Was Menna Shalaby referred to the Criminal Court in Egypt?.. The prosecution responds

issue returned Egyptian artist, Menna Shalaby To the fore again, news circulated that the actress had been transferred to the Criminal Court for trial in Egypt, against the background of her arrest at Cairo Airport coming from New York in possession of “narcotic” substances. In this regard, the Public Prosecution Office in Egypt issued, today, … Read more

The European Commission proposes to introduce criminal liability for sanctions evasion / Article

Practically, this means that the circumvention of European sanctions will become a criminal offense that is equally recognized throughout the European Union. This proposal still needs to be approved by the European Parliament, as well as representatives of the EU member states. Violation of sanctions is already a criminal offense in some EU member states, … Read more

Cicpc arrested “El Cerrajero” who was cooperating with a criminal gang in Bejuma

Photo: Cicpc The Scientific, Criminal and Criminal Investigation Corps (Cicpc) arrested “El Cerrajero”, a collaborator of a criminal gang that operated in Bejuma and was dedicated to robbing homes. The national director of the Cicpc, general commissioner Douglas Rico, reported that they captured José Martí in Valencia in the citadel Geiber Alexander Ascanio Nieto, 45 … Read more

14 criminal proceedings have been initiated for driving under the influence of at least 1.5 ppm, cars were confiscated in half of the cases / Article

Yesterday, 18:48 Authors: David Freudenfeld (Journalist) Two drivers in Latgale were stopped already on the first night since the criminal responsibility for driving under the influence came into force. By Tuesday morning, a total of 14 drivers were stopped with a blood alcohol concentration of more than 1.5 per thousand. Most of them were in … Read more

The rapper who insulted the monument of the Union: I was not looking for a scandal! – Criminal

November 29, 2022 08:04 2989 15 Cash guarantee of BGN 2,000 each and temporary confiscation of the books. This will be the punishment for the two drivers who climbed with their jeeps on the monument of the Unification in the center of Plovdiv. The prosecutor’s office initiated pre-trial proceedings against the two young men, who … Read more

VDD initiates criminal proceedings against “Baltic anti-fascists” for providing assistance to Russia in actions directed against Latvia – BNN

On November 28 of this year, the State Security Service (VDD) has started a criminal trial in connection with anti-state activities in the communication app Telegram in established channels, which have expanded into «Baltic anti-fascists» self-identifying persons, the service reports. These Telegram channels collect information about Latvian officials and other public figures whose activities are … Read more

After a secret investigation, the dark secrets of an elite ex-policeman were revealed: wealth was also loaded through criminal means

It is likely that J. Šiuipys was not an ordinary policeman, one witness mentioned that he served in the elite “Aro” forces. The defendant himself in the courtroom, while explaining the origin of the property, mentioned that he also receives an official pension of 175 euros in addition to other income. Last July, a colleague … Read more

Malmö district court chief on criminal charges against judges: “Purely frivolous”

The trial about bribery in connection with Region Skåne’s procurement of the digital care tool Vårdexpressen has already had to be re-done once in the Malmö district court. A week before the scheduled trial in the Court of Appeal, new accusations of fraud came against the district court. This time, the main accused, former CEO … Read more

Killed like a criminal because she said no

The murder of Alice Neri in Modena The mother and brother of Alice Neri, the 32-year-old found charred to death in a car in the Modena area, on Afternoon 5: “Killed for a refusal, she cannot have committed suicide”. Alice Blacks (Facebook photo). Turn on notifications to receive updates on The murder of Alice Neri … Read more

The Identity of the Serial Rapist of 31 Women Finally Revealed After 40 Years of Being a Mystery Page all

SYDNEY, KOMPAS.com – Australian police have identified one person serial rapist who terrorized Sydney for three decades, nearly 40 years after its first attack, Keith Simms is reported to have targeted 31 women between 1985 and 2001. The modus operandi was to enter the victim’s house or attack them while jogging, said the police. Read … Read more