Doom in Minecraft: developer created a version of the classic shooter | Mexico | Spain | SPORT-PLAY

Nothing is impossible with some patience and a lot of dedication. Doom is a classic that, since its release in 1993, has captured the attention of fans of first-person shooters. The interesting thing is that this hobby is more alive than ever and today we discovered that a developer was able to recreate Doom in … Read more

The classic dilemma: where to invest – in stocks or real estate – AINA

Greta Šiaučiulytė, Head of Investment Products at Swedbank. According to surveys commissioned by Swedbank, the purchase of real estate is considered by the population to be the most acceptable investment tool for them, but the number of investors in shares has also been growing significantly recently. Therefore, many people who have accumulated funds and decided … Read more

classic design on the outside and technological on the inside

collecting the best restomods we came across this 1969 Dodge Charger. Check it out. Technological advances, in addition to allowing the creation of new and impressive vehicles, serve to prolong the life of classic cars adapting modern elements and giving a new shine to your design. East Dodge Charger restomod It’s a good example. The … Read more

Greta Šiaučiulytė. The classic dilemma: where to invest – in stocks or real estate

Professional investors who have received such a question first of all point out that the decision to start investing is a personal choice for everyone and depends on the financial capabilities of the population, risk tolerance, goals and chosen investment strategy. Moreover, in addition to shares and real estate, there are other asset classes, such … Read more

Dakar Classic Rally at the finish: Czechs can celebrate!

All fifteen Czechs in the starting field of the veteran Dakar Classic Rally successfully reached the finish line. The most successful were Ondřej Klymčiw and Tomáš Böhm, who finished in the fourteenth place with the Škoda 130 LR. While there were 21 cars and 3 trucks at the start of the first year of the … Read more

Corona skeptic Michael Verstraeten launches his own news channel, with Joyce De Troch as presenter: “Like the classic channels, but without the strategic coloring”

“Do you still watch the news on VRT, or on VTM?”, asks presenter Joyce De Troch on the VersoTV website. “Well, we have an alternative for you. An online news channel where you get news twice a week. Domestic and foreign news, such as on the classic channels. But without the strategic coloring. We are … Read more

Unveiled “Leica M 11” to please fans of the legendary classic camera.

It’s time for the legendary classic camera lovers. “Leica” (Leica) Complete your photography experienceWith the latest digital technology of Leica in the Leica M family when Leica Camera Thailand (Leica Camera Thailand) by Danai Sorakraikitikul Launch of the new Leica camera “Leica M11” (Leica M11) With the development of all new functions from the popular … Read more

Neo Geo Pocket Color Classic SNK VS. CAPCOM: CARD FIGHTERS’ CLASH Is Now Available on Nintendo Switch! | #games | Anime, Manga and Video Game News

How about the whole MultiAnime gang! On this occasion, we share all the details about the availability of SNK VS. CAPCOM: CARD FIGHTERS’ CLASH in Nintendo Switch. Tokyo Japan. January 13, 2022 – SNK CORPORATION is proud to announce that SNK VS. CAPCOM: CARD FIGHTERS’ CLASH is now available for download on Nintendo Switch! (trailer … Read more

Expert advice on how to prepare delicious schnitzel and a classic recipe Food

“Schnitzel is prepared quite easily, it is suitable for various types of meat. Austrian and Italian schnitzel, for example, are mostly made from veal. The Germans usually bake it from pork. However, more types of meat are suitable for making fragrant schnitzel, for example, if you like, you can also make this dish using chicken … Read more

Connected watch: The HUAWEI Watch GT3 Classic at a very low price on the official website

From Wednesday January 12 to Tuesday February 8, it’s the sales at HUAWEI, and it’s therefore the time to treat yourself, as with the HUAWEI Watch GT3 Classic 42 mm watch, currently on sale. This connected watch offers you a 1.32-inch AMOLED touch screen, for a clear display of important information, and for easy navigation … Read more