Tokyo 2020, Dell’Aquila and the surprise connection with the parents after the gold: “Hello beddi, finally ni sintimu” – The video

The images of the victory, the podium, the gold medal around his neck. From Casa Italia, Vito Dell’Aquila, retraced the moments that they have led him to conquer the first blue gold of this one Olympic. The Apulian athlete reminded the microphones of his grandfather, who passed away in early 2021. «In the end – … Read more

An alarm has been issued in connection with electric cars, which could be a serious problem in a few years

The world market for electric cars is facing a serious challenge. According to an analysis by Bank of America, there may be a shortage of batteries used in vehicles by 2025. The growing popularity of electric cars worldwide poses a serious challenge to the industry. According to a recent analysis by Bank of America, even … Read more

Man wanted by Interpol detained in Loures in connection with terrorist activities – Portugal

A 26-year-old man wanted by Interpol was arrested this Wednesday by the Foreigners and Borders Service (SEF) in Loures for evidence of involvement in terrorist activities in organizations in Pakistan and India. The man of foreign nationality and in possession of a forged passport was detained in public. At issue is the suspicion of being … Read more

Dying can wait: connection with Casino Royale confirmed

Barbara Broccoli, at the head of the franchise since “Goldeneye” in 1995, confirmed it: “Dying can wait” will conclude the narrative arc opened by the intrigue of “Casino Royale”. 15 years after the release of the first film with Daniel Craig, it is now certain that Vesper Lynd will have his role to play, whatever … Read more

Statistics of mobile and fixed connection speeds in the Czech Republic

Author: Depositphotos Ookla, a company that runs a well-known service, she published mobile connection statistics in the Czech Republic for the second quarter of this year. The best provider according to its own parameter Speed Score is T-Mobile, the second Vodafone and the third O2. O2 has the highest speed for fifth-generation networks, followed … Read more

The strike stopped hundreds of flights to and from Lisbon. This also applies to the connection with Prague

Around two hundred flights were canceled today due to a strike by Groundforce check-in staff at Lisbon Airport. The protest will last until Sunday evening, the number of canceled flights will probably increase. Reuters reported, referring to ANA, which operates Portuguese airports. The strike will also affect the connection with Prague. A spokesman for the … Read more

For the first time in history, Prague has a connection to the second Warsaw Modlin Airport

For Ryanair, this is currently the thirtieth flight that flies from Prague. Ryanair is a new carrier between Prague and Warsaw. Today, it opened a connection between Ruzyně and Modlin Airport, to which there is no connection from the Czech Republic yet. The opening of new routes will continue in the next few days: for … Read more

Open Fiber: an ultra-fast connection for the school of the future

The pandemic and the consequent reorganization of teaching have represented, in the last year, an unexpected and complex challenge for schools. In a diversified framework such as the Italian one as regards access to the fast network, with distance learning the fundamental importance of an infrastructure that guarantees a fast, safe and efficient connection has … Read more

Avast and Norton? Thanks to blackmailers, the connection of two IT elders makes sense

How do computer viruses spread? Sprouting. You sprinkle a floppy disk and you have a virus there. If you remember this joke, you will certainly remember the beginnings of the Czech company Avast and the American company Norton. In the 1990s, antivirus was an indispensable tool, without which it would not be advisable to insert … Read more

Mitsubishi has paid a fine of 25 million euros in connection with the “diesel gate” :: Dienas Bizness

Japanese automotive company Mitsubishi Motors Corp. confirmed on Monday that it had paid a fine of 25 million euros this year imposed on it by the German prosecutor’s office in connection with the so-called diesel gate scandal. Last year, the German authorities searched ten sites in connection with the alleged falsification of harmful emissions from … Read more