Via Carpatia entered on the list of the main communication routes of the European Union!

The Ministry of Infrastructure informed about the entry of the Via Carpatia route into the TEN-T (Trans-European Transport Network) core network of the European Union. In practice, this means a guarantee of co-financing of the entire expressway from Lithuania to Greece (including the S19 expressway) from EU funds. The Trans-European Transport Network is an instrument … Read more

The thief threw heroin at the German police officers. you saw me off duty

<!—-> A 48-year-old Croatian police officer was arrested for stealing from a DIY store. In addition, they found a lot of money, some money and drugs in his office, including heroin and cocaine. At one point, he took his bag with the drugs and started to fight them to the toilet, especially to flush them. … Read more

Allegedly Drug Party, 5 Youths in Empang Arrested

SUMBAWA BESAR, samawarea com (6 December 2022)– A house located in Cempaka Putih Hamlet, Pemanto Village, Empang District, Sumbawa Regency, which is suspected of being the site of a drug party, was raided by a team from the Narcotics Research Unit of the Sumbawa Police, yesterday evening. During the raid five people were arrested. From … Read more

Two died in trials of promising Swedish Alzheimer’s medicine

The shares of the companies BioArctic, Biogen and Eisai fell heavily on the stock exchanges in Stockholm, New York and Tokyo. Financiers had caught wind of the article in Science about the 65-year-old woman in Chicago who died under very dramatic circumstances. Need for an Alzheimer’s drug On Wednesday, the BBC and CNN wrote about … Read more

Final Fantasy 16 will be very dark: it will include elements such as torture, suicide, drug use and other more complex themes – Final Fantasy XVI

The fans of the saga Final Fantasy they want to Final Fantasy XVIa title that, as the weeks go by, shows more information and different trailers. Little by little they are showing more information and from Square Enix they want a pitch to match. We recently reported that Final Fantasy XVI made the cut in … Read more

They develop a vaccine against fentanyl, how would this anti-drug dose work? – The Sun of Tampico

The University of Houstonin association with other organizations, works actively in the development of a vaccine to avoid the effects of fentanyla synthetic opioid with a high degree of addiction. the urgency of vaccine is a consequence of the figures reported by the United States National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA), which registered, in 2017, … Read more

INPS disability is certain today and you can afford a drug that reduces it by 70%, goodbye statins

Cholesterol is a disease that affects many Italians. Although it is often commonly said that we suffer from cholesterol, in reality the problem is high cholesterol. In fact, high cholesterol is the cause of many disturbances in the body and is a real silent enemy of health. But now there is a drug called pcsk9 … Read more

Good news: Food prices fall | Results Alzheimer’s drug ‘historic’ | inland

Due to the bad news that usually dominates, the good news sometimes snows under. That’s why we’re listing some positive and cheerful messages on Saturday. With this week: food prices are falling and are almost back to 2021 levels, the results of a new Alzheimer’s drug are “historic” and the French baguette has been … Read more

Do women age differently from men? Fruit fly studies reveal how sex determines responses to anti-aging drug rapamycin

The life expectancy of women is significantly higher than that of men. However, women also suffer more often from age-related diseases and adverse drug reactions. “Our long-term goal is to ensure that men live as long as women and also women as healthy as men at the end of their lives. But for that, we … Read more