Miami Beach declared a state of emergency and imposed a curfew after shootings during spring break

Miami Beach authorities declared a state of emergency on Sunday and imposed a curfew in the tourist area, after two consecutive nights of shootings that have left two dead and two injured. The curfew, which will take effect from midnight Sunday until 6:00 a.m. Monday, was imposed “in response to the two shootings and the … Read more

Melih Gökçek officially declared war on Ali Koç! – Last minute news

Former Ankara Metropolitan Mayor Melih Gökçek now officially declared war on Fenerbahçe Club President Ali Koç with a message he gave in his social media post. The criticism of the AKP government in the Fenerbahce stadium was discussed for a long time on the agenda. Melih Gökçek responded to these criticisms against the government with … Read more

Poliovirus (polio virus) outbreak declared in Burundi

In the statement made by the Burundi Ministry of Health, it was stated that poliovirus was detected in 8 children from the Isale region in the west of the country. Emphasizing that the children with the virus are unvaccinated, it was announced that a study was started to identify the people in contact with the … Read more

A fire breaks out on the first floor of an apartment building, on the road to Mons, in Charleroi: around forty apartments evacuated

Around 11:45 a.m., the firefighters, under the orders of Lieutenant Gelpi and Warrant Officer Delvigne, quickly intervened on the road to Mons, in an apartment on the 1st floor. Pauline Schumacker Pauline Schumacker FVH Read also A Fleurusien shot dead on rue Neuve in Charleroi: the shocking images of a neighboring business, we hear the … Read more

The detention of an alleged extortionist is declared legal

Juarez City.- A Control judge declared legal the detention of Kevin Jesús HE, 21, who was formally accused of the crime of aggravated extortion to the detriment of a citizen, within criminal case 1523/23. As a precautionary measure, the judge imposed informal preventive detention for 24 months, reported staff from the State Superior Court of … Read more

Riga has been declared the 2023 running capital of the world

In preparation for the World Running Championship, Sebastian Ko symbolically declared Riga the 2023 world running capital at a press conference on Thursday, inviting everyone to participate in the upcoming world running festival in Riga on September 30 and October 1. The championship will be the most important athletics and folk sports event in the … Read more

“The pandemic can be declared over”

Adolfo Garcia-Sastre, virologist and director of the Institute for Global Health and Emerging Pathogens of the Mount Sinai Hospital of New York, is a world reference for addressing situations like the one we have had to live with Covid. These years he has enlightened public opinion with his knowledge of the different moments we are … Read more

US official: China’s declared military budget does not reflect the truth

A Pentagon official said on Monday that the new Chinese military budget announced by Beijing on Sunday does not reflect the amount of money it spends on armaments. The official, who preferred not to be named, added that it is clear that the relevant departments in Washington, particularly the Pentagon and the CIA, are closely … Read more

A woman who had been missing for 30 years and later declared dead has been found

He was acting strangely before he was lost. They found him 2,700 kilometers from where he disappeared. 82-year-old Patricia Kopta disappeared in 1992 from Ross Township, a suburb of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Before his disappearance, he behaved more and more unusually, was tormented by obsessive thoughts, and warned passers-by on the street about the impending end … Read more

Medvedev promised “salute” from “Caliber” during the construction of a tank plant in Ukraine

In the case of the construction of a tank plant in Ukraine by the German concern Rheinmetall, Russia will respond with a “salute from” Caliber “and other devices, declared Dmitry Medvedev, Deputy Chairman of the Security Council of the Russian Federation, on his Telegram channel. Earlier in an interview with the Rheinische Post, the head … Read more