Drugs with photos of Totò Riina and Matteo Messina Denaro, 28-year-old arrested

Drug “branded” Messina Denaro and Riina. The carabinieri of the Marsala operational and mobile radio unit, coordinated by the local prosecutor’s office, discovered a real wholesale depot of narcotic substances which also served as a laboratory for cutting and packaging doses. For days, the military had controlled the entrance to a warehouse in the Marsala … Read more

New method to identify functional protein forms and explore their associations with drug sensitivity

Bild: Section: Rozbeh Jafari, senior researcher at the Department of Oncology-Pathology. Photo: Private The study examines the thermostability of proteins using graph theory to identify cases where fractions of a given protein melt differently. In these cases, the method can identify that the protein probably exists in several physical forms, so-called protein forms. Therefore, one … Read more

Semaglutide: the risks of the weight loss drug

Credit, Getty Images Article information Author, Essay Role, BBC News World March 20, 2023 Businessman Elon Musk claims that he has already used semaglutide and, according to some US media, starting this treatment has become “Hollywood’s worst kept secret”. It is a weight loss injection whose popularity is growing in many parts of the world … Read more

How Bergen aan Zee became the setting of a revenge attack in the international drug circuit

“Yes, we’re coming home. We shot with those Colombians,” says Macedonian Enes I. in a voice message that the police will later intercept. It is a little past four thirty, on February 16, 2021. He talks quickly, hurriedly. “Do you know what happened? Bam, bam, bam, bam, bam, bam. Prrr, prrr, bababambambam.” And: “I think … Read more

Yeast vaccine: trials of a drug against several types of cancer are being completed in Russia

“Cheaper than foreign” In 2020, the research and production company “Combiotech” and the Kirov manufacturer of vaccines “Nanolek” announced on a joint project to develop and market the first domestic quadrivalent human papillomavirus (HPV) vaccine. It is called quadrivalent because it protects against the four most common dangerous strains of the virus. HPV causes cancer … Read more

a cholesterol-lowering drug could be effective in treating Parkinson’s disease

Although more than 75% of the applications of artificial intelligence in medicine consist in the processing and interpretation of imaging results, a recent study proved that AI algorithms can also be useful in identifying new therapeutic indications for drugs currently used to treat various conditions. In the analysis, artificial intelligence was used to natural language … Read more

Drug Drops Infect Patient’s Eyes, One Person Dies in America, 4 People Have Eye Lifting Operations

WASHINGTON, DISWAY.ID — The American Centers for Disease Control and Prevention identified at least 68 patients in 16 US states with the infection. This infection is most likely caused by bacteria that are in the eye drops they use. The eye drops are called EzriCare and are made in India by Global Pharma Healthcare. READ … Read more

drug dealers terrorize a neighborhood of this city

Life becomes difficult for the inhabitants of Antwerp who live near Place De Coninck. For several years, drug dealers have invaded the neighborhood and carry out their dirty work with impunity. Local residents are trying to alert the authorities to their situation, which is no longer tenable. “There is a climate of impunity and we … Read more

FDA advisors voted in favor of licensing the anti-corona drug Paxlovid

Dubai, United Arab Emirates (CNN) — US Food and Drug Administration advisors voted in favor of full approval of the drug Paxlovid by 16 out of 17, Thursday, noting that the benefits of the drug, which treats mild to moderate “Covid-19” disease in adults more Vulnerable to severe disease, the risk of which is greater, … Read more