon

Important information from the Board of Trustees was available at the recent meeting of the parish council of the Stühlingen-Eggingen pastoral care unit, which took place in the Konradsaal. By-elections In the previous meeting, no deputy chairman of the foundation council was elected; this has now been made up for. All nine parish councilors present … Read more

World News – FR – World News – US – Blizzard Reveals New World of Warcraft Shadowlands Merch and Thrall Statue – CAMEROON MAGAZINE – CAMEROON INFO – CAMEROUN ACTU

Necessary cookies are absolutely essential for the website to function properly. This category only includes cookies that guarantee basic functionalities and security features of the website. These cookies do not store any personal information. Cookies that may not be particularly necessary for the operation of the website and are used specifically to collect personal data … Read more

The lawyers came out in large numbers to welcome the remains of their President, Maitre Charles Tchakoute Patie.

Farewell ceremony Bâtonnier Charles Tchakoute Patie Adeline Atangana The remains arrived on the night of October 23 to 24, 2020 in Douala from France. Taken out of the cargo from Douala international airport around 8 p.m., the coffin containing the lifeless body of Master Charles Tchakoute Patie was taken directly to the Douala Air Base … Read more

▷ Dos ex-Blizzard fundan Frost Giant Studios

From ex-Blizzard they have announced the founding of Frost Giant Studios in Orange County, California. Tim Morten, CEO of the company, was the chief producer of Starcraft 2: Legacy of the Void and has worked for the last six years with the company, although he has gone through numerous studies and has been involved in … Read more

▷ Frost Giant Studios, a new studio founded by two ex-Blizzard industry veterans

Tim Morten and Tim Campbell have already raised over $ 4 million to work on a groundbreaking RTS. Blizzard is a company that tends to turn everything they touch into gold. Therefore, when assets leave the company it is also noteworthy. Two ex-workers of the successful firm were born Frost Giant Studios, a new California-based … Read more

Cameroonian electrician Eneo is preparing to raise FCFA 100 billion on the local banking market

(Agence Ecofin) – The concessionaire of the public electricity service in Cameroon, controlled by the British investment fund Actis, wants to raise 100 billion FCFA to settle a previous loan and finance its investments in 2020 and 2021. Eneo is preparing to solicit the local banking market for a loan of a maximum amount of … Read more

Chadwick Boseman’s latest tweet becomes most liked of all time – CAMEROON MAGAZINE – CAMEROUN INFO

The announcement of his death provoked a wave of tributes and sadness of rare intensity on social networks. So much so that the last tweet published on Chadwick Boseman’s account, formalizing the death of the actor, has become the most liked of all time. The social network itself announced it on the company’s official account: … Read more

gamescom 2020: Sonzai, a hand-drawn action-RPG announced for PC and consoles – CAMEROON MAGAZINE – CAMEROON INFO

Top Hat Studios (SteamDolls) takes advantage of gamescom 2020 inaugurated tonight to present three of its projects. One of them, developed by 2 Odd Diodes, is called Sonzai. 2D action-RPG, Sonzai sets his sights on the mysterious town of Kumotoshi, home to many young mages. It is full of secrets to unravel, but also of … Read more

Cameroon: “Fear does more damage than the virus itself”

Dr Laure Mengueme, psychologist. Doctor, does any Covid 19 patient need psychological support? Since the appearance of the new coronavirus, some media have given a pejorative image of this disease. This is why in our context, Covid-19 is synonymous with death. Thus, when an individual is diagnosed positive, he goes into a state of panic, … Read more

Les Reines du shopping avec Hapsatou Sy – “Insupportable”: Cristina Cordula’s indulgence ulcers the Web – CAMEROON MAGAZINE – CAMEROON INFO

And it’s (re) gone for the show! This week, M6 has put the small dishes in the big ones and concocted a busy program for the Queens of shopping. This time, it is personalities well known to the general public who compete on the podium of the show: Hapsatou Sy, Julie Zenatti, Emmanuelle Rivassoux, Roselyne … Read more