a function will allow you to earn money for content in states

The feature operates similarly to Instagram Stories, which have banner ads. In this way, users will be able to share their WhatsApp stories on other social networks to reach a greater number of people and establish faster contact with the company. Currently, the Push Status feature is available in the beta version of WhatsApp Business … Read more

How much do you need to earn to be able to start thinking about a loan now?

Inflation and price increases have affected people’s available funds and they have much less free money than they did a few years ago. This has also affected the possibility of receiving a loan, taking into account that the bank evaluates both the potential borrower’s income and expenses, as well as how much money is left … Read more

here is how much a person who enlists as a soldier would earn

Until now those who intended to become reservists at Defense followed 36 hours of shooting training with an FNC/Scar rifle, compared to 48 hours for active personnel. “About 30.5% of reservist candidates failed the test,” said Defense Minister Ludivine Dedonder, questioned in the Chamber. “Feedback has shown that in some cases this leads to security … Read more

Cheat! The owner of the school let the employees press the right. We travel together. Earn profit. Press a lot and get a lot of bonuses.

Extremely patient, deceitful, the owner of the hotel asked to press the right We travel together, Phase 5. Press a lot, get a lot of bonuses, get 15,000 from the project, but only pay 5,000 to the staff. Illustrations are not relevant to the data. after the project We travel together, Phase 5, starting to … Read more

Messi’s father asked the Saudi team for 600 million euros to earn more than Ronaldo – yqqlm

Messi’s father offers 600 million euros to Saudi football team It was revealed that Messi’s father offered a price of 600 million euros to the Saudi team, asking that he would only go if his income was higher than that of Ronaldo! The Spanish TV station El Chiringuito broke the news that Messi may play … Read more

Cook kept the position of Apple CEO but was cut by 40%: he can only earn 340 million this year – yqqlm

Cook kept the position of Apple CEO but was cut by 40%: he can only earn 340 million this year <!– –> 2023-03-11 15:40:26 Source: Fast Technology Author:Xianrui Editor: Xianrui Comment() Not long ago, there were rumors that Apple’s current CEO Cook would be fired by the board of directors. In fact, this is impossible. … Read more

He sneaked into Schumacher’s villa, didn’t earn a euro. The German explains

Schumacher is a seven-time world champion, his successes were achieved in the years 1994-2004 Although journalists were able to obtain his medical records for 50,000. euros, no one decided to make the information contained therein see the light of day Even today, years later, Schumacher is a great legend for the Germans. The whole country … Read more

What do retired Belgian deputies or ministers earn? The maximum is set at 7,813 euros per month, “a comfortable amount”

The “pension bonuses” received by former presidents of the Chamber have put Herman De Croo and Siegfried Bracke in the hot seat. Illegal supplements or not? This continues to generate a lot of ink. Some claim that it is not a fraud since the amounts in question have been approved, each year, by Parliament… Even … Read more

You can earn more in IT by working remotely, salaries exceed CZK 140,000

Autor: Adobe Stock The Czech labor market experienced significant fluctuations last year, when the number of advertisements looking for IT specialists increased in the first half of the year, but in the second half employers were caught up in the uncertainty associated with the deteriorating economic situation and the war in Ukraine. However, due to … Read more