Trump attorney caught red-handed in an unfavorable pose

AFP 1/8 The new Borat film has been released. He puts Trump attorney Rudy Giuliani in a mess. Twitter 2/8 Giuliani is extremely unfavorable compared to a fictional journalist. Twitter 3/8 The two go to the hotel suite for a drink. Keystone 7/8 He calls Borat an “idiot” and the film “ridiculous”. The pictures in … Read more

Two Cordovan doctors who were married 40 years ago caught coronavirus and died a week apart: “They were born to be together and they left together”

Adriana Cheble (62) and Gustavo Salemme (67) were together for 40 years. Both doctors from Córdoba contracted coronavirus and died a week apart.Matías Salemme is 37 years old and lives in Córdoba Capital. Your cell phone has not stopped vibrating for at least eleven days. The messages he receives, he says in chat with Infobae, … Read more

What? The surprise they took with Exequiel Palacios: “It caught my attention”

If someone who knows very well Exequiel Palacios is your own representative. Gustavo Corsi He spoke about the footballer’s present and his participation in the Argentine National Team. The former player of the Millionaire was part of the call for Lionel Scaloni and also played 90 minutes in the game against Bolivia. Taking into account … Read more

Oscar Ruggeri returned to TV and told how he caught and recovered from the coronavirus: “I was careless”

Oscar Ruggeri returned to television after recovering from coronavirus which he contracted, as he himself said, by a personal oversight. And the world champion in Mexico 1986 with the National selection he was very self-critical and appealed to individual responsibility. “I’m mad at myself because I was careless. Everyone has to be responsible for their … Read more

So they ‘caught’ Lorenzo Méndez and Chiquis in a hotel

Although a few weeks ago Chiquis Rivera confirmed that she separated from her husband, Lorenzo Méndez, just a few months after getting married, today it seems that the couple is giving themselves a second chance, as they were captured in a hotel. Lorenzo Méndez and Chiquis Rivera met in a room in San Diego, California, … Read more

“Because your own sadness caught fire”: the story behind Miño, a portrait of the most unequal Chile

Eduardo Miño, 50 years old, one meter and 60 centimeters tall, thick build, father of three children and a member of the Communist Party, is standing on one of the arteries of the Plaza de la Constitución, right in front of the Palacio de La Moneda. He has been there for a few minutes, undaunted, … Read more

“Here we live, here we play”: The flag that caught the eyes in Bolivia’s match against Argentina

© Reuters In one of the stands of the stadium, he highlighted a message that refers to the historic claim of the highland team to play their matches in La Paz. Among the flags that were hung in the stadium Hernando Siles of La Paz for the match between Bolivia and Argentina, there was one … Read more

“Irina Shayk is going bald!” Caught and photographed like this

Being famous has its advantages. But sometimes it also gives serious problems. And we do not mean the professional or personal. We are talking about worrisome health problems. And if not that they ask Irina Shayk. The Russian model works non-stop. It goes from top to bottom, participating in catwalks and starring in photographic reports … Read more

World Health Organization estimates that 10% of the world’s population “may have caught” coronavirus

The World Health Organization (WHO) He reported that about 10% of the world’s population may have been infected with coronavirus with “mild to severe” symptoms. This estimate was commented on by Mike Ryan, director of health emergencies of the entity, who emphasized that the epidemiological situation changes strongly between population groups and regions. According to … Read more

Arturo Vidal’s tweet that caught the attention in Argentina: “He’s more Brazilian than anyone else” – Fútbol Internacional

© Photosport The Barcelona midfielder expressed his support for Flamengo, generating reactions on the other side of the mountain range and also among the Mengao fans. TVN 24.10.2019 Arturo vidal made it clear which team he will support in the grand finale of the Copa Libertadores 2019 after its last publication in Twitter, which … Read more