Yannick, miraculous after being hit by a fleeing driver in Beauraing, is desperately looking for his dog: “I’m offering 500 euros to the person who will allow me to find Smoky”

The driver reversed and fled. Shocked, the walker’s dog disappeared. Dutch tracking dogs are looking for him. Monday evening, Yannick Houbion walks his dog Smoky, a two-year-old Amstaff cross he adopted with his girlfriend. “It was black. We were on a narrow country road, in a village in Beauraing. I heard a car coming at … Read more

RIGHT: Soldiers against vaccination… – Invisible dog

… Some commanders against the constitution There is also opposition to compulsory vaccination against covid ordered by a decree of the Ministry of Health among soldiers. Unvaccinated soldiers are brave David Rožánek in the article Soldiers and police officers: petitions or services? (Young Front Today 7. 1. 2021, p. 9) attacked soldiers who refuse to … Read more

Argument about dog playground is running high: ‘Pictures with name and surname put on Facebook’ | Inland

The starting point for this chaos in the Netherlands’ largest dog paradise is in 2016, when the Broekpolder Dog Playground is established. Although the municipality owns the land, it is happy to outsource the management to the initiator: Sandra Bastemeijer. As chairman of the Broekpolder Dog Playground Association, walking services can contact her from that … Read more

The girl bursts into tears after her mother surprises her by adopting the dog she saw online

Alexandria was browsing the Arizona Humane Society website when a photo of a black and white Pit Bull named Wyatt caught her eye – the 10-year-old quickly realized this was the perfect dog for her family. “As soon as he saw Wyatt, he started crying and knew it was him right away – says Angela, … Read more

Mitsu Murata, ex-wife Sayaka Kanda’s pet dog and 2 shots “The gentle facial expressions are similar” – Sirabee

Mitsu Murata took over Sayaka Kanda’s pet dog, who died suddenly last year as her ex-wife, and released a two-shot photo of her face close to each other. Suddenly died last DecemberSayaka KandaMitsu Murata, a former husband and actor, updated his official Instagram on the 11th. The two shots with Mr. Kanda’s pet dog “Bruzer” … Read more

Doddy Sudrajat Murka Gala Sky Says the Word ‘Dog’, Haji Faisal: What’s the Problem?

PEOPLE’S MIND – Haji Faisal commented on a viral video featuring his grandson, Gala Sky is heard saying the words ‘dog‘. Known, Gala Sky, who was accompanied by Fuji and Fadly, was heard saying words that were considered rude. The live streaming video was then re-uploaded by Doddy Sudrajat who questioned what the grandson said. … Read more

He falls off a slope, his Alaskan Malamute warms him for 13 hours until help arrives: “ There is no limit to friendship and love between man and dog ”

VOLARICE. The image of North, an 8-year-old Alaskan Malamute and his owner, the first above the second around you lying on a stretcher. An image that tells of a misadventure that took place in the mountains, in Croatia, and of the extraordinary relationship that can develop between a dog and his best friend. To spread … Read more