Big bank accounts: That’s how much the bosses of Swiss federal companies earn

In the management salary report published on Wednesday, the Federal Council provides annual information on the salaries of top managers in Swiss federal companies and companies close to the federal government. Compared to the previous year, the CEOs of the federal companies earned more, but at 1.5 percent the increase was small in many cases, … Read more

Football rumors: Ronaldo invites Alves to his club with Marcelo, Dunez will earn almost three times less than Haland, Ronaldo does not want to return to Italy

With the opening of the summer “transition window”, there is no shortage of rumors in the football world about where one or another player’s or coach’s career might turn. Corriere dello Sport announces rumors of Cristiano Ronaldo moving to Rome is a reality. Portugal earns 23 million in Manchester per year. Rome could not pay … Read more

When Aurelien Tchouameni refuses to earn Rp 186 billion per season from PSG

Madrid – Who doesn’t want a big salary? But make Aurelien Tchouameni, the lure of PSG unable to blind his eyes to firmly choose Real Madrid. Aurelien Tchouameni has finally joined Real Madrid in the transfer market this summer. The 22-year-old midfielder was redeemed for 80 million Euros, or the equivalent of IDR 1.2 trillion … Read more

Fixed term: how much do you earn by investing $100,000 after the new rise in the interest rate?

For those individuals or companies that cannot access the foreign exchange market, a alternative to save and making the money yield are the fixed-term deposits. In fact, there are currently $4.661 trillion deposited in this type of banking vehicle. In this sense, it should be noted that this Thursday, June 16, the Central Bank of … Read more

Can you earn 1% per month net of IR with Selic at 13.25%? Simulation shows minimum fee required

With the basic interest rate above the double digits, the search for applications that offer a 1% yield per month has once again become a desire for fixed income investors. Although more feasible, a remuneration of this magnitude, net of Income Tax (IR), is not available in any CDB (Bank Deposit Certificate) – even with … Read more

New American Express Credit Card Allows Customers to Earn Cryptocurrencies That Trade More Than 100 Cryptocurrencies – Bitcoin News

American Express and Abra are introducing a new credit card that allows customers to earn a cryptocurrency reward, “trading in more than 100 different cryptocurrencies” without annual or foreign transaction fees. American Express and Abra issue Crypto Rewards credit card American Express (Amex), cryptocurrency exchange and wallet provider Abra announced on Friday the upcoming launch … Read more

How to earn a MINIMUM SALARY of $42,000 with a fixed term

What is the amount that a saver must invest who wants to earn $42,240 per month, a figure that is equivalent to a minimum salary, through a fixed term By Mariano Jaimovich 08/06/2022 – 15,23hs The traditional fixed term allows you to obtain an income every month by placing an amount of money in the … Read more

“Earn 300,000 euros, you low earner!”

YouTuber Ron Bielecki moans: “I earn 300,000 euros a month, you low earners!” 07.06.2022, 16:0707.06.2022, 16:36 The YouTuber Ron Bielecki makes negative headlines with a video. The 23-year-old German can be seen insulting another man: “We don’t have to deal with such low-income earners!” he shouts. And further: “I earn 300,000 euros a month, you … Read more