The bad adventure of Cletus, the stray dog ​​who stayed for weeks with his head stuck in a tube

With a metal tube stuck in the head, as if it were a helmet. It is not known exactly how, but the most likely hypothesis is that it was not an accident if Cletus found himself in this anything but funny situation. According to his rescuers, it was a cruel person who put him in … Read more

Tiziano Ferro sees the dog Beau again and is moved

27 August 2020 10:31 The singer posts a video on social media that immortalizes him hugging his emergency doberman READ ALSO> Sleepless night waiting for Tiziano Ferro, his dog Beau urgently operated for internal bleeding “I sincerely thank the vets who allowed us to see Beau for 5 minutes today – he glimpses in the … Read more

Havel the Bats: You won’t believe what she bought her own dog!

He does not skimp on himself or his beloved dog. It Dagmar Havlová recently demonstrated at an event, where she brought out a kidney from Dior for 30 thousand crowns. She took a female Grace with her, which again boasted a luxurious collar from a well-known fashion brand. Havel simply wants her female to be … Read more

United States: Police shot dog to death in Detroit, US yard | Video – USA and Canada – International

An incident that has been classified as an act of animal abuse caused an acute controversy in U.S in the last week. On August 3, a Detroit Police officer was looking for the weapon of a suspect who had fled the authorities. It was a routine procedure. (You may be interested in: Young man dislocates … Read more

After the death of Bocelli’s dog, a complaint was filed for abandoning animals

25 August 2020 16:59 Aidaa wants to shed light on the reasons why Pallina was left alone According to the association, the lack of surveillance on Pallina caused her to fall into the sea and consequent drowning. “According to what was declared in a post and reported by the national and local press on Friday … Read more

He was caught raping the dog! Villagers react: ‘I want this person to be punished’

The incident took place in Hacıyusuf Village of the district on 17 August. Shepherd in the village Hakan Gokturk (42) led the sheep herd to the plateau. However, his dog disappeared soon after. Hakan Göktürk, thinking that his dog left to find food, was one of the villagers in the same area. Murat Kocer and … Read more

Bocelli says goodbye to Pallina: “It’s time to make room in the heart for our little dog …”

“It is above all the moment to thank, for the affection and support you have given us”, we read again in the post signed by the Bocelli family: “Many have mobilized, to look for little Pallina, from the Port Authority to the Police, from local animal protection associations to beach lifeguards … Lots of friends … Read more

TikTok viral: dog hears his owner talk about ‘walking in the street’ and has a curious reaction | video | photos | animals | pets | mexico | united states | social networks | Social networks

A video recently shared on TikTok It has awakened tenderness in thousands of users since these images showed the incredible reaction that a small dog had when hearing that its owner mentioned, on several occasions, that he was going to go to the street to buy. The images of this funny fact became a trend … Read more

MotoGP Styria 2020 – Johann Zarco Called Valentino Rossi Like a Barking Dog

MOTOGP.COM Reale Avintia racer, Johann Zarco, on the Czech Republic MotoGP podium at the Brno Circuit, Sunday (9/8/2020). BOLASPORT.COM – Racer Reale Avintia Racing made a loud insinuation, Johann Zarco, against Valentino Rossi ahead of the race MotoGP Styria 2020 at the Red Bull Ring, Sunday (23/8/2020). According to Johann Zarco, the talk of the … Read more

Andrea Bocelli loses his dog on vacation, appeal on social media – Culture & Shows

Appeal on the social networks of the tenor Andrea Bocelli and his wife Veronica Berti for the loss of their dog, during the holidays in Sardinia. It is a small beige Italian greyhound named Pallina. The specimen was lost in the stretch from Liscia Ruja, in the municipality of Arzachena, to Baia Caddinas, near Golfo … Read more