Days Gone Writer: ‘Don’t Ask For Sequel If You Don’t Buy A Game On Launch’ | News

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JB en ATV: Dayanita and “Uchulú” have fun with the choreography of “I don’t know”

Comic actress Dayanita he did not resist and joined the fever for the theme “I do not know”, and it could not be in the better way than next to the “Uchulú”, tiktoker who became famous with her dance steps on this theme. The funny video clip was shared by the member of “JB en … Read more

Do you often eat fried chicken, but don’t know the owner of KFC in Indonesia? This is the figure, the stock is 40 percent – Currently, who does not know Fried Chicken KFC. Fast food restaurant products KFC these can now be found in all provinces in Indonesia. In Indonesia, a restaurant chain KFC managed by PT Fast Food Indonesia Tbk. The company with the issuer code FAST is actually only the right holder franchise (franchisee) brand KFC … Read more

Freshly vaccinated Kvitová: I don’t mind playing without spectators, it’s hard to force myself into it

Tennis player Petra Kvitová has an unusual defense of her title in Stuttgart. The traditional Porsche car won the triumph from the indoor clay tournament the year before last, but last year could not take place due to the coronavirus pandemic. “It’s definitely weird, but I don’t even think it’s been two years. Time flies,” … Read more

“I don’t understand where the 100K online is coming from on Steam,” Maddison reports of Outriders – Games

Ilya “Maddyson” Davydov, a blogger, streamer and member of the Liberal Democratic Party, gave an assessment to the shooter Ouriders. “I just don’t understand where such a bucket of 100 thousand online on Steam comes from. Was it handed out for free on release, or what? Well, this is really a lot for such a … Read more

Umjiwon Umji has released tips on gardening. “If you don’t have friends, you have to cut it quickly.

Umjiwon Umji revealed the gardening tips for hydrangea and gogwang trees. On the 16th, Actor Umji Won posted a video titled “Let’s talk life while gardening with me” on her YouTube channel’Actor Umji Won’. He said, “I haven’t done any garden management. I should have cut all this. “Because it is the earliest time when … Read more

Alyx, but don’t you have virtual reality glasses? This mod turns Valve’s title into a traditional FPS

Sure, who wouldn’t want to play Half-Life: Alyx. Valve’s work was not only crowned one of the best games ever made for VR, but it was also in the shortlist of candidates to win the GOTY of 2020. Serious thing. However, the title requires a must-have device: virtual reality glasses. Perhaps for this reason, many … Read more

Nazarena Vélez’s anger about the new restrictions: “If you don’t die from the virus, you’ll starve to death”

The new restrictions announced by Alberto Fernández to lower the contagion of coronavirus outraged several celebrities. One of them is Nazarena Velez, who fears that the ghost of quarantine is haunting to stay for several months. In 2020 she did not have a good time with the isolation and now she is very distraught. Dolida … Read more

Don’t buy this! GIS Withdrawn products from Pepco, Lidl, Biedronka, Ikea stores APRIL Throw it out or you will get sick! 04/18/2021

Products withdrawn by GIS in recent days. The list of withdrawn products is getting longer, check which products have been withdrawn by GIS in recent days. Don’t buy this if you don’t want to get sick. The GIS list includes products from popular stores such as Lidl or Biedronka, but also Pepco. Check GIS alerts … Read more