Mohamed Abrini hoped that he would be made to escape: what reveals wiretaps carried out by the State Security at the prison of Bruges

Mohamed Abrini, “the man in the hat” of the Brussels attacks, hoped, two months after his arrest, that “people” would make him escape. He would have liked his younger brother to recover the weapons of the Brussels terrorist cell that the suicide bombers had hidden before striking in Zaventem and Maelbeek on March 22, 2016. … Read more

Restructuring of the Main Criminal Police Department of the State Police was carried out

State police (VP) the restructuring of the Main Criminal Police Department was carried out this summer, informed the VP. Content will continue after the ad Advertising In accordance with the recommendations of the Structural Reforms Support Program project of the European Commission, in order to increase the capacity of the Main Criminal Police Department, changes … Read more

A great gesture of a rising star. The tennis player stopped the match, carried the collapsing pick in his arms

It is the world’s most populous country, yet China, with the exception of two-time Wimbledon champion Li Na, who made it to world number two, is still searching for a true tennis star. But what the nation of nearly 1.5 billion can expect soon is shown by seventeen-year-old Yucheng Shang – the reigning junior world … Read more

Doubts expressed on the “DNA investigation” carried out to unmask the killers of Brabant: it would lead since 2019… to nothing!

Brabant killings – Crime of the mushroom farm, two cases with a neglected common denominator: “How did they miss this?” The unfollowed trail of Nicolas Le Bon, this link that escaped between the two major unsolved criminal cases of the Killing Years

Viral message chain of transmission of monkeypox carried by birds, is it?, Jakarta – A chain message circulating on WhatsApp related to hazard warning monkey pox (monkeypox) which is transmitted to birds. The essence of the chain message is that people avoid catching birds because they are considered to carry the monkeypox virus. The sound of a chain message of transmission of monkeypox to bird circulating … Read more

Carlos Sainz gets carried away by a fan who hands him a Barça jersey: “I’m not signing this” (video)

Carlos Sainz Jr. didn’t appreciate a fan’s joke. The latter handed him a FC Barcelona shirt in an effort to get an autograph while Sainz was driving his car. Problem: The Ferrari F1 driver is an avid Real Madrid fan and therefore hates Barca. Sainz suddenly got completely carried away when he realized what they … Read more

Most malware attacks are carried out via Microsoft Office vulnerabilities

In the first quarter of 2022, 78.5 percent of malware attacks were carried out via vulnerabilities in Microsoft Office. According to Atlas VPN, this is not surprising: Microsoft Office is used by over a billion users. In addition, a significant number of customers would delay essential security updates. This is also the reason why criminals … Read more

Persona 5 Royal Edition PS4 cannot be carried over to PS5, you have to buy a new copy | 4Gamers

Altus announced last month that Persona 5 Royal Edition (P5R), Persona 4 Gold Edition (P4G), and Persona 3 Pocket Edition (P3P) will be available for PS5, Xbox Series, PC , and the Nintnedo Switch version. However, today’s official website releasedFurther Q&A It said that the PS4 version of Persona 5 Royal Edition does not support … Read more

The heartbreaking reality of the war in Ukraine: a father carried his son from the battlefield, but he did not survive

Dmytro Stasovskis, who was killed in battle on Tuesday, fought together with his father in the same battalion of the 93rd Mechanized Brigade. His father Jurijs Stasovskis said goodbye to his son in a restrained manly manner on his Facebook account: “Rest in peace, my son” and added a photo of the two of them. … Read more

“What happened?” : the international press gets carried away after the 11th stage of the Tour de France

The stage which joined the Col du Granon on Wednesday will certainly remain in the memories of the Tour de France as the riders fought a magnificent battle, in several acts, with the end of the stage won by the one who was not so expected at the rendezvous: Jonas Vingegaard. The Dane did not … Read more