Cryptocurrencies face a new danger… the disappearance of 634,000 bitcoins by

© Reuters Grayscale is in danger – where are the 634,000 bitcoins? – FTX’s downfall continues to widen, so it’s no longer just small crypto ventures on the verge of bankruptcy after the chain reaction caused by former CEO Sam Bankman Fried. After learning that the Genesis Global platform was also in trouble and … Read more

“It’s indescribable”: in the Storms of life, Jonathan Cerrada returns to the disappearance of his brother who changed his life

Les Orages de la vie, a program presented by Christophe Dechavanne, looks back on these tragic incidents that mark for life. Head to Liège to meet Jonathan Cerrada, 37, winner of the very first edition of In Search of the New Star in 2003. While he knows a dazzling success after the show, a tragic … Read more

The last audio recording of the missing Mohamed Negm before his disappearance in Sidon.. This is what he said and the last picture he sent!

While searches for the Lebanese Mohamed Hassan Negm, who went missing last Sunday after he went out to practice fishing in the vicinity of the Sidon sea fortress, continue in the sea of ​​Sidon and Rumaila, a development was recorded in terms of the disappearance of a star represented in the unveiling of his last … Read more

Manipulations and the disappearance of billions of dollars .. Details of the last moments before the bankruptcy of FTX

while I entered Crypto exchange collapsed FTX In bankruptcy protection, Reuters reported that between $1 billion and $2 billion in client funds have disappeared from the cryptocurrency exchange. According to an analysis by Reuters and the Wall Street Journal, the CEO of crypto exchange FTX, Sam Pinkman Fried, has transferred $10 billion in client funds … Read more

FTX reports disappearance of more than $400 million in cryptocurrencies after hack of the platform

The cryptocurrency platform FTX, which filed for bankruptcy this Friday, announced today that it has detected a series of unauthorized transactions and that, according to experts, may be the result of a hack in which more than 400 million dollars in crypto assets would have disappeared. . Ryne Miller, legal counsel for FTX in the … Read more

Strange steps by the police around the missing Maddie. Parents are desperate

Investigators into Madeleine McCann’s kidnapping are not proceeding as well as her parents Kate and Gerry would have imagined. They have become completely silent and do not give them any information about the next step. At the same time, fragments of their work, which should remain behind closed doors, are leaking to the media. For … Read more

Early migration may explain the disappearance of planets

MADRID, 8 Nov. (EUROPA PRESS) – A new model that accounts for the interaction of the forces acting on newborn planets can explain puzzling observations among the 3,800 cataloged planetary systems. A puzzle known as the “valley of the radium” refers to the rarity of exoplanets with a radius about 1.8 times that of Earth. … Read more

The disappearance of a famous player in Barcelona and his family appeals

The family of the famous British rugby star Levi Simeon Davis sent a message on social media to try to locate the player after his disappearance a week ago in Barcelona. Levi Simeon was last seen on October 29 at The Old Irish Pub, a nightclub popular with foreign communities in the Catalan capital. The … Read more

The disappearance of a former Sudanese ambassador in Egypt .. and his daughter tells the details of his absence

The Sudanese community in Egypt announced the disappearance of the former ambassador, Mohamed Salah Abbas, since last Friday, and he has not been found so far. Alaa, the daughter of the disappeared ambassador, told Al that her father came to Cairo at the end of last October to spend a short vacation and visit … Read more