8-year-old child crossed the 7-year-old child to play the slide first, but was pushed and fell, and the disabled parents were responsible for 30% of their own responsibility | Child | Injury | Guardian

When an 8-year-old child was playing a slide in the restaurant’s children’s play area, he wanted to slide down first because he couldn’t wait to cross the 7-year-old child who was playing with him, but he was pushed by the 7-year-old child and fell and became disabled. How to divide the liability for compensation ? … Read more

Microsoft accidentally disabled hardware requirements for Windows 11, Some PCs not meeting the requirements were offered the update without the usual rejection message

Since October 5 of last year, users can have access to version 11 of the Windows operating system. However, Windows 11 will not install on computers that do not have a recent processor equipped with a TPM. Microsoft accidentally disabled hardware requirements for Windows 11. At least that’s what some users’ tweets claim. A survey … Read more

GS25 to create jobs for the disabled through product donations

Donation of ‘Good Wall Store’, the remaining products at the end of business Proceeds from the sale of donated products are used as labor costs for employees with disabilities At Goodwill Store, workers are organizing products donated by GS Retail.ⓒGS Retail A virtuous cycle has been established in which donated convenience store products lead to … Read more

Solana announces some features are disabled. To prevent network failures in the future – Siam Blockchain

networkSolana net The most recent crash was on June 1 when Solana Mainnet Beta cluster stopped working. Because an error occurred in a block consensus called durable nonce transaction This is how the blockchain handles specific types of transactions intended for offline use. 06-01-22 Solana Mainnet Beta Outage Report: The durable nonce transaction feature was … Read more

Xia Jiangbo, an outstanding disabled athlete in our province, was elected as the representative of the 20th Party Congress

Xia Jiangbo, an outstanding disabled athlete in our province, was elected as the representative of the 20th Party Congress 2022-06-03 18:32:31Source: Xi’an News Network On May 30, 2022, the 14th Party Congress of Shaanxi Province elected 44 representatives to the 20th Party Congress, and Xia Jiangbo, an outstanding disabled athlete in our province, was on … Read more

Medical assistance in dying: Disabled woman finds lifeline – Reuters

A 31-year-old disabled Torontonian who was conditionally approved for medically assisted death after an unsuccessful offer for safe housing says her life has been “changed” by an outpouring of support after telling her story. “It’s… breathtaking and inspiring,” Denise said in a phone interview. Her voice sounded considerably louder than in April when she last … Read more

“I am disabled after the vaccine, but for the state I don’t exist”

The dramatic story of Roberto Sciotta, a road hauler from the Gargano overwhelmed last June 9 by a wave of adverse vaccine reactions: fibromyalgia, Raynaud’s phenomenon, connective tissue disease, cutaneous vasculitis, Sjogren’s syndrome and scleroderma, all ascertained: “There are days that I am afraid of dying, it is not easy to be near me when … Read more

Mouse “eats the face” of a disabled person paralyzed in bed

A disabled English was the victim, in the night between 8 and 9 May, of a mishap caused by “and topo“. 76-year-old Diana Kirk, bedridden by her disability, was in fact attacked by a rodent while she was sleeping, only being rescued by her husband when the animal had horribly disfigured her face. apartment in … Read more

Magnificent gesture of friendship: Mohamed Salah invites his friend, a former footballer who has become disabled, to party with Liverpool players

Saturday night, Liverpool won the FA Cup, the second trophy of his season. To lift the trophy, the Reds had to fight hard against Chelsea. The two teams were equal and had to decide between the cruel game of shots on goal. An exercise that will turn to the advantage of Jürgen Klopp’s players. Mohamed … Read more

His son is permanently disabled due to the Kenjeran Park incident, the father has not dared to tell his daughter: he must be crying

KOMPAS.com – Incident in Kenjeran Park SurabayaSaturday (7/5/2022), making S (17) permanently disabled. S’s father, AMS (48), admitted that he had not dared to tell his daughter about the news. “Until now I have not told my child about this condition because he is not mentally ready. If he was told he would cry. Not … Read more