Environmentalists try to block the connection again, the blitz fails

They tried again, but this time they were stopped before they could open their banners and sit on the carriageway of the great ring road with the declared intent to block traffic, to create discomfort, to make noise to give voice to their protest. Failed the blitz of the environmentalists of Last generation. At the … Read more

The price of Lilibet’s birthday cake and the connection with the wedding of the Dukes of Sussex revealed | Names

Lilibet Diana, who was born in the United States on her first birthday, met in the United Kingdom, where she and her parents attended the platinum anniversary celebrations of the reign of Queen Elizabeth II. Meghan Markle and Prince Harry, who live in the United States, brought both their children, Lilibet and her 3-year-old brother … Read more

The fastest 5G connection in the Czech Republic will offer downloads of up to 5 Gb / s

5G will change everything – and it will be a much more dramatic change than the ones we associate with the advent of wireless technology. The 5G standard will not only be used to connect computers and mobile phones to the Internet. It will also be used by smart devices, which are gradually settling in … Read more

Manjari is like a daughter to me, their favorite teacher; Muthukadu sharing heart connection

Yesterday was the wedding of Manjari, the favorite singer of Malayalees. The groom is his childhood friend Jerin. After marriage, the two went to the Magic Planet in Thiruvananthapuram. Singing and dancing with the differently abled children here made the journey to a new life unforgettable. Children with disabilities still find it very difficult to … Read more

Schizophrenia and autoantibodies: is there a connection?

Some cases of schizophrenia could be caused by autoantibodies that prevent the correct functioning of a molecule involved in the communication of neurons: this is what emerges from one research published on Cell and conducted by a team of researchers from Tokyo Medical and Dental University (TMDU). “The results are impressive,” says Hidehiko Takahashi, one … Read more

Nordmann arrested in Spain on suspicion of terrorist connection – NRK Urix – Foreign news and documentaries

The case is being updated. The man, who is in his 40s, is according to the Spanish police service Guardia Civil, suspected of having spread propaganda associated with the Islamic State (IS). The case was first reported by SpaniaAvisen. Must have spread jihadist content According to a press release from the Spanish police, the man … Read more

Prince William mourns his lost connection with his brother

It has been argued that the closeness that Prince William once reconciled with his younger brother, Prince Harry, can never be regained. The relationship between the two brothers has now reached its lowest point and there is no way to go back, we just have to move on. Princess Diana with her sons +50 Watch … Read more

General Choi Ye-na’s life or death, hose connection to the neck… Choi Seong-min in the first year of living together, the reason for the fondness Family record mate

Photo = MBC ‘family register mate’ broadcast screen. Actor Choi Seong-min expressed his affection for his younger sister, singer Choi Ye-na. The daily life of the siblings Choi Seong-min and Choi Ye-na was revealed in the MBC entertainment program ‘Household Mate’, which was broadcast on the 21st. Choi Seong-min, a former idol, is currently working … Read more