“Yellow Face” .. New details in the “Ain Shams corpse” incident

05:51 PM Wednesday 21 July 2021 Books – Tariq Samir: Security forces are still stepping up their efforts; To reveal the details of finding an unidentified body in the Ain Shams area. The prosecution ordered an autopsy; To clarify the cause of death, while the security men from the departments: “Al-Marj, Al-Salam, and Ain Shams” … Read more

FACT CHECK: Funeral Video Hoax with Empty Coffin Condition

Merdeka.com – A video recording a number of people wearing hazmats allegedly preparing for the funeral procession has been circulating on social media. The video uploader suspects that the coffin recorded in the video does not contain a corpse or is empty. special “On June 14th, Ugandans noticed something suspicious about the KOV!D funeral. They … Read more

A corpse was found on the steps of the Dzhumaya Mosque in Plovdiv – Incidents – Bulgaria – NOVA News

It is suggested that it is a murder A man’s body was found on the steps of the Dzhumaya mosque in Plovdiv, the Ministry of Interior confirmed to NOVA. It is believed to be a murder. The signal was given on 112 late Wednesday night. An investigating police officer arrived at the scene immediately. So … Read more

Hundreds of bodies of COVID-19 victims reappear on the banks of the Ganges River

loading… NEW DELHI – Hundreds of bodies of victims of the COVID-19 pandemic have reappeared on the banks Ganges River in Uttar Pradesh, India, in the last three weeks. Hundreds of bodies had actually been buried near the river, but were washed away by seasonal flooding. The deplorable view from the banks of this Hindu … Read more

Oh Yoon-hee’s last appearance causing goosebumps to viewers of ‘Penha 3’ after being found as a ‘corpse’ in a fountain

SBS ‘Penthouse 3’ [인사이트] Reporter Park Hyo-ryeong = ‘Penthouse 3’ Eugene was found dead in the fountain at Herapelis, shocking viewers. In the SBS ‘Penthouse 3’ broadcast on the 25th, Oh Yoon-hee (Yoo-jin) struggled to find out the identity of one of the twins Shim Soo-ryun (Lee Ji-ah) gave birth to. On this day, Oh … Read more

Penthouse 3 was Han Ji-hyun, Ji-ah’s biological daughter… Eugene Fountain corpse found synthetically

Han Ji-hyun and Lee Ji-ah were twin daughters.Uhm Ki-joon, the secret of birth, pushed to the cliffPark Ho-san, Eugene’s body found in fountain Photo = SBS ‘Penthouse 3’ broadcast screen. It has been revealed that Han Ji-hyun is the daughter of Lee Ji-ah. Eom Ki-joon, who realized the secret of his birth, pushed Eugene off … Read more

“He died while embracing her corpse”… Shocking details in the death of a young man and his mother-in-law excavating

12:28 AM Monday, June 21, 2021 Books – Muhammad Shaaban: Investigations by the Criminal Investigation Department of the Giza Security Directorate, headed by Major General Mohamed Abdel Tawab, revealed new circumstances in the death of a young man and his mother-in-law while they were excavating antiquities inside a house in the pyramid. It turned out … Read more

Belgium: confirmation, corpse is right-wing extremist soldier – Ultima Ora

(ANSA) – BRUSSELS, JUN 20 – The Belgian authorities have confirmed that the body found in a forest in northern Flanders, based on the surveys carried out, belongs to Jurgen Conings, the 46 / year-old right-wing extremist soldier who in May lost its traces, causing fear of wanting to carry out terrorist attacks. The Ministry … Read more

Corpse in the roof rack – Elza Gauja starts working on the black comedy “Mom is still smiling”

The actresses will be involved in this film more thoroughly than usual – in addition to the experienced screenwriter Rasa Bugavičute-Pēce, all three actresses are also entrusted to participate in the creation of the film’s script. “The story of the film can be told in the form of an anecdote. The three sisters cross the … Read more

Corpse floating in Valparaíso corresponds to disappeared in Quintero

The corpse that some Boatmen found the afternoon of this Thursday 17 in the bay of Valparaíso It corresponds to a 42-year-old man who got lost in the neighboring Quintero area. A boat for the transfer of personnel between the Sociber Floating Dock and the Prat dock found the body. After the discovery, Navy personnel … Read more