Xiaomi Mi 10 Ultra, we tested the first mobile with 120W charging

Although the Xiaomi Mi 10 Ultra will not be sold in Spain, our team of ninja reporters has ‘sneaked’ into the Xiaomi Spain headquarters to be able to have a first contact with the mobile that promises a 120W recharge. While almost all brands fight to offer fast recharge of their terminals in a range … Read more

Fully charge a smartphone wirelessly in 19 minutes! Xiaomi introduced wireless charging at 80W

One of “Battlefields” lately, as far as smartphone makers go fast charge. And the next step in this phase is done now Xiaomi, who announced that his news -no cables in fact- charging solution in 80W outperforms any competitor. The method used by the manufacturer and the designation. “Technology wireless charging 80W Mi ” can … Read more

The ultimate charging dock for iPhone and Apple Watch now on sale

The future of charging is wireless and Apple is betting very hard on this type of technology. And the best part is that you don’t need to spend a lot of money to have a complete charging base. Wireless charging dock compatible with iPhone and Apple Watch Amazon have on temporary offer a wireless charging … Read more

Sonitrón »Xiaomi presents 80W wireless charging technology

Xiaomi introduces 80W wireless charging technology October 22, 2020 If in July we were talking about the war to launch the charging technology fastest on the market, now Xiaomi embarks on another adventure. A contest to achieve the greatest power in a way wireless. The Chinese brand has presented a technology capable of transferring energy … Read more

Xiaomi presents its wireless charging that charges a cell phone in 19 minutes

Xiaomi has one of the fastest wired charges on the market with Super Charge Turbo. But now it also goes for the crown of the World’s fastest wireless fast charging yet. Before Xiaomi already had a fast wireless charging of 30W that managed to charge a battery of the same capacity to 100% in 69 … Read more

Xiaomi launches wireless charging, 100% in just 19 minutes. –

Xiaomi unveiled its new wireless charging called Mi Wireless Charging that allows devices to be charged to 100%, in just 19 minutes. This is quite fast and ranks as one of the best accessories that support quality and performance. Xiaomi is one of the best global mobile brands, who are positioning new technological implements focusing … Read more

Apple patents a vehicle charging system to simulate MagSafe

The United States Patent and Trademark Office files a petition for Apple named Charging station with passive alignment mechanism. This system would allow an electric vehicle to be recharged by placing the charging port near the power source. Charging would start automatically no need to manipulate the feeding device. To achieve this goal, Apple uses … Read more

They accuse Visa and Mastercard of profiting from the pandemic by charging “excessive fees”

Key facts: Consumers now have to pay $ 50 more a year for credit card transactions. The pandemic has limited the use of cash, making the picture even more complex. Visa and Mastercard credit card bills have risen an additional $ 50 a year by 2020, according to UK merchants. An increase that has caused … Read more

iPhone accessories: Apple: iPhone 11 won’t come with a charging adapter either | Click | Technology at Caracol Radio

Apple recently presented all the details of a new generation of mobile devices. Among the announcements, the company argued that as part of its commitment to the environment, now their devices would not include some of the traditional accessories. This ad, left several users with a tasteless, because If you want to purchase a charging … Read more

IPhones will start dispensing with charging ports in 2021, according to Gurman

Yesterday Mark Gurman revealed at the applelianos podcast that, according to your information, The iPhone Pro will begin to say goodbye to the charging ports from 2021. A year later, in 2022, all the iPhones that go on the market will come without said port.

The rumor comes with force after years and years of rumors that Apple would be the first company to say goodbye to all the ports on the devices. Remember here that, precisely in the Apple Keynote for iPhone 12, more prominence is expected from wireless charging, a necessary requirement so that the transition to the iPhone without ports is not so dramatic for the general public.

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