Chris Umé, the Flemish behind fake Tom Cruise on Tiktok: “Cr …

The Tom Cruise films that went viral on Tiktok last week are by Chris Umé, a Belgian deepfake artist. The videos, in which a lifelike Tom Cruise waves, laughs, falls and puts on glasses, have been viewed more than 11 million times and went around the world, from CNN to China. “Tom Cruise has not … Read more

Tom Cruise triumphs among internationals who support Spanish cinema at the Goya 2021

There are internationally famous actors and then there are the Hollywood stars, and Tom Cruise definitely belongs in the second category, a box that in its golden age had great performers among its ranks such as Marlon Brando or Cary Grant. Today that status is achieved by very few and depends on many factors, not … Read more

“Deepfakes”, that which animates your old photos is the same thing that brings life to “Tom Cruise” from TikTok Video

Recently some images of American actor Tom Cruise have been creating confusion on the TikTok social network. In them the actor is seen speaking to the camera, smiling and playing golf; however – although many believe they are real – the truth is that he is not the actor. It is another “deepfake”, or ultra-fake … Read more

Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman: discreet and mysterious, their daughter posts a rare selfie

Anonymity or rhinestones and sequins, Bella has made her choice. Tom Cruise and Nicole’s 28-year-old daughter is perfectly at ease with her life as “Miss everyone” and rarely appears on social media. Consequence: the rare photos of the young woman are used to being scrutinized with a magnifying glass. And one of his latest publications … Read more

Nadech Khuangyaya on a cruise to celebrate the sweetest Valentine’s Day – INN News

Thai entertainment February 14, 2021 – 15:57 Nadech Khuang Yaya on a cruise to celebrate the sweetest Valentine’s Day With a surprise, a bouquet of roses Friends of celebrities parade to tease. Make single people die completely After the superstar lover like Nadech Kukimiya Swinging a girlfriend Yaya Urassaya Go on a Valentine’s Day cruise … Read more

[US stock market conditions]Dow closed up 36 points, Nasdaq fell 2 points, oil prices, Boeing, airlines, and cruise stocks all rose (constantly updated)-Hong Kong Economic Times-Real Time News Channel-Market Finance-Stock Market

The Dow once rose 105 points, and the market closed up only 36 points to close at 30723 points. Technology stocks were soft. However, the surge in oil prices and the rebound of epidemic stocks, that is, Boeing, aviation stocks and cruise stocks performed well, reflecting the market’s optimism about the recovery of the epidemic. … Read more

Connor Cruise: The son of Nicole Kidman and Tom Cruise looks so different today

Connor Cruise (26), the adopted son of Hollywood stars Nicole Kidman and Tom Cruise, does not believe in the spotlight and lives a secluded musician in the US state of Florida. He regularly shares snapshots of himself on Instagram – he prefers to hold big fish in the camera. The latest photo, for example, shows … Read more

GM and Cruise partner with Microsoft for their freelancers

General Motors and Cruise continue full throttle on autonomous vehicle development, and this week the companies signed a partnership with Microsoft to accelerate software development. “Our mission to provide safer, better and more accessible transportation for all is not just a career in technology, it is also a career in confidence,” said Cruise CEO Dan … Read more

General Motors teams up with Microsoft to develop and sell autonomous vehicles

Taking into account that the future of the automotive industry is not only electric but also autonomous, General Motors and Cruise (autonomous mobility company) partnered with Microsoft for accelerate the commercialization of autonomous vehicles. Under this association, the three companies will unite: Your experience in software and hardware engineering. Its developments in online storage platforms … Read more

Disney Adjusts Jungle Cruise Attraction Due To Stereotypes | NOW

The Jungle Cruise attraction at Disney’s Florida and California theme parks is getting a makeover. The company announced in a statement on Monday that it would remove figures that give a negative image of indigenous peoples. Critics say Jungle Cruise, which opened in 1955, contains racist references. With Monday’s announcement, the entertainment company is coming … Read more