TTB and Earthquake Crisis Desk: Infectious diseases at the door

The bulletin of the Earthquake Crisis Desk “Hybrid” was announced at the meeting. In the bulletin meeting prepared with the theme of “Earthquake, Flood, Air Pollution: When Disasters Turn into Disasters”, TTB Public Health Branch member Dr. Cigdem Caglayan; He said that the chemical release due to both the debris and fires after the earthquake … Read more

A map of 32 series in Ramadan 2023, and the show channels, in detail

In this file, Al-Masry Al-Youm reviews the final map of the Ramadan 2023 series, which amounts to 32 dramas, some of which belong to the type of 15 episodes, shown in the first half of Ramadan, and others shown during the second half of Ramadan, and the channels shown during the month: “Battalion 101” Written … Read more

Volkswagen, a 20 thousand euro jewel arrives: there is an extraordinary detail

Volkswagen has often and willingly shown itself as a manufacturer capable of truly extraordinary things. In Germany the car manufacturers continue to make a huge difference to some of the world. We think of Audi, BMW, Mercedes and even Volkswagen. The latter intends to be a major player in the future as well, especially in … Read more

60 trucks of supplies from Greece set out for earthquake victims

In Greece, under the coordination of the Attiki State Presidency and under the leadership of the “Oli Mazi Borume” (We can all do it together) Association, 60 trucks of aid materials collected by the Greek people with the participation of the municipalities in the Attiki region set out to be delivered to the earthquake victims … Read more

Loss of life in earthquakes increased to 49 thousand 589

Turkish Vice President Fuat Oktay made a statement at AFAD Headquarters. Oktay announced that 49 thousand 589 people, including 6 thousand 807 foreign nationals, lost their lives in the earthquakes in Kahramanmaraş. Oktay explained that approximately 22 percent of the debris has been removed so far. Noting that the mains water treatment plant in Şanlıurfa … Read more

Living standards in the UK are at record lows

The British are facing the biggest drop in their standard of living since registration began in the 1950s and the highest taxes since World War II, the UK Office of Budget Responsibility (OBR) reported. Real household disposable income, a measure of real living standards, will fall by 5.7 percent in fiscal years 2022-23 and 2023-24, … Read more

Samsung responds to allegations of “painting” the moon – there is nothing unusual in improving detail, but the line between photography and AI creativity is blurred

Samsung answered on my blog For approval ibreakphotos в Reddit about “faking” the image of the moon when photographing it at high magnification with the latest flagship smartphones. According to Samsung, the dramatic increase in detail was achieved using the “Scene Optimizer” function – AI recognizes objects in a photo using deep learning and, based … Read more

Brain Surgery of Flies, Scientists Find Similarities to How AI Works

Flies. ©2013 Reporter: Merdeka – Scientists have uncovered the first detailed description of the fly’s brain. The results of this study indicate that the fly brain has similarities with artificial intelligence (AI) networks. This discovery is a major advance for the field of neuroscience. This study managed to provide a complete picture of … Read more

THY plane escaped danger

During the landing of the Turkish Airlines (THY) Ankara-Erzurum flight, engine friction was experienced due to strong side winds. The aircraft was taken into maintenance after the passengers were evacuated without any problems. Turkish Airlines’ (THY) Ankara-Erzurum flight registered TC-JFH tail plane was taken into maintenance due to engine friction during landing. According to the … Read more

Japan commemorates earthquake and tsunami victims

A commemoration ceremony was held for those who lost their lives in the 9-magnitude earthquake and subsequent tsunami in 2011 in the Tohoku region of northeastern Japan. Sirens were sounded in commemoration ceremonies held in different parts of the country, including the capital Tokyo, on the 12th anniversary of the earthquake and tsunami disaster on … Read more