Diego Ramos recounted the dialogue he had with Roberto Piazza after his tense moment on the air: “Before coming back from the cut he told me…”

The actor referred to the debate he had with the designer for saying that “sleeping” with minors can be “a momentary fever.” Diego Ramos crossed Roberto Piazza on the air for saying that “sleeping” with minors can be “a momentary fever”. After the repercussion, the actor spoke about it and assured that everything was fine … Read more

Use AI to generate NPC dialogue! Ubisoft pushes Ghostwriter AI to aid game development

Game publisher and developer Ubisoft recently launched Ghostwriter AI, a tool that generates first drafts of dialogue for non-player characters (NPCs) in games. This innovative technology aims to help writers create more immersive and diverse game worlds by automating some tedious and repetitive background chat tasks. What is Ghostwriting AI? Ghostwriter AI is an artificial … Read more

Ubisoft’s Ghostwriter AI tool automatically generates game dialogue

Ubisoft A good open world game is often full of small details everywhere, and these small details can unconsciously enhance the player’s sense of immersion. A major element of these details is the dialogue content of each character in the game. These contents need to be written by the creator alone, which can be time-consuming … Read more

Ubisoft’s Ghostwriter AI tool automatically generates game dialogue

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Get hammered twice! Zhu Haijun angrily refuted the four-fold NONO dialogue exposure: unacceptable! | Entertainment | CTWANT

His wife Zhu Haijun was suddenly expelled from the musical because of the price increase. NONO was dissatisfied and had a dialogue with the director of the theater through the exposure of the agent. (Photo/provided by broker) After the golden song, Zhu Haijun was removed from the promotional poster of the musical “The Next Door” … Read more

Do not start 1on1 with subordinates with “Thank you very much” … The most effective “first word” found through experiments When it comes to an interview, the tension drops and the dialogue does not hold | PRESIDENT Online (President Online) )

What kind of dialogue do excellent leaders who continue to produce results have? Shinji Koshikawa, CEO of Cross River, who conducted a survey of 170,000 business people and conducted an AI analysis, said, “If you start a job conversation with ‘Thank you very much,’ like an interview, the tension will drop and the dialogue will … Read more

Classic / No Big Brother!Zhang Yucheng deciphered the dialogue and joked that “I can’t win” | Classic | Sports

2023-03-07 14:06 United Daily News reporter Chen Wanjing / real-time report The confrontation between Zhang Yucheng and Zhang Jinde yesterday attracted attention.Photo/Provided by Fubon Titans The confrontation between the brothers Zhang Jinde and Zhang Yucheng in the strike zone yesterday attracted the attention of fans. The fans wondered why the brothers were arguing. Zhang Yucheng … Read more

Agustín Lozano revealed that he had an important dialogue with Alianza and gave a forceful message

The president of the Peruvian Football Federation, Agustín Lozano, briefly commented on the conversations he had with Alianza Lima. Agustín Lozano assured that the FPF had conversations with Alianza Lima. Photo: FPF / Alianza Lima / Libero Composition There is no doubt that the dispute over the broadcasting rights of the Liga 1 has kept … Read more

“We must continue the dialogue with those who are not convinced”: Elke Van den Brandt determined to continue the Good Move plan

At the beginning of this week, the municipality of Schaerbeek extended the freeze on the implementation… Take advantage of our current offer and access to all our articles in unlimited Already subscribed? Please validate your account to access the content on this medium.Login