Fellow Dutch Players Target Liverpool to Replace Georginio Wijnaldum

TWITTER.COM/INSTANTFOOT Liverpool midfielder Georginio Wijnaldum is reportedly heading to Barcelona soon. <!– –> BOLASPORT.COM – Liverpool reportedly targeting a fellow Dutchman as a substitute Georginio Wijnaldum. Less than three months on the contract Georginio Wijnaldum of Liverpool will end. Time of devotion Georginio Wijnaldum will end in June 2021. Opportunity of leaving Georginio Wijnaldum steadily … Read more

Revolución! Majority of the Dutch are DONE with ridiculous one-visitor measure – De Dagaily Standaard

More and more people are done with the ridiculous, authoritarian, and utterly unnecessary one-visitor measure of the crazed corona cabinet. I am not just saying that, no, even the Behavioral Unit of the RIVM admits it. from research This Behavioral Unit shows that only 47% of the Dutch support the backward corona measure that states … Read more

Norwegian shipping officials began sailing a dangerously drifting Dutch ship

The crew of the 12-member Eemslift Hendrika was rescued on Monday during a complex two-stage operation after the crew of a ship sailing from the German city of Bremerhaven to the Norwegian port of Colveride sent a distress signal. The ship was carrying several smaller ships, and as the cargo shifted during the storm, the … Read more

Koronawirius, Holidays in 2021 Poles boldly plan this year’s holidays, behind the Germans and the Dutch

56 percent Europeans are positive about summer holidays and only 27% are reluctant to travel in the next six months. 1 in 2 Europeans are more optimistic about travel due to the introduction of the vaccine The limited scope of holiday activities, caused by restrictions related to COVID-19, weighs Europeans at heart Hope for a … Read more

The evacuated and adrift Dutch ship is now in danger of sinking

AGI – The Eemslift Hendrika is adrift and in danger of sinking, the Dutch container ship evacuated yesterday after it crashed in Norwegian waters, 60 nautical miles from Olesund, in the midst of a storm. Local authorities report it. All 12 crew members were rescued. The risk is now that the boat will sink and … Read more

Three Dutch cocaine takers arrested in the port of Antwerp

The Belgian police arrested three Dutchmen (21, 26, 26) on suspicion of drug trafficking in the Waaslandhaven in Antwerp on Wednesday night. They were spotted by port personnel when they broke open containers at quay 1333. That reports TV East. The shipping police called up found loads of cocaine in the containers and were able … Read more

Thousands of Dutch roses decorate St. Peter’s Basilica during Easter Mass | NOW

Pope Francis gave his blessing urbi et orbi on Sunday in a St. Peter’s Basilica decorated with Dutch roses in the Vatican City. Due to the lockdown in Italy, there was for the second year in a row no grand Dutch rose splendor on St. Peter’s Square on Easter Sunday, as was the case for … Read more

Research Report on Purple Sand Ceramic Teapots Market 2021-2027 Top Players – Cusinium, Tealyra, For Life Design, Hiware, Fitz and Floyd, Old Dutch Foods

In the latest research on the Purple Sand Ceramic Teapot Market 2021 report, we have offered an accurate and thorough assessment of the global Purple Sand Ceramic Teapot industry trends and forecast up to 2027. It also includes many industry-oriented aspects such as Purple Sand Ceramic Teapot market share, sales revenue, market assessments, key statistics … Read more

Look! The Dutch support Pieter Omtzigt en masse, CDA politician support march great success – De Dagaily Standaard

Today a ‘support march’ for CDA politician Pieter Omtzigt took place in Enschede. Dozens of people and demonstrators wanted to convey a message with this: they think it is scandalous what is happening with Omtzigt. The MP can count on a lot of support from the Dutch due to his party’s whispering campaign. This morning … Read more