Juana Viale’s cook wanted to decide what the women ate and they crossed her live

Faced with this situation, first Ludueña and then Manguel asked why they did not give them meat empanadas: “It is that many ask me if they are vegetarians, maybe the girls are”. Faced with the negative answer, Monteverde: “Well, now we bring you meat (empanadas).” y2meta.com – Jimena dislodged Juana and her guests with the … Read more

Council must decide on payroll-deductible loan interest increase – News

The CNPS (National Social Security Council) is expected to decide in December on the increase in the interest rates of the payroll loans the INSS (National Social Security Institute) by up to 19%. The interest cap, which currently stands at 1.80%, would change to 2.14%, and the payroll-deductible credit card rate, from 2.7% to 3.06%. … Read more

In the case of Russia’s open aggression against Ukraine, Lithuania will also have to decide: it evaluates various scenarios

A large-scale war in Ukraine, bigger than it is in 2014 or now, is unavoidable, but unfortunately, a scenario of events is possible. It was talked about back in the spring, when Russia concentrated on the borders of Ukraine and occupied territories over 100 thousand. soldiers. Similar processes are repeated now – not only the … Read more

OMT divided on closing schools, cabinet still has to decide

The team of experts from the OMT has presented the cabinet with two scenarios; the first scenario is to close all schools, but then the sectors must also close completely (a complete lockdown). Close at 5 p.m. A second scenario is keeping all schools open and tightening the current measures, but not a complete lockdown. … Read more

only judges decide in Spain

With a runaway incidence and a moderate vaccination coverage of 66%, Austria is the first country in Europe to have re-established a lockdown throughout its territory. Since yesterday, non-essential trade, restaurants or culture are closed, and the Government intends to go further as of February 1 with another pioneering gesture in Europe: mandatory vaccination. The … Read more

“Do not panic”. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine answered whether Putin will decide on a military invasion

“Whether he uses this option depends on two factors: first, on our strength and the calmness of the Ukrainians … second, on the coordination and strength of action of our partners. We are working on both factors, and I urge everyone not to panic, but to remain vigilant and not be led no provocations, especially … Read more

MotoGP, Puig: “Medical checkup for Marquez around Christmas, then we’ll decide”

The big absentee of these tests was Marc Marquez. Honda used heavy artillery by bringing a very different bike for 2022, but sadly its star wasn’t there. The Spaniard has double vision problems and in those conditions he certainly cannot drive. The worst thing, however, is that it is not even known when and how … Read more

Djokovic and the freedom to decide on vaccination: “For once I agree with Kyrgios”

At the subsequent press conference to his victory against Andrey Rublev in the ATP Finals, an Australian journalist asked Novak Djokovic what did he think about the demonstrations of Nick kyrgios about the Serbian’s position on vaccination, in which he said that he had every right to make his own decision regarding that matter and … Read more

Danilevičius was disappointed with the performance of the national team: the results are not satisfactory, we will decide on the coach

In the selection for next year’s World Cup, the Lithuanian national team scored 3 points and finished in fifth place in the selection group C. President of the Lithuanian Football Federation (LFF), former football player Tomas Danilevičius such a performance by the national team was disappointing. “Of course, the results are not satisfactory, we always … Read more