Even a million Russians sent to war may not be lacking in the economy. Mobilization, however, means a different disaster for Russia

Hundreds of thousands of Russian men, scared, unhappy, angry, are standing in lines in front of the border crossings so that they don’t have to get on the buses that are supposed to take them to the military training camps. He tries to escape, to bribe, to damage himself so that from the appropriate mouth … Read more

The Kyshtym disaster: The Soviets kept the giant nuclear accident a secret, guarding the site to this day

Secret “Chernobyl”. 45 years ago, Czechoslovakia experienced its own nuclear accident When, thanks to the protests of intellectuals from the Soviet Union and abroad, he went “free” again and was able to travel to England, the Soviet regime decided that it would be best to get rid of Medvedev permanently. Fortunately for him, he was … Read more

They survived a disaster that killed 97 people.. Then they committed suicide!!

To survive a disaster that almost led to death, this means that you are lucky in the opinion of everyone, and it will be said that a “new life” has been written for you, but to survive a disaster that killed 97 people, and then end your life with your own hands? That is the … Read more

Apple’s “jelly disaster” is back?Foreign media broke the news: This time it is Apple Watch Ultra – Free Electronics News 3C Technology

The Apple Watch Ultra is Apple’s first smartwatch built for professional sports. (Photo / Associated Press) Remember the “jelly disaster” of the iPad mini 6 last year? This time it seems to be back on the Apple Watch Ultra! After the release of the iPad mini 6 last year, there was a “jelly rolling” disaster, … Read more

The Bawen-Ungaran Toll Road Disaster in the Early Morning, 5 Lives Abandoned in Elf

Timewater/TribuneJatim.com The condition of the Isuzu Elf and the Fuso truck involved in the accident. Otomotifnet.com – Isuzu Elf the contents of dozens of passengers in shambles on the Ungaran-Bawen Toll Road. The Isuzu Elf was badly crushed after hitting a truck loaded with wood on the Ungaran-Bawen Toll Road KM 438 towards Semarang City, … Read more

“Liège airport is leading our region to disaster”

Betting on Liège Airport means developing our ability to cause harm The current ambition around Liège Airport must be radically reviewed. A chronicle of Inter-Environnement Wallonie (IEW), Climate Coalition, Liège Intergroup of Medical Homes, Greenpeace Belgium, Friends of the Earth or Transport Environment (T&E), Kaya Coalition, Liège Clean Air Committee (CLAP), Collectif 5C , Network … Read more

A major crisis hits the US real estate market.. 2008 disaster looms By Investing.com

© Reuters. Investing.com – A few hours before the release, US home sales data missed expectations, posting consecutive declines, as the data pointed to a recession in general and real estate in particular. The data also indicates that buyers are losing confidence in their economy, especially with mortgage rates rising for the first time since … Read more

Long and nasty recession, stocks fall 40 percent. Doctor Doom predicts disaster

It was only a matter of time before the current pessimistic outlook for the future was joined by an economist who earned the nickname Doctor Doom (in English, Dr. Doom) with his gloomy predictions. And indeed. Nouriel Roubini perceives the current combination of high state and corporate debt with rising interest rates as a lethal … Read more

Yahaira Plasencia sings Karol G’s “Mami” live, but users destroy her with comments VIDEO “Disaster, give her some water, she faints” FARANDULA | SHOWS

During a live broadcast on Instagram, yahaira plasencia she was encouraged to sing the song “Mami” by the Colombian Karol G; however, some users strongly criticized her voice. READ ALSO: Users chancan Gisela Valcárcel for her dress in ‘La Gran Estrella’: “It looks like her baby doll” “Don’t call me again, I even threw away … Read more

Concern is growing on Wall Street about an upcoming economic disaster

Concern escalated among investors and economic analysts in the United States, in the wake of Black Tuesday, as stock exchanges recorded “Wall Street“Its worst performance in more than two years, and it suffered the largest daily losses since June 2020, after expectations that the US Federal Reserve will continue to raise interest rates in order … Read more