For the first time, crowdfunding will open opportunities to invest in solar energy

Vytenis Kinduris, chairman of the board of crowdfunding platform Letsinvest. For the first time in Lithuania, a crowdfunding platform is raising a loan for the implementation of a solar energy project. Letsinvest has already opened the second round of financing for the solar power park in the Trak district, once open to all. The project … Read more

A breakthrough year for crowdfunding platforms

Vytenis Kinduris, chairman of the board of crowdfunding platform “Letsinvest”. Real estate crowdfunding through specialized platforms is gaining momentum in Lithuania: both the amounts invested and the projects invested in are growing. Having taken its first steps just five years ago, today crowdfunding is becoming a solid and increasingly attractive investment alternative. “The beginning of … Read more

PlayBusiness wins lawsuit for non-payment of Mr. Sushi and sets a precedent for crowdfunding in Mexico

It is already five years since the entry into force of the law to Regulate Financial Technology Institutions, known as the Fintech Law, and the first resolutions for controversies arising in the operation of authorized firms are beginning to be given, which set a precedent for the development of the entire industry. A few days … Read more

In the Ferrara area a new solar park with the crowdfunding of the inhabitants

Listen to the audio version of the article It took two years, from conception to construction, to arrive at the inauguration of the new Malvezzi-Fondazione Fornasini photovoltaic plant in Poggio Renatico (Ferrara). A record time that will allow the new solar park to produce about 25 GWh each year from solar sources, avoiding the emission … Read more

Finbee CEO Noreika – about the risks of crowdfunding, banks’ approach to business and future plans

For a long time, banks offering customers zero interest on deposits forced residents to look for more profitable ways to earn from their accumulated funds. Dali dived into the world of crowdfunding, where anyone can feel like a small bank – become a lender and earn from interest. One of the most established peer-to-peer lending … Read more

Xiaomi Mijia Smart Rope Skipping Crowdfunding Launched, Provides Corded/Cordless Dual Use, Multiple Rope Skipping Modes, Exercise Course Guidance and Data Recording – Computer King Ada

Want to exercise but can’t get enough energy? Rope skipping is a simple and effective aerobic exercise. It can not only quickly burn calories and achieve weight loss, but also enhance cardiopulmonary capacity, help lower limbs and core muscles improve, and improve body coordination and balance. Although there are some skipping ropes on the market … Read more

Real estate credit, crowdfunding: the rise in interest rates signals the end of the party

Times are tough for people looking for a mortgage to finance their home. Rising interest rates in recent months have made access to credit more difficult and banks have become particularly scrupulous. According to the Banque de France, prospective buyers must now do without approximately 11 square meters, on an equal budget. In addition, the … Read more

a crowdfunding launched, in particular by the victims it had helped

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The STALKER board game is getting ready for a crowdfunding campaign – STALKER 2: Heart of Chornobyl

Now it looks like a popular game is getting the board game treatment, and we couldn’t be happier. Now, Polish company Awaken Realms is preparing to launch a crowdfunding campaign for STALKER. The board game, which is said to be “the desktop version of Ukraine’s most popular PC FPS franchise”. . The game is suitable … Read more

The first crowdfunding platform for entrepreneurs is authorized

A supervised financial institution began operating that will offer crowdfunding services (collaborative financing of productive projects), after the authorization of the Superfinanciera. This is Bloom Crowdfunding, a Fintech that, through a technological solution based on blockchain, projects for this year that more than 25,000 people invest $20,000 million to support 40 small businesses from different … Read more