Index – Domestic – “Vaccines can’t get off the drug” – Our Hungary held a demonstration in Budapest

Once again, our country held an anti-vaccination demonstration against the so-called “Covid dictatorship” in front of the building of the State Secretariat for Health in Budapest. According to Telex, thousands gathered for 3 p.m., from where they marched on to the building of the State Secretariat for Public Education belonging to Emmi on Szalay Street. … Read more

What’s the deal with the myth of the “zombie drug”?

Inspector Thiel (Axel Prahl) is suspected of murder in the current episode – a crime classic! Inspector Thiel (Axel Prahl, left) and Professor Boerne (Jan Josef Liefers) arrive at a crime scene to which no one called them. Inspector Thiel (Axel Prahl, left) is very concerned about his “father” (Claus D. Clausnitzer), who has been … Read more

Ketamine may be revolutionary drug against depression –

The advance of psychedelic drugs to remedy psychological problems is fast. Ketamine nasal spray is already on sale for depression. But doctors are now warning against hasty introduction of the drugs. Ketamine, MDMA and psylocibine are especially popular against depression, writes the NOS. But the problem is that patients start experimenting themselves, while it is … Read more

US Senator Demands Answer From Mark On “Drug Use”

US Senator Josh Hawley has asked Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg for an answer and clarification regarding a report that the Instagram app makes it easier for minors to search for drugs. In his letter to Mark, Hawley wrote, “The report’s findings are shocking, especially as our nation faces an epidemic of drug overdose and a … Read more

The figure of Bripka Ricardo, who called the Medan Police Chief Received a bribe, was charged with stealing evidence of Rp. 650 million belonging to a drug dealer. – Circulating the Head of Police Headquarters Medan Kombes Pol Riko Sunarko is suspected of receiving money bribe Rp. 75 million from the wife of a drug dealer. The news first appeared during the trial drug case with witness Brigadier Ricardo at the Medan District Court on Wednesday (12/1/20221). Not only name Medan Police … Read more

Keta may be ‘revolutionary’ drug for depression, but there are also concerns

Psychedelics, such as MDMA, ketamine and psilocybin, are on the rise as drugs for post-traumatic stress disorder or depression. For example, the first people with depression are already being treated with a ketamine nasal spray. The medical world is enthusiastic, but also warns against a too rapid and ill-considered introduction to the market. Because there … Read more

Terrifying! Mexican Drug Cartel Fires Bombs from Drones at Rival Headquarters

Video of the bombing by Mexico’s deadly drug cartel, the Jalisco New Generation, into the camp of its rivals. (Source: Twitter via New York Post) MEXICO CITY, KOMPAS.TV – A grisly moment occurs when Mexico’s deadly drug cartel fires a bomb from the drone to rival headquarters. This attack is part of the war over … Read more

Martin Shkreli: The drug king must pay 64 million dollars for manipulating the price of a drug | Economy

Martin Shkreli, durante su arresto por fraude.Andrew Burton (Getty) Pharmaceutical entrepreneur Martin Shkreli, for a time nicknamed “the most hated man in America”, has been found guilty of monopoly this Friday and sentenced to pay 64 million dollars, the equivalent of the profits he obtained by buying the patent of a cheap drug and then … Read more

Statement from WHO about the Covid-19 drug: Recommendation in February

Go upstairs Officials from the World Health Organization (WHO) announced at the beginning of February that a recommendation decision for the oral coronavirus drug molnupiravir will be made soon. Senior names from the World Health Organization, which continues their work within the United Nations, made a statement about the Covid-19 drug molnupiravir developed by the … Read more

[단독]Celltrion’s Corona 19 antibody drug ‘Rekkorna’ gets conditional approval from Switzerland

Celltrion’s COVID-19 antibody treatment ‘Rekkorna (ingredient regdanvirab)’ received conditional approval from the Swiss pharmaceutical regulatory authority on the 13th. On November 13, last year, the European Commission (EC) received official approval for the first COVID-19 antibody treatment in Europe. As Switzerland is not a member of the EU, it has received a separate permit procedure. … Read more