The Evil of 7 Bullying Boys in Class 2 Elementary Schools to Coma in Malang, Victims of Extortion Every Day

TRIBUNJABAR.ID, MALANG – Cases of bullying or bullying happened again. This time it hit a person 2nd grade student until come. Case bullying This occurred in Kepanjen District, Malang Regency. The poor boy who just entered the 2nd grade of elementary school, MFW (7), is a victim bullying seven people. Apparently, the seven people were … Read more

Minister Valditara: “Stop using cell phones in class during lessons”

The Minister of Education and Merit Joseph Vallettara wants to ban cell phones in class during lessons. “Get cell phones out of class during class hours,” he said when interviewed by Monica Setta for the Rai program “The comparison“, which will air on Saturday. The proposal, explained the minister, goes in the direction of guaranteeing … Read more

Technology and digitization – Too expensive and too difficult: Fears of class division

Follow on Facebook and Instagramand receive newsletters by register here. We are in one of the year’s many sales periods and the experts have predicted well-discounted prices for small electronics that are constantly being replaced. But despite discounts, equipment such as newer mobile phones, tablets and other new technology will still be a big … Read more

Meloni’s maneuver: “Courageous and with political choices to help the middle class, not the rich”

The first maneuver of his government was “courageous” for Giorgia Meloni, such as “defining a family budget: when there is a lack of resources, you don’t sit there worrying about what is useful for consensus but about making the family grow to the fullest”. In the 35 billion euro measures, those concentrated against high energy … Read more

The first maneuver by Meloni. “She’s brave. You help the middle class and retirees”

«We have not thought about consensus, but about making political and useful choices. It is a courageous maneuver that tells a vision». Giorgia Meloni, on the day of the presentation of her first budget maneuver, appears in the press room together with the deputy prime minister Matteo Salvini, the minister of the economy Giancarlo Giorgetti, … Read more

Heung-Min Son, also ‘World Class’ –

FIFA posts caricatures of captains on social media Son, Harry Kane, Pulisic, etc. Sit on the couch side by side and savor the game Tottenham Hotspur teammates Son Heung-min and Harry Kane (England) sit side by side and enjoy the ‘game’. The International Football Federation (FIFA) posted a caricature depicting the captains participating in the … Read more

Reluctant to give up the top 2 top students in the class to transfer to another school… The female teacher cried bitterly in the office “sader than divorce” The net reveals the dark truth: Acting | International | CTWANT

In the process of studying, the teacher and the students get along with each other for a long time, and there will always be feelings, and it is inevitable that they will be reluctant to separate. There is a female teacher in Hubei, China. In the past, because the top 2 students in her class … Read more

Apple faces a class action lawsuit from iPhone users: The reasons are closely related to everyone-

Text: Tony Recently, it has been reported that Apple will soon add more advertising areas on the iPhone and iPad in order to increase revenue sources. In order to more accurately place advertisements to the target audience, Apple has always analyzed the user’s usage habits, and users can also stop sharing the data of the … Read more

“Ann Chakrabongse” fired employees under criticism behind the job not worthy of world class.

There is drama coming out to clear. Not except every day for “Ann Chakrapong” Chief Executive Officer and Managing Director of JKN Global Media Public Company Limited or JKN, the first Thai person to own the latest Miss Universe. JKN Global Group presents Miss Universe Extravaganza, shining the universe ready to include all the beauty … Read more

Brio’s twin, Honda Amaze, sold for 100 million in the SUV class, has complete and sophisticated features

SEMARANG, AYOSEMARANG.COM — In the segment SUV arrival mobil latest ie Honda Amaze which is similar Honda Brio. Honda Amaze present as mobil latest Twins Honda Brio which is designed elegantly and more charming. Besides that, Honda Amaze it looks like Honda Brio with a touch of luxury like sedan on fire Read Also: All … Read more