Véronique gets scammed for 3 tickets at 105€ each for the Stromae concert: “I don’t feel like a pigeon, yet I got cheated”

Véronique’s story is that of the promise of a moment of celebration, which turns out to be a scam. It is also that of a devoted grandmother, who wanted to mark the occasion for the birthday of her grandson Loïc. A year ago, she bought three tickets for the Stromae concert on the best-ticket.com site. … Read more

“No, we don’t do privilege”

** ********* ******** ** **** ** ****** ** ******** ****** ** ******* ******* ******* ******** *** ******* ** ******** *** ******** ****** **** ** **** ****** ******* ** **** ** ******** ******* ** ********** ** ********** *********** *** ** ********** ** ******* *** *** ******* ******* * ***** ******* *** *** ** *********** *** ******** … Read more

Don’t buy AirPods at Apple, buy them at Amazon because they are cheaper

Apple AirPods are available at a huge price cut on Amazon. AirPods are top sellers in the wireless headphone market join the conversation Apple AirPods are The best wireless headphones on the market and with a big difference. We recently analyzed a comparison between AirPods Pro 2 and Nothing Ear (2), with one of the … Read more

Chiefs! Don’t be too confident if the bank crisis in the US doesn’t want to spread to Indonesia

By Eko B Supriyanto, Chief Editor of Infobank SO not a single economist, as well as banking authority officials, both from Bank Indonesia (BI) and from the Financial Services Authority (OJK), as well as from the Deposit Insurance Corporation (LPS), who said that the collapse of Silicon Valley Bank (SVB) would spread to Indonesia. In … Read more

Don’t ask, assault only elementary school students on the street… Arrest and indictment of a man in his 50s

Incheon District Prosecutor’s Office./News 1 A man in his 50s, who was arrested after a year and a half of being wanted after assaulting two elementary school students he saw for the first time for no reason and running away, was handed over to trial. The 3rd Criminal Division of the Incheon District Prosecutor’s Office … Read more

British Intelligence: Don’t believe enlistment will be voluntary only

MUST WATCH: Russian President Vladimir Putin. Photo: GAVRIIL GRIGOROV / AFP The British do not believe that Russia will be able to recruit 400,000 new soldiers on an exclusively voluntary basis. Published: Yesterday 11:15 Updated yesterday 11:29 In an update from the British Ministry of Defense on their intelligence, they appear to confirm what independent … Read more

Don’t Install the Free Application to Watch YouTube Without Ads

Novina Putri BestariCNBC Indonesia Tech Thursday, 30/03/2023 07:45 WIB Photo: Youtube (AP/Patrick Semansky) Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia – Don’t be tempted to download a free application to watch YouTube without ads. Because those third-party applications are not allowed by the video-sharing technology giant to be used. For information, Youtube users will watch advertisements while enjoying content … Read more

Analysis Anno 1800 Console Edition for PS5 and Xbox Series: “After 169 hours on PC I fell into the trap again, and now I don’t want to play anything else”

Ubisoft brings one of its best-rated strategy games to PS5 and Xbox Series, and it does it right. March 29, 2023, 18:10 – Updated March 31, 2023, 09:04 I just wanted to play around for a bit to see how it would play on consoles and I was totally done hooked for hours repeating to … Read more

Ukrainians are undead, don’t feel sorry for a single one. A propagandist on Russian TV openly calls for genocide

“They are animals. They no longer have a human box. There is no need to feel sorry for them, not even one of those against whom the Russian army is fighting. They are the undead who rise from the graves. Like in the TV series,” Mardan said of Ukrainians defending their homeland against unprovoked Russian … Read more

WC hockey 2023 | Circus! I don’t recognize the World Cup without the Russians, says the winner of the Golden Hockey Stick. Vůjtek would release players from the KHL

“Does anyone really enjoy this topic anymore? What is this good for? It’s a circus and nothing else. I do not recognize the world championship without the Russians. This is not the World Cup. Are they? They are not!” says the 62-year-old former forward Igor Liba, who won two medals at the Olympic Games and … Read more