it has fast charging and 5G

Following the line of the POCO F3It must be said that this new model is well above what we have been seeing in POCO smartphones. For this reason, it is time to see each of the details for what is worth buying this phone from the Asian firm. And it is that it not only … Read more

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A lot of new technology is added to every World Cup event, and football, the core of the game, is of course no exception. This year’s World Cup soccer ball has been equipped with a lot of sensors, and it needs to be charged before the game. Recently, someone photographed the soccer ball charging. The … Read more

World Cup high-tech football needs pre-match charging scene photos finally exposed- Hong Kong

In fact, many new technologies are added to the World Cup event every year, and football itself, which is the core of the game, is of course no exception. This year’s World Cup special football has added a lot of sensors. It turns out that it needs to be charged before the game. Recently, someone … Read more

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Digital products using lithium batteries can be seen everywhere, so how to extend battery life and maintain a high level of health as much as possible? In this regard, Microsoft has given Surface users earnest advice. According to Microsoft, if it is not necessary, do not fully charge the device, but try to keep it … Read more

How to make your iPhone notify you when it has finished charging the battery | ios | guide | nnda | nnni | DEPOR-PLAY

Does it bother you to be aware of the load of your iPhone? This is one of the most tedious situations that we must go through when our mobile devices have no battery; however, it is something that needs to be done to prevent it from overloading and declining lifespan. To prevent this from happening, … Read more

“RedMagic 8 Pro Gets 165W Fast Charging Support”

Smartphones can charge faster and faster, so it is no longer necessary to leave your smartphone on the charger all night. The upcoming RedMagic 8 Pro is rumored to be one of the smartphones that can charge an empty battery at lightning speed. The smartphone would receive support for 165W fast charging. This is evidenced … Read more

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Xiaomi’s true wireless charging function is open: it is expected to reproduce Tesla’s air-to-air technology-

Text: Tony About 200 years ago, the scientist Nikola Tesla published a Tesla Coil Tesla coil, using “resonant electromagnetic induction” technology, using a receiving coil to connect a light bulb, and the light bulb lights up under the action of the induced current. It has become the ancestor of air-to-air technology, but it has not … Read more

‘RedMagic 8 Pro supports 165W fast charging, 5G and Bluetooth 5.2’ – Tablets and phones – News

Just to nuance something: When you charge your phone, there are roughly 4 places where dissipation occurs and therefore heat will be developed: 1) Least relevant, the power adapter. In this case an extremely heavy specimen. At 165W with 95% efficiency, more than 8 Watt is converted into heat in the adapter, but your battery … Read more