Residents from Deelen furious about possible arrival asylum seekers’ center: ‘An unfortunate idea, we foresee major problems’ | Ede

Residents are furious. But what can they do with so few people? “It feels like we are not being taken seriously”, says Evyta Hoogkamp. Together with her husband Anne, she has a cherry stall, directly opposite the entrance to the Kop van Deelen. “Now we are still being talked to and we will see if … Read more

Cancer Center Netherlands: 5000 fewer diagnoses this spring due to corona

Of the approximately 5,000 missing diagnoses from the period March-July 2020, 1,900 are breast cancer, 1,300 colon cancer, 800 cases of delayed prostate cancer diagnoses. 700 diagnoses of lung cancer and 400 other cancers including melanomas, sarcomas, acute leukemia and acute lymph node cancer. Compared to the size of the population, the number of delayed … Read more

Genk’s residential care center director addresses colleagues: “Immediately relax visiting arrangements, social well-being is affected”

Read the open letter from Jos Aben, director of Care Company Elderly Care in Genk here: Heavenly days in a residential care center? Yes, that’s possible. If you read the stories of residents who are not allowed to leave their room for days, weeks, months, that is right. If you are only allowed to visit … Read more

Riots in a refugee center in Melilla. Injured policemen and guards

Nine Spanish policemen and seven rangers were injured in the riots unleashed by African migrants on Wednesday (August 26) at the refugee center (CETI) in Melilla, an enclave of Spain in North Africa. Picture In the picture. Melilla Police Service; photo illustrative /Jesus Blasco de Avellaneda /AFP As reported in a statement by the management … Read more

Iran Accused … Families of Victims of the Jewish Center Attack in Argentina Protest “Impunity”

The families of the victims of an attack on July 18, 1994 on the building of the “Argentine Israeli Mutual Association” (AMIA) in Buenos Aires, which left 85 dead and 300 wounded, demanded, on Saturday, that justice be done for the actions that went unpunished. In a video clip posted on the Facebook communication site, … Read more

In Lille Sud, crowds sweep over the new Lillenium shopping center

It did not take more than five minutes for the 55 000 m² of new Lillenium shopping center, almost empty at 4:59 p.m., are filled with curious and vibrant crowd. It will be necessary for sociologists to examine the question to understand. In the meantime, it is the social networks that will undoubtedly be the … Read more

The National Film Center announces which films have been awarded funding this year

The aim of the 2020 film production competition is to support the production or completion of new feature films (at least 65 minutes) and full-length animated and documentary films in 2020-2021. per year. Funding for the competition is € 1,768,327, of which € 875,089 (five films) has been awarded for feature films, € 371,572 for … Read more

the leisure center will be closed on Monday following a case of Covid-19 among the animators

The town of Mios announced the news today via Facebook: “Despite all the measures put in place (temperature measurement every morning for children and animators), a youth service leader from the maternal ALSH of La Fauvette was tested positive for covid 19 last night. “ The municipality now declares to follow the protocol recommended by … Read more

Death of four soldiers in the Center.

In Mali, while the military seized central power in Bamako, the army continues to count its dead in the fight against terrorism. This Saturday, a military vehicle belonging to Garsi (Rapid Action Monitoring and Intervention Group) jumped on an improvised explosive device. Four of them lost their lives in the explosion and another is seriously … Read more

First uterus transplant in Italy: the pilot center for the intervention in Catania

The first uterus transplant in Italy was performed at the Transplant Center of the Catania Polyclinic, in collaboration with the Cannizzaro hospital. The team made up of professors Pierfrancesco and Massimiliano Veroux, Paolo Scollo and Giuseppe Scibilia, carried out the delicate operation on a 30-year-old patient who had an organ transplant. The woman, Sicilian, in … Read more