Still don’t have the covid vaccine? These points are active in Medellín

As a result of the increase in covid cases, epidemiologists and public health experts made a new call to the general public to complete their vaccination schedules and apply booster doses. The Ministry of Health recalled that as of last Friday, November 2, at the national level, at least 12 million vaccines were available for … Read more

Woman died due to serious incident in ‘relational atmosphere’, man from Huissen arrested | Don’t miss these stories

MET VIDEO | updateHUISSEN – In the night from Sunday to Monday, a woman died in a serious incident in an apartment at the Stoeterij in Huissen. A man was also seriously injured. According to the police, this is an incident in the ‘relational sphere’. “I’m really scared of that.” Editorial 5 dec. 2022 Latest … Read more

“I don’t like Islam, it’s a right, isn’t it?”: Véronique Genest’s remarks make people react | TV

Questioned by Mathieu Delormeau on old remarks concerning Islam, Véronique Genest explained that she had nothing “against Muslims”, but she specified “to hate religions”. And to persist after the excerpt from her controversial interview: “Semantically, Islamophobia speaks of Islam and not of Muslims”, she says. “I don’t like religions and I don’t like Islam, it’s … Read more

Many Don’t Like Ducati Dropping 4 Teams in MotoGP 2022, CEO of Dorna Sports Opens Voice: Okezone Sports

MADRID – CEO Dorna Sports, Carmelo Ezpeleta is aware that there are many pros and cons when letting Ducati field four teams at MotoGP 2022. However, he feels that it is natural for this to happen and he also feels that this proves that currently Ducati is capable of being better than other factory teams … Read more

I don’t remember such actions to destroy the “Russian world” as this war since ancient times / GORDON

“Actions to destroy that very “Russian world” that you asked me about three years ago: “What is it?” – and I answered: “Let’s ask the one who invented it.” I don’t remember such actions from ancient times. Because even during the terrible Second World War, everything was somehow simpler … Now there is a stupid … Read more

Streamer xQc is criticized for not finishing his meal and he gets irritated telling his viewers “I don’t give a f…”

Editorial: Gaming / Facebook / Twitter / Roof / Instagram / Discord If we talk about popular streamers we must talk about xQc, who has an audience of more than 11 million followers on Twitch and another 2 million subscribers on his YouTube channel. Perhaps it is because of his fame that there is always … Read more

Magdalena Stępień about the first Christmas without Oliwa: “I don’t know how I will bear it”

Trying to get back to normal life Magdalena Stepien recently gave another interview in which she once again spoke about mourning after the loss of a child. In conversation Krystyna Przybylska w “City of Women“, the celebrity honestly confessed that she is facing cruel comments that make it difficult for her to return to normal. Recall … Read more

“We have a rollable phone! Don’t be afraid of ultra-fast charging anymore!” (Interview/podcast with Răzvan Sturza, Motorola Romania Lead)

One of the most common complaints of Mobilissimo readers, judging by the comments on YouTube, is to resume the podcast series Mobicast. In a way she exists and reinvents herself and the newest episode was a discussion of about an hour with Razvan Sturza, Sales Lead Motorola Romania. We talked about what Moto has prepared … Read more

– I don’t think it will be charming – NRK Sport – Sports news, results and broadcasting schedule

– After a career-defining injury, you make a comeback in a sprint that you might not be able to do until the following year, and then you win by three seconds and are dissatisfied… I don’t think it will be charming. I cheer for those who like to win, and who love to win, says … Read more

The Issue Jokowi Will Act If the Presidential Candidate Votes Don’t Reach 30%, Here’s the Survey

Jakarta – PKB DPP chairman Faisol Riza is sure President Jokowi will take serious steps after seeing that the presidential candidate’s votes did not reach 30% in the survey. Here’s the latest survey update for presidential candidates. Previously, Faisol revealed this through an upload via his personal Instagram account @faisol8418. He expressed confidence that Jokowi … Read more