WHAT IS CYSTIC FIBROSIS? It is the most common autosomal recessive disease in the Caucasian race with a carrier frequency of approximately 1/25 and an incidence of 1/2000-3500 live births. Although the incidence is reported to be 1/3000 in a limited number of studies conducted in our country, it is thought that this rate is … Read more

There was a North Korean spy in the Seohun document, ‘If you live, save it, if you die, leave it alone’

Reported to former President Moon before murder and incineration While Lee was alive, North Korea’s intention to rescue was identified Efforts to repatriate through negotiations seem to have been expressed “Reported to avoid suspicion of concealment in North Korea”“Obtaining a copy of the internal report” dismissed the leak ▲ Suh Hoon, former head of the … Read more

China suddenly relaxes epidemic prevention! Underestimating the cost of co-existence British media warns of detonating infection wave: millions of people may die this winter | International | Sanli News Network SETN.COM

International Center / Reported by Shi Yuyun ▲Mainland China announced the largest loosening policy for epidemic prevention. (Photo/Recap from Xinhuanet) After the white paper revolution broke out in mainland China, the largest-scale anti-epidemic loosening policy was announced on the 7th, including no need for centralized isolation for mildly diagnosed patients, no need to scan QR … Read more

For 6 years suffering from sclerosis: “Help me die in Italy” – Chronicle

“I would like to be helped to die at home”: this is the appeal launched in a video – released by the Coscioni association – by ” Massimiliano, Tuscan, 44 years old, suffering from multiple sclerosis for 6 years. He is not due to the disease ” more autonomous in nothing” and “it gets worse … Read more

Infected by Dengue Fever Outbreak, 7 Children Experience Strep A Infection Until They Die

Monday, 5 December 2022 – 18:57 WIB VIVA Parenting – Seven children are reported to have died of complications from the outbreak hemorrhagic fever recently among school children. Epidemic experienced by hundreds of children in English It is at risk of being stalked by dangerous complications, namely Strep A disease. The death of this 12-year-old … Read more

20 JRPGs to Play Before You Die – Suikoden I&II HD Remaster Gate Rune and Dunan Unification Wars

Los JRPG It is such a prolific and extensive genre in our environment that it was impossible for us not to dedicate a special to it with the games and sagas that you have to play before you die, completely separating it from its western branch. And even so, we have compiled twenty of them … Read more

Thousands of Riau Islands Residents Die Due to HIV/AIDS

Kadinkes Riau Islands, Moch Bisri, help-Head of the Riau Islands Province Health Service (Dinkes), Moch Bisri said, as many as 7,716 people occupying the Riau Islands died due to exposure to HIV/AIDS. “Of the 14,500 cases of HIV/AIDS detected since 2018-2022, 7,716 people have been confirmed dead,” said the Head of the Riau Islands Provincial … Read more

Anuel and Yailin, about to die during a plane landing in Monterrey; this happened to them

On his tour of the city of Monterrey, anuelone of the most successful singers of the moment, he was about to die along with his wife Yailin, since the glass of the plane was an instant away from exploding. Before giving his concert at the ‘Flow Fest’, Anuel shared through his social networks some images … Read more