Sports car construction: Lamborghini design and Italian culinary art: what connection?

Cooking and Lamborghinis have more in common than meets the eye. Lamborghini PublishedJanuary 31, 2023, 2:00 p.m. sports car construction: Lamborghini design and Italian culinary art: what relationship? As part of the “Chasing Taste”, Lamborghini recently demonstrated in Zurich what sports car construction has in common with Italian culinary art. Chief designer Mitja Borkert offered … Read more

PiVPN: How to secure your home connection via VPN for free

Do you need to securely connect to the Internet in different environments? If you have a public IP address, you may want to use your own VPN. There is a relatively simple way to create it using a Raspberry PI minicomputer and VPN Wireguard. It also works on Ubuntu and Debian distributions. The instructions can … Read more

How do you do it.. How to prevent certain applications from using your data…

History 1/22/2023 4:22:37 AM (MENAFN– Youm7) Unlike Wi-Fi, cellular data is more expensive and frequently capped, even on so-called ‘unlimited’ data plans where throttling occurs after a pre-determined consumption limit, and iPhone and iPad apps differ in the amount of internet data they consume. These apps usually stream video, while messaging apps that you use … Read more

Using WhatsApp without an internet connection is possible: find out how

WhatsApp can now be used even “offline” Initially, these applications designed for cell phonesalthough with time and after their success they had to extend equally at computers. Obviously, the use of this type of tool is linked to a Internet connectionalthough sometimes now too we can even use it if we lack the same. This … Read more

Big problem: Distributors don’t want to connect photocell…

One of the biggest problems with today’s great interest in photovoltaic power plants is the unpreparedness of the distribution network. It can happen that your PV plans can be completely undermined by an energy distributor who refuses to connect your solar plant to the grid. We knew in the past that this had to come. … Read more

Indigenous people prevented the start of works on a new variant that will recover connection with the Pan-American Highway

From Medellín, the Minister of Transportation, Guillermo Reyes, denounced that indigenous communities are preventing yellow machinery from entering the area of ​​Rosas, Cauca to begin work on the bypass that will allow the connection to the Panamerican Highway . And it is that The only solution to reconnect this important highway, which was divided into … Read more

Ahmed Al-Ibrahim to Al-Ittihad: One billion dollars to expand the electrical connection with the Emirates, Kuwait and Oman

Hussam Abdel Nabi (Abu Dhabi) Ahmed bin Ali Al-Ibrahim, CEO of the Gulf Electricity Interconnection Authority, revealed that the authority has invested more than a billion dollars to implement 3 major projects, which are the expansion of the connection with the UAE and the State of Qatar, and the direct connection with the Sultanate of … Read more

Many third-party Twitter clients are experiencing connection issues with APIs – IT Pro – News

Several Twitter app developers are reporting problems logging into the application. The social network’s API appears to be causing problems for popular third-party clients such as Tweetbot, among others. Several third-party clients write on their social media channels that they are experiencing problems connecting to Twitter. Twitterific reports that the app cannot connect to Twitter … Read more

Tattoos and cancer – researchers investigate the connection –

There have long been concerns that there would be a link between tattoos and cancer. The Swedish Medicines Agency has, over the years, repeatedly found prohibited substances and high levels of impurities in tattoo inks in its spot checks. Tattoo ink triggers the immune system It has also been shown that tattoo inks can spread … Read more