In Ukraine, they say goodbye to the victims of the helicopter disaster / Article

In a disaster 14 people lost their lives. Investigators are still investigating whether the crash, when the helicopter crashed into the kindergarten building, was caused by pilot error, technical failure or malicious behavior. Farewell to the deceased Minister of Internal Affairs of Ukraine Denis Monastirsky, his deputy Yevhenii Yenin and Secretary of State Yury Lubkovych … Read more

The collapse of Britishvolt is a disaster for the British car industry – Magazín – Auto

British startup Britishvolt declared bankruptcy last week. It means the struggling British car industry has been dealt another blow. Car manufacturers may move to regions where batteries are plentiful. Photo: Britishvolt Big plans for a battery gigafactory in northern England have remained only on paper. The company Britishvolt went bankrupt before it could produce the … Read more

Christianity in the United States continues to fall away, church closures are rapidly increasing Young people’s trust in religion collapses, Corona disaster pushes (1/4) | JBpress (JBpress)

Young people’s trust in religion collapses Abandoning churches in the US (pictured at St. Patrick’s Cathedral in New York) Many churches in the United States are now rapidly closing down. Because Americans are turning away from Christianity. What is going on in American society? It is said that there are currently about 380,000 churches in … Read more

A supercomputer predicts the winner of the English Premier League… and predicts a disaster for Liverpool

A supercomputer belonging to the “Bettingexpert” company predicted the winner of the English Premier League this season, and also predicted the identity of the clubs that would reserve their seats in the Champions League and those that would be relegated from the top flight. According to the supercomputer, Manchester City will not be able to … Read more

H-IIA Rocket No. 46 Successfully Launches Government’s “Information Gathering Satellite Radar No. 7” Used for Security and Disaster Countermeasures | sorae Space Portal Site

On January 26, 2023, Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, Ltd.Launch of “H-IIA” Rocket No. 46Did. The rocket hasInformation gathering satellite radar No.7” is installed, and the launch was successful. [▲ Launch of H-IIA No. 46 released by Mitsubishi Heavy Industries (Credit: Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Launch Service)] At 10:50 on January 26, 2023 Japan time, H-IIA Launch Vehicle … Read more

Three consecutive earthquakes in Sichuan!Luding 5.6 Extremely Shallow Earthquake Feels Strong in Chengdu Authorities Send Staff to Disaster Relief- Cross-Strait- China Times News

Three consecutive earthquakes in Sichuan!Luding 5.6 Extremely Shallow Earthquake Strongly Felt in Chengdu Luding County, Ganzi Prefecture, Sichuan Province experienced three consecutive earthquakes this morning (26th), one of which was 5.6 on the Richter Scale with a focal depth of 11 kilometers. According to China Central Television, the earthquake occurred at 3:49 a.m., and was … Read more

Greenland’s hottest temperature in 1,000 years, this is a disaster that will occur in 2050

JAKARTA – The latest data reveals temperature Greenland continues to increase, even to be hottest in 1,000 years this. Experts fear a catastrophe will occur in 2050. New data has revealed that temperature Of Greenland is the hottest in 1,000 yearsunderscoring the growing impact of human-driven climate change on nature. A study published in the … Read more

Estonia shipping disaster not caused by explosion or collision with submarine

EPA NOS News•Monday, 13:34 Investigations into the shipping disaster with the MS Estonia have not revealed a new cause. The ferry sank in 1994 due to a faulty bow door lock, not an explosion or collision with a submarine, new researchers say in a preliminary conclusion. The investigation follows the broadcast in 2020 of a … Read more

Watch out for Disaster, High Cholesterol Can Bring a Line of These Diseases

Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia – High cholesterol brings its own disaster for sufferers. It turns out that there are a number of diseases that are brought on by high cholesterol. Cholesterol can actually be found naturally in all body cells. However, waxy substances such as fat, if there are too many levels, will cause serious illness, … Read more

Snow disaster in the Czech Republic. The return of winter weather complicated transport

Updated 14:31, 1/18/2023 18. 1. 2023, 06:38 It started to snow heavily in the Czech Republic on Wednesday night. Overnight, snow covered mainly the Liberec and Středočeský regions, it also snowed in Prague and other cities. However, heavy and wet snow soon complicated traffic, even shortly after midnight in Nymburk. Part of the republic was … Read more