The best chess player of all time endorses Bitcoin

Garry Kasparov, the Russian chess master who took on IBM’s “Deep Blue” supercomputer, says that Bitcoin, cryptocurrency and blockchain technologies are the solution to the demand for privacy in the financial markets. In a interview on July 23 with the collaborator of Forbes, Roger Huang, Kasparov said he saw many advantages for cryptocurrencies. According to […]

Chess genius Garry Kasparov: “We should use the crisis” – sports mix

Garry Kasparov (57) is probably the best chess player ever. But he’s not only a smart head on the board. Bild am SONNTAG: Mr. Kasparov, you are currently a non-playing European captain at the Online Nations Cup, a kind of Ryder Cup of chess. Today is the final. What excites you about it? Garry Kasparov […]

World champion Carlsen wins own online chess tournament NOW

Magnus Carlsen won the online chess tournament on Sunday that he set up and bears his name. The world champion was too strong for Hikaru Nakamura in the final of the Magnus Carlsen Invitational. After an exciting 2.5: 1.5 meeting, 29-year-old Carlsen was the worst against the three-year-old American, who occupies eighteenth place in the […]

Chess player Giri surprises rival Carlsen at Magnus Carlsen Invitational | NOW

Anish Giri delivered a surprise at the online chess tournament Magnus Carlsen Invitational on Sunday by beating namesake and world champion Magnus Carlsen. Giri, 25, won 2.5-1.5 in the fifth round of the elite tournament against his four-year older rival Carlsen. The Dutchman won the second of the four rapid games, while the other three […]