A Russian company attacked Ukrainian refugees in Switzerland: they told them to go home and die

“A Russian company that has been living in Zurich for more than a year attacked refugees from Ukraine with accusations of oppressing the Russian language. The Russian-speaking man, who introduced himself as Belarusian, first pinned a 20-year-old student from Ukraine against the wall. He later punched her when he heard she was from Ukraine. We … Read more

Videos | Two girls and a woman die from heavy rains in Nogales, Sonora

Two girls and a woman died when they were swept away by the heavy rains that occurred this Saturday in Nogales, Sonora. According to the Nogales Civil Protection Unit, the first victim was a 56 year old woman, who was dragged aboard his Chevrolet Trail Blazer vehicle in the stream of Technological Avenue, same that … Read more

The male star haunted house regrets that “it’s a pity to die early”… Reading the suicide note and singing, the temple master refused to enter the temple: he followed you and wanted to marry in a ghost | Entertainment | CTWANT

There are many taboos in the seventh month of the lunar calendar. If the workplace is special, there are even more taboos. Eason (Huang Yinxuan) said that he used to go out with Wuzun, but he didn’t expect Wuzun to praise the deceased for being beautiful, so he went to the temple the next day … Read more

The story of Francesca and Immacolata, stabbed because they are gay: “You will die together, I want to do 30 years in prison”

A relationship, that of the daughter with a woman, evidently never accepted. So theambush to the couple, armed with a knife: “I want to do 30 years in prison. Do you want to die together? Then the time has come“. The nightmare evening lived on August 6 in Salerno, Immacolata and Francesca, 23 and 39 … Read more

[스타의 책] Singer-songwriter secretary, ’25 things to regret when you die’

“You only have one life, I hope you spend it without regrets” As of 2019, adults read only 6 books per year. That’s like reading one book every two months. As a result, stars directly become book curators, recommend books, and act as a medium to arouse the public’s desire to read. When you look … Read more

Mangapul Sagala Perkantas Founder Dies, Here’s Profile and Biodata

EARRING NEWS -Founder of the Federation Kristen Inter-University (Purchased) Mangapul Sagala die Saturday 6 August 2022. Sad news of his death Mangapul Sagala conveyed by relatives of Helena Sinaga through his facebook page. According to Alex Nanlohy, a staff Purchased, The deceased had a heart attack Friday 5 August 2022 night. However, until the afternoon … Read more

The judge: “Archie will die in the hospital.” Parents: this morning at 11, pray

<!––> Archie Battersbee, 12, has been in a coma since 7 April – Ansa / Fb Archie’s family reports that vital supports will be removed this morning at 11.00 am and asks to pray “for anyone involved in this moment”. No comments from the hospital. Bishop John Sherrington, Auxiliary of the Diocese of Westminster and … Read more