The three major brands have made a tragic decline in mechanical hard disk shipments this time | XFastest News

Mechanical hard disks have already encountered a difficult time to be replaced by SSDs, but they encountered an unprecedented downturn in PC computers. The situation can be imagined. According to data jointly published by StorageNewsletter and Trendfocus, in the second quarter of this year, global shipments of mechanical hard disks were 44.65 million, down 15.4% … Read more

A summary of the latest Zamalek news today.. Ferreira reveals the secret of the decline in performance against Ismaili

Shikabala – Zamalek and Al-Ahly Sport 360 – Sports journalist Mohamed Shabana revealed the scenes of Mahmoud Shikabala, the player of Zamalek, with Mustafa Fathi, who is currently professional in the ranks of cooperation, in order to persuade him not to move to the club. Al Ahly. Shabana said, in his talk to the “Box … Read more

Foreign trade slows: deficit above 2.1 billion and decline in exports (-2.1%)

(Teleborsa) – Italy’s foreign trade finally blames the economic crisis and after five months of growth there is a slowdown in exports both in EU countries and in non-EU markets. That’s what therealafter which there was an increase in June Imports (+1.8%) and an inflection for the Exports (-2.1%). The monthly decline in exports is … Read more

The Russian economy fell by four percent. A deeper decline was expected

The decline in gross domestic product in the second quarter was not as large as expected. Analysts polled by Reuters on average had predicted a drop of seven percent. In the first quarter, GDP increased by 3.5 percent. The Russian economy began to slide into recession after Moscow sent its armed forces to Ukraine in … Read more

Russia, economy contracted by 4% in the second quarter of 2022. Strong decline but less than expected

In the second quarter of 2022 (the first entirely marked by the war in Ukraine) the Russian economy contracted by 4% compared to the same period in 2021. This is the first decline in a year now. The downturn is though less strong than expected. The data was made official today byRussian statistical institute. International … Read more


STOCKHOLM (Nyhetsbyrån Direkt) By lunchtime on Tuesday, the decline on the Stockholm Stock Exchange had increased. Reporting Tethys Oil fell after scaled back production forecast while Kindred was weighed down by an analysis. At around 12:00, the large-cap index OMXS30 had retreated 0.9 percent to 1,999. Shares worth SEK 3.5 billion had then changed hands … Read more

Dollar falls in line with the decline of the currency globally and the recovery of copper

The price of the dollar closed lower this Monday in line with the behavior of the currency at a global level and the rise in copper, and after July’s inflation data will be above expectations confirming the expectations that the Central Bank will continue to increase the interest rate. The US currency finished trading at … Read more

The slow decline of summer has begun

For the past few months, the sun was at its highest in the sky and day length was at its longest. This trend comes to an end with the start of a new sun season, between August 6 and November 5. The star is effectively entering its autumnal phase, in transition between the strongest 90 … Read more

Al-Zawahiri’s death is the lowest point in al-Qaeda’s decade-long decline. The future of jihad could be local groups

Last July 31, in the surroundings of Kabul, an American drone killed Ayman Al Zawahirileader of al-Qaeda from the death of Osama bin Laden 11 years ago, as well as its ideologue for over twenty years. News that, also thanks to the war in Ukrainewas received with milder tones than those resulting from the elimination … Read more