Boris Johnson: Don’t Worry Kids, COVID Won’t Stop Santa Claus

LONDON, Nov 25 (Reuters) – The COVID-19 pandemic will not stop Santa Claus from delivering his gifts, British Prime Minister Boris Johnson said in a letter published Wednesday, citing medical experts who said there are no health risks. for children if they follow the rules. Johnson offered guarantees to an 8-year-old named Monti, who had … Read more

10 Interesting Facts About Sperm That Men Don’t Know

Most everyone, including men, only knows that sperm contributes to conception to help people maintain their race without knowing that there are many interesting things about these little “warriors.” The sperm formation process and the 5 facts surprise you To get the healthiest sperm, men go to sleep in this “golden moment” 1. Almost 90% … Read more

Weekly sports agenda from November 23 to 29 Don’t miss any sport!

For that sports lover in you, no matter what sports discipline you are a fan of, here we present the sports agenda of the most relevant events for this week that begins. MONDAY 23 Futbol soccer LaLiga Santander Matchday 10 Athletic vs Betis 2:00 p.m. Premiere League Related news Jornada 9 Burnley vs Crystal Palace … Read more

Kevin De Bruyne’s incredible confession: “I don’t know the rules”

The victory of Tottenham versus Manchester City left one of the most controversial plays of the date after the disallowed goal to Guardiola’s team. The referee decreed through the VAR that there was a previous hand of Gabriel Jesús, invalidating the play. In this context, Kevin De Bruyne He spoke to the press and declared … Read more

Alejandra Fosalba and her criticism of television “when they don’t need you they get rid of you”

The well-known actress Alejandra Fosalba was part of the podcast Kings of Drama, space that is also broadcast on YouTube specialized in Chilean soap operas, where they remembered their 30 years of experience and the most important moments of his career. Fosalba that recently joined the cast of Hidden Truths, from Mega, spoke about his … Read more

An influencer suffers a beating in Barcelona for being trans: “I don’t want to die tomorrow”

This Friday, Eva Vildosola has suffered a beating for being transsexual in Barcelona. The influencer wanted to narrate what happened through social networks, to claim that it does not happen again. “No more transphobia please I don’t want to die tomorrow“he requested. “Today I left the house and as soon as I left, I hadn’t … Read more

Esperanza Sebastián: «Many times we hear, but we don’t listen»

Zaragozana by birth, Esperanza Sebastián has lived in Tarragona for two decades, where she teaches at a secondary school. She is also an educator and coach, but above all, a person full of vitality. After suffering from breast cancer twenty years ago, she decided that victimhood would not help her. At that time he continued … Read more

PlayStation: we don’t like the term “console warfare”

Editorial: Gaming / Facebook / Twitter / YouTube / Instagram / News / Discord / Forums Console gaming always gives something to talk about because each of the 3 brands, PlayStation, Xbox and Nintendo, have their fan base and many of them do not hesitate to demerit the work of the other and defend their … Read more

Tesla Stock: Don’t Miss This Analysis!

Street Research’s new managing partner, Pierre Ferragu, said the electric vehicle loans were for Tesla Inc. (NASDAQ:TSLA) are short-term and will expire in three to four years. In an interview with Fox Business, he added that EV loans are not included in his earnings model. The Tesla analyst New Street Research analyst Pierre Ferragu upgraded … Read more