In a documentary, Brooke Shields talks about her toxic marriage with André Agassi, her fight with Tom Cruise and reveals that she was raped at the age of 20

In a documentary, Brooke Shields talks about her toxic marriage with André Agassi, her fight with Tom Cruise and reveals that she was raped at the age of 20 – Credits: This Friday, it premiered at the Sundance Film Festival. Pretty Baby, Brooke Shieldsthe documentary that reviews the life of the protagonist of The … Read more

Video.. Basra celebrates the Gulf champions on a cruise in the Shatt al-Arab

<div id="firstBodyDiv" data-bind-html-content-type="article" data-bind-html-compile="article.body" data-first-article-body=" Masses singled out Basra "groom Gulf 25"with a popular welcome on the city’s Corniche, where thousands of fans came out to pay tribute to the players, and celebrate with them the title of the Gulf Championship. A cruise was organized for the players, during which they boarded the ship and … Read more

India sent a cruise ship on the longest river cruise, it will last 51 days

The ship, named MV Ganga Vilas, was also escorted on Friday by Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi. 32 tourists from Switzerland are on board during the first voyage, and it can accommodate a total of 36 guests. The 62-meter-long vessel offers comfortable cabins, massage salon services or first-class gastronomy. But only vegetarian meals and no … Read more

Succession of the Atlantique 2: the DGA notified two studies to Airbus and Dassault

As part of the future replacement program for the French Navy’s Atlantique 2 maritime patrol aircraft, the Directorate General for Armaments announced that it had notified two system architecture studies on December 22. As expected, they were awarded to Airbus Defense and Space and Dassault Aviation, the two aircraft manufacturers positioning themselves on this project … Read more

51-day luxury river cruise on Ganga Vilas; Prime Minister will flag off on January 13

The journey starts from Varanasi to Dibrugarh via Bangladesh New Delhi: Prime Minister Narendra Modi will flag off the world’s longest luxury river cruise on January 13 in Varanasi. The journey starts from Varanasi and goes to Dibrugarh via Bangladesh. The 51-day journey will cover 3,200 km on the MV Ganga Vilas cruise ship. MV … Read more

Norwegian Cruise Line resets vaccination requirement for some passengers

By Editorial @PortalCruceros Until the end of January Norwegian Cruise Line will resume the Covid-19 vaccine requirement and testing requirements across its fleet for a group of passengers. Guests who have been in mainland China, Hong Kong or Macau in the last 10 days, or who have passports from these countries and cannot prove … Read more

Russian ship loaded with cruise missiles to Indian Ocean, what is Putin’s move? | Defense | Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin Russia-Ukraine War | Technology News | Defense News | Malayalam Technology News

Russian President Vladimir Putin is sending a ship loaded with cruise missiles for training in the Atlantic, Indian Ocean and Mediterranean as he continues his war against Ukraine. The training mission in these areas is expected to test Russia’s new hypersonic cruise missile, the Zircon. Putin is confident that such powerful weapons will protect Russia … Read more

The Ukrainians have shot down 540 drones and 500 cruise missiles since September

In September, Russian invasion forces, which have been attacking Ukraine since last February, launched strikes using Shahid-136 drones, which use a kamikaze style. The Ukrainian military also said that in the first two hours of 2023, Ukrainian air defense forces shot down 84 attack drones, which it said was 100 percent of the machines that … Read more

Fungus proliferation causes 930 passengers to be stranded on a cruise

The Viking Orion was blocked from docking in Adelaide, Australia and anchored 12 nautical miles off shore for nearly a week. Ship is stuck more than 20 km from the Australian coast Foto: Unsplash One ship cruise has passengers stranded since the 26th of December thanks to the proliferation of a smell in the hull. … Read more

Hundreds of tourists stranded off Australia, cruise ship prevented from docking due to biofouling

Hundreds of tourists, mostly Americans, have had their holidays ruined because of a “marine growth” in their boat. A mixture of bacteria, algae and molluscs in the hull led to the refusal of permission to dock in Australia. An epic new year. Passengers of the luxury cruise ship Viking Orion had signed up for a … Read more