Three projects supporting the cultural industry in Overseas France rewarded by the State

The call for projects “The Great Image Factory”, part of the France 2030 plan wanted by the government, rewarded two winners in the West Indies and a third in Reunion. The announcement was made on Friday May 19 by the Minister of Culture. The winners want to create film or video game development schools. Good … Read more

Emilia Romagna, the cultural heritage symbol of the region affected by the flood

The terrible flood that is affecting theEmilia Romagna did not spare the world of culture. The damage to the cultural heritage begins to be counted, mainly affected in the Ravenna area and, in particular, in Faenza. And it is precisely to these places and their marvelous cultural heritage that we dedicate our article, to the … Read more

Disbursing IDR 548 Trillion, Saudi Arabia Develops Medina to Become a Modern Islamic City and Cultural Destination

Saudi Arabia will develop Medina into a modern Islamic city and cultural destination. Photo/@RuaAlmadinah/Twitter MADINAH – Saudi Arabia plans to transform Islam’s second holiest city, Medina, into a “modern and cultural Islamic destination”. According to an Arab News report last week, the project is part of the Kingdom’s Vision 2030 strategy. The project will be … Read more

Court, yes to the right to the image for cultural heritage

The court of Florence recognized, in a sentence on Michelangelo’s David, the right to the image of cultural heritage. This was announced by the Galleria dell’Accademia, which houses the masterpiece and which promoted the cause after “a famous publishing house”, without granting the use of the image of David and without paying any fees, published … Read more

Jungfrau Zeitung – This is how Trauffer and the band rocked the Sagibachhalle

Over 8000 enthusiastic fans | 6. May 2023 Alpentainer Marc Trauffer and his band rocked the stage in the Sagibach sports complex in Wichtrach three times over two days. Six articulated lorries of material, 120 crew members and over 8,000 fans made the pilgrimage to the village of 4,000 on the last weekend in April … Read more

The Buenos Aires tour that covers the places where “Waiting for the Carroza” was filmed was declared of cultural interest

This is the hilarious tour of Buenos Aires created by a fan of Waiting for the Carriage through the places where the movie was filmed The Legislature of the Autonomous City of Buenos Aires declared interest culturethe activities of the “Tour Carrocero”a free guided tour that takes place in the Buenos Aires neighborhood of Versalles, … Read more

The dance community will celebrate International Dance Day by helping the Kelmė Cultural Center, which was destroyed by fire

During the campaign, community members will not only seek to financially contribute to the fastest possible reconstruction of the cultural institution, but by sharing the visuals of the initiative on social media, they will encourage others to do the same. In January, a fire broke out in the renewed Kelmė cultural center, which destroyed one … Read more

Cultural meeting – Booba’s visit to Femua, an event for Côte d’Ivoire and its fans

Published on : 28/04/2023 – 00:08 He is one of the key guests of the 15th edition of the Anoumabo Urban Music Festival. French rapper Booba will perform on the Femua stage this Saturday. At 46, the French artist from Boulogne-Billancourt is still very popular in Côte d’Ivoire. Meeting with young fans of the rapper.

Freedom from itching: fast relief at the push of a button thanks to the new heat therapy device epiivo® – Economy & Volkswagen – News

Brehna (ots) – The skin is the largest sensory organ in humans. It protects against injuries and infections, regulates our body temperature and water balance. But it can also cause great concern, namely when chronic or acute itching – also called pruritus ( – is a problem. For almost every seventh German*[1] and 16.8% of … Read more