Ford in Saarland – Greens criticize Anke Rehlinger’s 10-point plan

live blog The decision against the Ford plant in Saarlouis has been made. Yesterday, Rehlinger presented a 10-point plan to save the Saarlouis site. But the Greens in Saarland clearly criticize the Prime Minister for this. Follow the latest developments in the live blog. It was a month-long competition between the Ford plants in Saarlouis … Read more

After studying 150 years, this is what the history of the capital market tells about the current crisis

The French bank Societe Generale cited the history of the money market during a century and a half, in building its calculations for the next bottom of the S&P 500 index, as it concluded that the benchmark index still has a 24% drop from its current levels. Societe Generale expects the market to fall 40% … Read more

Next week MS collection – Genemuiden Current

The door-to-door collection of the National MS Fund will be held in Genemuiden from June 27 to July 2. Thousands of fundraising volunteers go door-to-door or take action online to fight MS (multiple sclerosis). The MS Fund is currently making clear in the ‘Face it. MS is nerve-racking.” Much is still unknown about MS. Researchers … Read more

The Current Condition of Youth Who Was Slashed and Doused with Hard Water Begal in East Jakarta

Jakarta – A young man with the initials RAJ became the victim of a stabbing up to hard watering by three thief in Duren Sawit, East Jakarta. The victim suffered several injuries to his body. “We see that in this incident the victim suffered injuries to his left hand, wounds to his back and face … Read more

Former Russian President Regrets the Low Quality of Current European Leaders, Highlights Zelensky’s Clothing Style

TRIBUNNEWS.COM – Ex Russian President, Dmitry Medvedev provides his latest opinion on the qualities of Europe’s current leaders. According to Medvedev, who is also the former Prime Minister of Russia, the quality of European leaders currently tends to be low. He also regretted the low quality. He considered that the current generation of European politicians … Read more

Kallas: According to NATO’s current defense plans, Estonia would be wiped off the face of the earth

In an interview with the publication, the Prime Minister said that NATO’s current plans take into account the fact that the Baltic states may remain occupied by Russia for 180 days. Kallas noted that more than 100 days have passed since the Russian invasion of Ukraine. “If we compare the size of Ukraine and the … Read more

CIGARETTE PRICES CURRENT LIST 2022: Is there a hike in cigarettes, how much is the current cigarette prices after the cigarette hike, how many TL? Philip Morris, BAT and JTİ group Current cigarette prices after cigarette hike – LAST MINUTE NEWS

IS IT TIME TO CIGARETTE? After the last cigarette hike, there was no news of a new hike today. Cigarette prices, which have shown a price increase of up to 8 TL since the beginning of the year, are listed with current figures by brand. CIGARETTE PRICES JUNE 2022 CURRENT LIST Camel: 26 TL Imperial … Read more

Future metro station in Alcântara divides Lisbon people – Current Affairs

At stake is the extension of the Lisbon Metro Red Line between São Sebastião and Alcântara, with an investment of 304 million euros in the 2021-2026 Recovery and Resilience Plan, for the construction of four new stations, namely Amoreiras, Campo de Ourique , Infante Santo and Alcântara, in which “from Avenida Infante Santo to Alcântara, … Read more

Intimacy, the Netflix series that impacts with a topic as raw as it is current

After the success of “La casa de papel”, “Entrevías” or “Merlí”, he has now reached Netflix other serie Spanish that is already making waves and promises to be a boom on the streaming platform. This is “Intimacy”, a production starring Itziar Ituño (known as “Lisboa” in “La casa de papel”), which has some nuances with … Read more