Drought: “In Lombardy, the situation is as serious as never before, for now water is available for civil use”

The drought emergency “is a situation of a gravity that has never occurred in Lombardy” and “the situation risks precipitating if a little water does not begin to arrive from the sky”. This was stated by the president of the Region Attilio Fontana, speaking on the morning of Thursday 23 June to Tgcom24 on the … Read more

The biggest fashion disasters in cinema

Clothes can be used in different ways. They can warm us, give us comfort, distinguish the wedding from the prom, for example. With clothes we can feel more like ourselves or transform into a completely different person. But sometimes they can be a disaster, proving that fashion is not for everyone. One of the most … Read more

Spinoza and Stevin Prizes for research into disasters, exoplanets and Parkinson’s

Six scientists will receive the highest awards in Dutch science this year: the Spinoza and Stevin Prizes. Thea Hilhorst, Klaas Landsman, Corné Pieterse and Ignas Snellen receive a Spinoza Prize, the Stevin Prizes go to Bas Bloem and Tanja van der Lippe. They will each receive 2.5 million euros for scientific research. Thea Hilhorst, professor … Read more

After the heat, wind and rain. Fallen trees in Bergamo: 50 calls to the fire brigade – Photo

There were about fifty telephone calls to the Bergamo fire brigade center due to the wave of bad weather which, in the early afternoon of Sunday 5 June, also affected the Bergamo area . No situation of particular gravity, the firefighters themselves know. The interventions following the calls mainly concerned the removal of branches from … Read more

Camilla Parker, her cooking skills, “culinary disasters” and the foods she loves to eat

Although 74 years old, Camilla Parker, Duchess of Cornwall, said she never learned to cook. What’s more, she never liked to experiment in the kitchen, and in the rare moments when she did it, there were “culinary disasters”. And these are her own words. It was Camilla’s turn The future consort queen – on the … Read more

On Friday the funeral of the couple from Gazzaniga. The two injured women remain serious

The funeral in Gazzaniga, in the parish church, at 3 pm On the morning of Tuesday, April 19, the parish priest of Bianzano Don Pietro Covelli went to the cemetery for the blessing of the bodies, also in the presence of the mayor Nerella Zenoni and the deputy mayor Tiziano Dall ‘ Angel. The whole … Read more

Thunderbolt 4 does not support USB 3.1 Gen2?M1 has been tested in foreign countries and has disasters

Apple added Thunderbolt (USB-C) port to M1 series Mac computers, which can support USB 3.1 Gen 2, up to 10Gp/s speed. However, it was found by foreign users that the external transmission speed could not reach 10Gb/s. Currently, many M1 Both Thunderbolt 3 and Thunderbolt 4 have the same problem. Many users have found that … Read more

Tesla autopilot triggers alarm in the US after disasters and deaths

Tesla cars being unloaded at the Fremont plant in California, United States. (AP Photo/Ben Margot, File) (Bloomberg) — Derrick Monet and his wife, Jenna, were driving down an Indiana interstate in 2019 when his Tesla Model 3 sedan, which was running on autopilot, crashed against a parked fire truck. Derrick, then 25, suffered fractures to … Read more

Minimizing Disasters on the Homecoming Route, Tagana Pangandaran Prunes Trees

Pangandaran News, (harapanrakyat.com), – In anticipation of a fallen tree disaster, Tagana Pangandaran, West Java, trimmed trees on the side of the road that were considered dangerous, Tuesday (29/3/2022). “We cut down tree branches and twigs that are quite large in size, and stick out towards the shoulder of the road,” said Head of Tagana … Read more