Barcelona opens a criminal file in De Jong’s contract and accuses the previous administration!!

Barcelona has informed Dutch player Frenkie de Jong that he wants to cancel his current contract and return to the conditions it was in before, claiming that the conditions granted to him by the former board of directors of the club, headed by Josep Maria Bartomeu, contain some violations. The Catalan club wants to take … Read more

The Ajax player was accused of having ties to the ‘Mukro Mafia’ criminal organization.

The situation between Mehmet Itarin and his Dutch club Ajax Amsterdam has become delicate, after various media outlets linked the 20-year-old midfielder to the “Mukro Mafia” criminal organization, a group in which 17 members are currently on trial. The Dutch soccer player, loaned to Italian club Juventus, posted a message on social networks to defend … Read more

Joe Biden is “a war criminal”, according to Roger Waters

Roger Waters, founder of Pink Floyd, has never tied his tongue. He hasn’t done it with the songs or with the interviews he has given throughout his career. Once again, the musician has confirmed his interest in keeping international situations that make him uncomfortable on the loudspeaker. Waters is currently in the United States, as … Read more

The Home of the Criminal Investigation Department, Komjen Agus, was shot by a mysterious person related to Ferdy Sambo, check the facts

TRIBUNJATENG.COM – News circulated about the official residence of the Head of the Criminal Investigation Agency or Police Criminal Investigation Unit Commissioner General Agus Andrianto shotI’m a mysterious person. The official residence of the Head of the Criminal Investigation Agency or Police Criminal Investigation Unit It was reported that Komjen Agus Andrianto shoti is related … Read more

Pink Floyd frontman gives reasons why he calls Joe Biden a war criminal

TRIBUNNEWS.COM, ATLANTA – Rock legend and band leader Pink Floyd, Roger Watersexplaining why he labeled US President Joe Biden a war criminal. The label is pinned Roger Waters in giant layers during his single “This Is Not A Drill” concert in America this week. Apart from Biden, Waters also criticized President Trump. Waters appeared in … Read more

Roger Waters considered Joe Biden a “war criminal” and starred in a heated argument with a CNN presenter

The famous founder of Pink Floyd, Roger Waters is currently in the United States, as part of his tour This Is Not A Drill. There, he gave an interview to CNN this Saturday morning, to talk about his music and his vision of world reality, and He ended up getting into a heated argument with … Read more

Restructuring of the Main Criminal Police Department of the State Police was carried out

State police (VP) the restructuring of the Main Criminal Police Department was carried out this summer, informed the VP. Content will continue after the ad Advertising In accordance with the recommendations of the Structural Reforms Support Program project of the European Commission, in order to increase the capacity of the Main Criminal Police Department, changes … Read more

Study: Some Places on the Moon Have Stable Temperatures To Support Human Life

Apparently there are holes and caves on the Moon with temperatures around 17 degrees Celsius (63 F), allowing human survival. The surface temperature of the moon can reach 126 degrees C (260 F) during the day. At night, temperatures can drop to as low as 137 degrees C (280 F) below zero. Now, scientists from … Read more

Two climbers from Latvia have lost their lives in the Alps – Criminal News – News – TVNET

The deceased – Vita Skuja and Jānis Dreimanis – were rogaining or orienteering sports enthusiasts and went to the Alps to conquer the peak of Mont Blanc. More information about the circumstances of the incident is not yet available. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MFA) provides support to relatives of climbers who died in the … Read more