“Not acceptable – boiling inside” | Cross country skis

This is the second season that Viaplay broadcasts the World Cup in cross-country skiing. Since the takeover from SVT, viewers have been guided through the races by Per Forsberg and Anna-Karin Strömstedt. The duo has been on site at basically all competitions this winter – and several times encountered problems in broadcasting. These problems have … Read more

At this price the All New Toyota Rush 2023 fits the pocket, which is cheap with the Honda BRV and Xpander Cross

KABARFAJAR.COM–All New Toyota Rush 2023 immediately captured the hearts of consumers. Because this new car offers changes latest and the best. All New Toyota Rush 2023 is an SUV latest of Toyota that is ready to compete with Mitsubishi Xpander Cross and Honda BRV. Toyota Rush 2023 appears full of confidence can shift Mitsubishi Xpander … Read more

cross – Van der Poel in Besançon, Van Aert in Hamme this weekend

It’s time for the big rehearsal! Indeed, this weekend will take place the last cyclo-cross before the big event of the season, the World’s Championships of Hoogerheide (February 5). Problem, two important crosses will take place this weekend, Saturday the X²O Bathrooms of Hamme and Sunday the round of World Cup from Besancon. If some … Read more

The Suzuki Vitara endangers the reign of the Toyota Yaris Cross as the hybrid SUV of the moment

The Toyota Yaris Cross has become the B-segment hybrid SUV of the moment. However, there is another hybrid SUV that is just as interesting and, most importantly, can boast of being cheaper thanks to the discount of almost €8,000 available in the Spanish market. Toyota can boast of having one of the SUVs of the … Read more

The Vaud Red Cross wants to promote mutual aid through a video game

The Vaud Red Cross launched a free video game called “Let’s Help Together” on Tuesday. Its objective is to promote mutual aid, especially among a younger public. “Volunteering is a collective and intergenerational affair, whether the involvement is occasional or long-term. In order to arouse interest in this activity among the population, in particular among … Read more

Van der Poel opts for cross in Besançon, no new duel with Van Aert for World Cup | Sports Other

Mathieu van der Poel will ride his last race for next week’s Cyclocross World Cup in France in Besançon on Sunday. As a result, a new duel with his great rival Wout van Aert will not take place in the run-up to the battle for the world title. The 28-year-old Van Aert chooses to take … Read more

2023 Tokyo Modification Auto Show: Imported to Taiwan this year! Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross PHEV Real Vehicle Preview | U-CAR News

China Mitsubishi, which has not imported a new car for a long time, has confirmed that it will import the Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross PHEV in the legal person briefing held in November 2022 to strengthen the product line of the brand’s new energy vehicles. This time U-CAR went to Tokyo Auto Salon 2023 Tokyo Modification … Read more

NOTE THE NEXT DATE! There is a comet that will cross all parts of Indonesia

MY ASPIRATIONS – The following is information comet will traverse across the region Indonesia. The comet is a celestial body, similar to other planets such as Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars and the like that surround the sun. Even comet called a tailed star, because it has a long tail when moving. Read Also: IQ Test: … Read more