Cristiano Ronaldo’s recipe for perfect body: The younger footballer thought he was going to die after trying this diet

Although Cristiano Ronaldo’s career is heading towards the sunset, the Portuguese football superstar is still one of the most followed figures on social media, and continues to be an icon in various corners of the world. What makes the 38-year-old Portuguese unique, apart from his talent on the pitch, and what helps him maintain his … Read more

A middle-aged man sleeps on the food street! Seeing that “the posture has not changed”, the cleaner came forward to wake up and died in shock: the lower abdomen is hard | International | CTWANT

A man who had been lying on his stomach in a food mall in Singapore all day was found dead for a long time. (Picture / Recaptured from “China Press”) A sudden death occurred at the Food Street on North Bridge Road in Singapore. A man had been “sleeping” on the seat of the Food … Read more

A medical time machine that predicts when Cristiano Ronaldo will die

01:16 PM Sunday, March 19, 2023 I wrote – Yasmine El Sawy: A simple time calculator designed by the British Office for National Statistics can predict how long a person can live and when they will die, which has been measured by the famous soccer player Cristiano Ronaldo and other celebrities. Ad space The calculator … Read more

Nicaragua’s Terror-Regime: Die Frau des Comandante

Status: 03/18/2023 06:48 a.m The former freedom fighter Ortega has become a brutal dictator in Nicaragua. But his wife Murillo is the power behind the power, observers say. What drives this couple? By Anne Demmer, ARD Studio Mexico City The vice president and wife of Daniel Ortega, the president of Nicaragua, addresses the population every … Read more

Did Peter die at the hands of Claudia Llanos? This was the last tribute to Francesca’s faithful friend from AFHS

Claudia Llanos did not leave any trace of Peter and would have burned all her belongings in a nighttime bonfire after discovering that she is not dead. Claudia killed the butler? In the last chapter of the series, a heartfelt tribute was presented with the best moments of Francesca Maldini’s faithful companion.

“I would like her to die of love for me”: Edith Hermida’s new partner, Mariano Tabares, spoke about their relationship

The panelist of blessed She is living an affair with a radio producer, after separating from her ex-husband, with whom she was for 18 years. Wednesday March 15, 2023 It’s a great time for Edith Hermida that returned to bet on love from the hand of Mariano Tabaresa radio producer with whom he traveled to … Read more

Explosion of coal mines in Colombia: 10 people were trapped and killed | Life | Vietnam+ (VietnamPlus)

Rescue workers try to save miners trapped after an explosion at a coal mine in Sutatausa, Colombia, March 15. (Photo: AFP/VNA) Colombian President Gustavo Petro said on March 16 that the death toll from a coal mine explosion on March 14 in the country’s Cundinamarca province had increased to 21 after rescuers found Ten victims’ … Read more

NASA’s Webb telescope captures a star about to die | Science

CAPE CANAVERAL, Florida- The Webb Space Telescope has captured the rare and fleeting phase of a star on the cusp of death. The National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA, in English) released the image Tuesday at the South by Southwest conference in Austin, Texas. The observation was one of the first made by Webb upon … Read more