Amazing! It doesn’t fall and dry, this is what happens when we squeeze a wet cloth in outer space

CSA Astronot / Wion News JAKARTA, It’s fun to observe astronaut in space bouncing in zero gravity. Even though we theoretically know that space has no gravity, it’s actually funny to see zero gravity in action. Like solids, liquids act strangely in zero gravity. But it’s kind of hard to imagine how it would … Read more

These are the most common problems for dry skin [ingezonden mededeling]

As one of the symptoms of skin discoloration, there is a dry skin that appear in the morning. The place where these dry spots develop varies from person to person. It is a common condition that affects people of all ages. The most common cause of dry skin is excessive sun exposure and excessive bathing. … Read more

“Weave dry towels too”… KEPCO mobilizes self-rescue measures ahead of electricity rate hike

[세종=뉴스핌] Reporter Eun-seok Lim = The price increase was delayed as the price authorities demanded additional self-rescue measures in response to the request for an increase in electricity rates for KEPCO, which is recording the worst deficit in history. It seems that the price authorities judged that KEPCO’s management improvement measures were insufficient. KEPCO is … Read more

The dry odor on a rainy day was caused by “how to wash”. The secret of laundry taught by the prince of laundry-Getting closer to IT.Softbank news

If it’s cloudy or rainy, it’s hard to dry the laundry outside. “Maybe it’s because the room is dried, the clothes smell …” “The laundry doesn’t dry easily.” I want to break away from such “trouble”! Therefore, I asked Yuichi Nakamura, also known as the “Laundry Prince,” to teach me the correct laundry technique that … Read more

A summer influx of buyers has started in the Veisiejai market: some prices are gratifying, others are forcing them to dry up

There was an annoying mushroom rain on that Thursday, I didn’t want to slip into the market for even longer, because most of the vendors started packing their goods very early, and the rest were covered in cellophane so much that they couldn’t see what was being sold there. Seeing this, buyers also did not … Read more

A sharp chatter between the deputy head of the Zeenski chancellery and an important Hungarian politician. “You will know the wasp dry” | News from the world

“People have always been wise and have known for ages how to respond to completely unacceptable, barbaric statements by non-politicians” – writes Andriy Sybiha in his Facebook post. The deputy head of the office of Volodymyr Zelensky in the next sentence specifies that he refers to the “disrespectful” Hungarian chairman Parliament. “The one who is … Read more

Footballer Zouma received 180 hours of community service for torturing cats

Zouma was indicted on the basis of a video his brother posted on social media in early February. A twenty-seven-year-old stopper threw one of his cats on the floor and kicked her across the kitchen. Other times he slapped the animals or threw shoes at them. The French defender later apologized for his behavior, but … Read more

Archaeologists have discovered a 3,400-year-old city at the bottom of a dry reservoir. It belonged to the ancient Mitanni Empire – ČT24 – Czech Television

“The warehouse building is of special importance because it had to store a huge amount of goods, which were probably brought from a wide area,” said archaeologist Ivana Puljizová. Qasim adds: “The results of the excavations show that this site was an important center in the Mitanni Empire.” The scientist was surprised at how good … Read more