Health checks are carried out on journalists in Congress – El Heraldo de Chihuahua

On this day, the State Congress carried out the application of the influenza vaccine, as well as the glucose and blood pressure check of the representatives of the media that cover the source, as well as their families. This vaccine application campaign will be taking place starting today, Monday, and tomorrow, Tuesday, November 29, at … Read more

Mariana Derderián spoke about the project she carried out after her separation with her children’s father, Francisco Aravena

Mariana Derderian was one of the diners of “the divine food“. There he gave details of the project he carried out after his separation with his ex-partner, the journalist Francisco Aravena. “I separated from the father of my children and I felt that there was a very large world of separated people. Like that old … Read more

This is the rate set by the pimps who carried out the captivity of 19 women in Pasuruan

Pasuruan – A total of 19 women and children were held captive in a shop in Gempol, Pasuruan. They were not only held captive, they were also used as commercial sex workers (PSK) in the Tretes area. This confinement was successfully dismantled by the East Java Regional Police. Five perpetrators including two pimps were also … Read more

They shoot a Venezuelan who carried false identification in Brazil

The young man received assistance from the residents of the place, who called the Mobile Emergency Service. A 23-year-old Venezuelan, who was carrying a false ID, was murdered in the Redenção neighborhood, in the city of Manaus, Brazil. It was revealed that the victim was traveling in a Prisma model car, after which he stopped … Read more

“They break them to us”: Michel Sardou gets carried away with scooters on the set of the France 2 newspaper

Present on the set of “8:30 p.m. on Sunday”, the singer Michel Sardou spoke about today’s society. And when he starts talking about bicycles and scooters in the streets, the artist was quite vulgar and virulent on them. Having recently announced his return to the stage for 2023, the performer of the track “Connemara lakes” … Read more

Son in the national team, then Irgl returned to Třinec. Respect like that is not carried around much, he thinks

Although Zbyněk Irgl has not yet officially announced the end of his career, there is significantly less hockey in his life. However, he enjoyed two holiday events on Thursday and Friday. He first saw the debut of his son Denis in the goal of the national team, a day later he went out on the … Read more

If the operations had been carried out, we would have faced major crimes… and some of the targets were in the suburbs…Lebanon

The latest developments in Press B.. Shahid Moloy: If the operations had been carried out, we would have faced major crimes… and some of the targets were in the suburb, and now see the details. Some of what was stated in the building manchette: Interior Minister Bassam Mawlawi revealed that “the seized terrorist cells … Read more

Parepare Motorist Hit-and-Run Patrol Car Carried by Expeditionary Driver

Jakarta – Police patrol car suspected of hitting a motorcyclist in Kota Parepare, South Sulawesi (South Sulawesi), apparently belongs to the Gorontalo Regional Police. At that time the patrol car was driven by a driver, not a member of the police. “When an accident occurs, not a member of the Police but driver (the driver) … Read more

“He wants me to disappear”: Jean-Marie Bigard gets completely carried away about François Cluzet

Jean-Marie Bigard is never stingy with controversy and slippage of all kinds. Often singled out for his sometimes vulgar and unrefined humor, the comedian has again been talked about by journalist Jordan De Luxe. On the set of “Chez Jordan”, Jean-Marie Bigard was asked to comment on a response from actor François Cluzet at the … Read more