Chinese giant Evergrande on the verge of bankruptcy; is there cause for concern globally?

The real estate developer, the Chinese company Evergrande, is currently facing bankruptcy, and due to its impressive size, financial analysts have often compared it to the American investment bank Lehman Brothers, whose collapse triggered the previous global financial crisis more than a decade ago. TV3 News explains whether there are grounds for concern about similar … Read more

European concern over FIFA proposals about the World Cup

The European Club Association on Friday called on the International Football Association (FIFA) to “agree” on the reforms intended to be introduced to the international calendar, reminding FIFA of its commitments, while expressing its regret for the “lack of real consultation” on the plan to hold the World Cup every two years instead of every … Read more

Concern for Evergrande grows: it did not pay a maturity, it fell on the stock market and the Chinese regime remains silent

A police car sits outside the Evergrande Center of China Evergrande Group in Shanghai, China, September 24, 2021. REUTERS/Aly Song Uncertainty continues about the financial problems of Chinese real estate giant Evergrande, which entered this Friday into a 30-day extension to meet the payment of interest on a package of ‘offshore’ bonds whose term expired … Read more

Krupa has to pay 700 million for blackmailing Bakala. It doesn’t concern me, he defends himself

The verdict of a federal court in South Carolina requires financier Pavel Krúp to pay exactly $ 32,406,146 (CZK 701.5 million) for a five-year extortion campaign against Zdeněk Bakal. Bakal’s BMM company reports on the verdict of September 20 in a press release. The court, which Bakala turned to in the USA, dealt with pressure … Read more

Delta variant concern for children

With the opening of schools and pre-school education units, an increase has been observed in the number of children with fever, complaints such as fatigue and sore throat for the last week. According to the news of MERT INAN from Milliyet: Diyarbakır Pediatrics Hospital Chief Physician, who told Milliyet about the situation in Diyarbakır, where … Read more

The World Bank scandal over manipulating China’s ratings is raising concerns among economists

Economists and investment funds are concerned about the revelation that the World Bank’s (WB) leadership has put “disproportionate pressure” on employees to improve China’s rating in the bank’s influential Doing Business 2018 report and its subsequent withdrawal. The cancellation of a report that rated countries on how easy it is to do business could make … Read more

Top general accused of “betrayal” – defends concern talks with China

On Tuesday, it was announced that the United States’ leading general. Mark Milley, on two occasions, contacted his Chinese colleague to reassure the Chinese. The phone calls took place just before the presidential election last year, and right after the storming of Congress in January. On Wednesday, Milley defends the talks, and says he wanted … Read more

Sharp shooting, hundreds of thousands of soldiers. A giant military exercise in Russia is a cause for concern

The Russian and Belarusian armies are in the midst of probably the largest military exercise in 40 years. Exercise West 2021 worries the North Atlantic Alliance. Western states could not send observers to the site, so it is not clear how many soldiers and what technique is involved in the exercise. A total of 200 … Read more

Concern in hospitals about the impacts of the fourth wave

Cases are on the rise as are the number of patients in intensive care, and 13% of Quebecers are still unvaccinated. Dr François Marquis is worried about the impact of the fourth wave of COVID-19 on the hospital environment. • Read also: “Very long” response times from Public Health • Read also: Outbreaks multiply in … Read more

EU Medicines Agency: The coronavirus miu variant may be of concern

The World Health Organization (WHO) miu strain, first discovered in January in Colombia and called B.1.621 by scientists, was classified as a “strain of interest” earlier this month. Although the EVA focuses on the highly contagious delta strain, it is “investigating other potentially spreading strains, such as the lambda variant (detected in Peru) and the … Read more