Crytek threatens Dutch mud because of camera mods

Bouma, who owns Patreon-page creates mods that allow adding custom photo modes to PC games. This allows players to use the game’s camera to take screenshots. It also allows users to adjust various elements such as time of day and resolution. Bouma announced on social media earlier this week that he has removed two mods … Read more

Amazon transfers German Prime subscriptions to the Dutch version without being asked – IT Pro – News

Amazon has unilaterally transferred customers with a Prime subscription for Amazon Germany to a subscription for Amazon Netherlands in the past week. Customers complain about poor communication about this step and about undesirable consequences. Various customers with a Prime subscription for the Netherlands at received an email from Amazon last Tuesday, stating that they … Read more

Dutch DNA technology enables rapid hunting of criminals | NOW

Published on January 13, 2022 5:12 PM Criminals can now be detected faster. At least, if it is up to the Netherlands Forensic Institute. With the ‘Quick ID-line’, a DNA trace can now be automatically matched to a criminal in three days – a world first. Previously, this partly human work took weeks. That is … Read more

More and more questions about the meaning of an exceptional Dutch lockdown: “A mistake”

© BELGAIMAGE The Netherlands was the only European country to go into lockdown in December. Some experts defend that decision, others – such as Dr Jeroen Van der Hilst, infectiologist at Jessa Hospital – call it a simple mistake. On Friday, the brand new Dutch government will decide whether the measures will be extended or … Read more

Jeroen Meus wins prestigious Dutch prize: “It’s simple: what he cooks in his stew is sold more and more” | POPULAR IN HLN+ SHOWBIZZ

showbizJeroen Meus (43) and ‘Daily food’: we have considered them as Flemish heritage for some time. This week, the TV chef was the first Belgian to win the prestigious Johannes van Dam prize from our northern neighbors because, according to the jury, he “inspires millions of Flemish and Dutch people in the kitchen”. Or, know … Read more

Dutch study makes chemotherapy safer: ‘We can take away a lot of suffering’

People with colon or pancreatic cancer have a much smaller risk of side effects after chemotherapy if they first undergo a certain DNA test. This is apparent from a large-scale study by Maarten Deenen, hospital pharmacist at the Catharina Hospital in Eindhoven. By first subjecting each patient to such a test, it is possible to … Read more

They had detonated a cash machine in Zaventem for 350,000 euros: two Dutch in Belgian courts

The trial of two Dutch nationals, held responsible for the explosive attack on a bpost cash machine, which took place on January 14, 2020 in Zaventem, will open on Wednesday before the Brussels Criminal Court. The perpetrators managed to escape with loot estimated at 350,000 euros. According to bpost, all ink cassettes were activated when … Read more

Like B. Vanagas – a Dutch truck jumped on several hills, crashed and crashed irreparably

This time, Dutch racer Maurik Van Den Heuvel, who is taking part in a truck race, was unlucky. The athlete, who fought successfully, turned sadly into the last section of the stage – 32 km before the finish. The accident was similar to the accident of Benedict Vanags – without seeing the hills, Maurik Van … Read more