‘Cheap asthma drug shortens Covid-19 recovery time by 3 days’

A cheap medicine, often used to treat asthma, can help people recover faster from Covid-19 at home. This is evident from a British investigation. Researchers of the University of Oxford have shown that early treatment with budesonide inhalation can shorten the recovery time of Covid-19 patients who do not need to be hospitalized by up … Read more

The dean of the Faculty of Pharmacy at UCL puts psychosis vis-à-vis AstraZeneca into perspective: “Every year, people die from the side effects of a drug”

Dean of the Faculty of Pharmacy at UCLouvain, Emmanuel Hermans relativizes psychosis vis-à-vis AstraZeneca. For several weeks, the vaccine offered by AstraZeneca to counter the coronavirus is in the headlines because of the cases of thrombosis (a little more than 200) sometimes fatal reported on some 34 million doses injected. Today, it is the Johnson … Read more

Dramatic, Hundreds of Police Raid Drug Villages in Palembang, Allegedly Backed by Unscrupulous People

KOMPAS.com – Hundreds Police raided Tangga Buntung Village on Jalan M Kadir, Ilir Barat (IB) II District Palembang, South Sumatra, Sunday (11/4/2021). According to the Head of the Palembang Police Drug Research Unit AKBP Andi Supriadi, the village is known as drug den and is suspected of having a lot of backing from the security … Read more

Last year hit Ojol until dying, this time June was caught in an ambush in a drug village – South Sumatra Update

Report: Haris Widodo palembang, Sumselupdate.com – Muhammad Juni (43) has to deal with the police again. This resident of Lorong Manggis, Kelurahan 36 Ilir, Gandus Palembang Subdistrict, was arrested during the ambush of the Narcotics Village in the Tangga Buntung Palembang, Sunday (11/4/2021) morning. The joint team of the Palembang Police’s Narcotics Unit, the South … Read more

Ban Rai Saisamon EP.7 Mai Tawan being accused of being a drug user The owner of the farm’s beloved horse

March 17, 2021, 8:30 a.m. Ban Rai Saisamon EP.7 Nim (Kwin Tra Phichak) with Jessie (Pimchanok Kaew, large group) Pretend Mai Tawan (Phatchaya Phian always) By poisoning that horse Pranee (Darunthitakuin) I love it very much. Everyone thinks, but it does. Tawan do Eggs (Napat Chumchittri) Hurry to call and tell Warlords (Chonkun Poonsiriwong) That … Read more

‘Pilots Surinamese private plane in Brazil free after false drug report’

Brazilian police have arrested two crew members of a private plane at Belém airport. They would travel by plane to Suriname with bottles of cosmetics containing drugs. This was announced by the Brazilian Ministry of Justice and reports Waterfront. The pilots would have been released after two days because of a ‘false drug report’. The … Read more

United States requests extradition of Honduran for drug trafficking

Tegucigalpa, Honduras. The Supreme Court of Justice (CSJ) confirmed this Thursday that it received an extradition request from the United States Justice against a Honduran linked to drug trafficking. The information was made official by Melvin duarte, spokesperson for the They poderl, through official media. Duarte detailed that they received as an institution the request … Read more

Because of a drug store, this 18-year-old teenager has Rp.47 trillion in assets

Jakarta – Kevin David Lehmann, a man who turns 18 this year has become a rich man. His name is in the ranks of the richest people in the world and is the youngest. Kevin David Lehmann managed to become the richest young man in the world after being inherited by his father, who is … Read more

Crazy after seeing LaMelo’s position in the ESPN ranking: “Someone needs a drug test”

The ranking consisted of three ESPN analysts, Bobby Marks, Kevin Pelton and Mike Schmitz. For the second year in a row, the first place in this ranking was taken by the Slovenian Luka Dončičius, and the leader of the Dallas Mavericks was awarded the first place by all three experts. Second place went to New … Read more

The hope of ‘cancer’ drug in the treatment of Kovid-19!

class=”cf”> A new study, used in chemotherapy treatments “TopotecanThe new type of coronavirus of the drug named “Kovid-19) also revealed that it can cure. According to Bernama’s report, in the research conducted by the National University of Singapore Cancer Institute (NCIS) and the Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai in New York, USA, in … Read more