The fourth dose of the covid vaccine stagnates: less than half of those over 60 have received it | Society

—Is the fourth dose of the covid mandatory? Asks a woman in her 70s at a health center in Madrid. —No, none is mandatory, but you can put it with the flu, the administrative responds. —Ah, well, then only the flu, I’ve already had many vaccines. This conversation took place a few days ago and … Read more

The world’s highest price is 4.7 billion won per dose… what kind of medicine is it

Photo = Getty Image Bank As the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approved CSL Baring’s hemophilia treatment ‘Hemgenics’, it became the world’s most expensive drug. According to Bloomberg News on the 23rd (local time), the FDA approved a hemophilia treatment launched by CSL Barings on the same day. Hemophilia is a disease in which … Read more

Jokowi Injected Fourth Dose of Covid-19 Vaccine Today

Jakarta, CNNIndonesia — President Joko Widodo will receive the vaccine Covid-19 fourth dose of the day. The injection was carried out at the Bogor Presidential Palace. Jokowi will follow the vaccination booster for the elderly. This action was taken after the Ministry of Health (Kemenkes) authorized the fourth dose of vaccination for the elderly. “Yes … Read more

Nurse accused of publicizing the third dose of Alejandro Gil’s vaccine against Covid wins labor lawsuit against Clínica Las Condes

The 1st Labor Court of Santiago partially accepted the lawsuit filed by the former nurse at Clínica Las Condes (CLC), Carla Garrido, for unfair dismissal. This, after reporting through an internal platform that the president of the company, Alejandro Gil Gómez, had applied a third dose of the Covid-19 vaccine without the required authorizations. In … Read more

This is how industry managers tackle the demands of remote work – “must be in the right dose”

There was a time, not quite as long ago as it seems, when you were at work five days a week. What was then completely normal has been radically redrawn during and after the pandemic. But what the normal model will look like going forward is still emerging. And which is best depends, as usual, … Read more

What diseases should be vaccinated with the fourth dose of the covid

With the Combined vaccination campaign against covid and flu at full capacity in Aragon, the convictions of the population continue to be very different in terms of getting vaccinated with this booster and doing it in combination with the flu. The recommendations of the health authorities are clear in this regard for the general population: … Read more

The fifth dose against Covid has a novelty in the City and there is a curious fact

Porteños over 50 years of age can be reinforced without prior shift. At the same time, more than a thousand people per day in the country still apply the first dose. The vaccination campaign against Covid is about to be fulfilled two years in Argentina. A few days ago, the health authorities summoned all those … Read more

Ceuta, reluctant to receive the fourth dose of the covid vaccine

At the end of September, Sanidad and Ingesa began to administer the fourth dose of the covid vaccine. A second vaccine booster indicated for people over 60 years of age, workers in health and social health centers (such as residences, day centers, etc.) and risk groups, among which are the immunosuppressed or pregnant women. Almost … Read more